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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Guest Post with Author Kerry Adrienne

Kerry loves history and spends large amounts of time wondering about people who lived and walked on Earth in the past. She’s a mom to three daughters, six cats, and various small animals, including a panther chameleon. Her shoe horde will attest to her fine shopping skills.

In addition to writing, she’s a college instructor, artist, costumer, and editor. Her new love is her Mini Cooper Convertible, Sheldon, and they have already gone on many adventures.

Things that go bump in the night. Or, why do we like to be scared?

It’s that time of year again! We put out the Halloween decorations, put on the scary movies and let ourselves be “scared”. But why do we do it? If being scared is scary, why would we want to experience it?

You’ve been there—scared, terrified: Your heart rate goes up, your breathing rate increases and your muscles tense. Maybe you sweat more. It’s your body’s normal reaction.

Science shows us that the flood of chemicals and hormones released when we are truly scared (adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin) makes us stronger and more alert in the moment (so watch out, monsters!) and then actually make us feel better once we feel safe from the threat.

But usually when we watch a scary movie or read a suspenseful book, we aren’t REALLY scared, not on a deeper level. We know we are really safe—we know we are reading a book or watching a movie. We are just skirting that edge of “I might be a little fearful”. Our limbic systems don’t usually go into overdrive and kick our fight-or-flight responses into motion, but we still get a bit of excitement—and that feels good. It can be addictive (it often is).

So this October, when you are cuddled up with your popcorn and significant other watching a scary movie (or reading a scary book), think about how your body reacts as the movie/book gets more suspenseful. Science is cool!

Saving the inn might mean losing her life.

Sophia Yates travels to the famed and haunted Blackbird Inn to help its mysterious owner, Garren Amsel, research its history. The state wants to claim eminent domain and take the property, but the historical inn has been in Garren’s family for generations and he can’t bear to lose it.

After learning the truth behind the inn’s biggest mystery, and why Garren stays, saving Blackbird Inn may cost Sophia her life. How far will she go to protect him?

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