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Friday, October 16, 2015

ARC Review: Hard to Break by Bella Jewel

Hard to Break is the story of Quinn and Tazen and while it’s decent, it might be a let down for some die hard Bella Jewel fans. Quinn started off as such a strong heroine in this book. She was balancing the challenges of dealing with her alcoholic father with running his neglected business and generally staying sane. For the first 30% of the book, I really liked Quinn and I was cheering for her but somewhere along the way it all fell apart. Quinn meets Tazen, I think that’s where the downhill slide started.

I like Tazen, he is a solid bossy alpha male who happens to be smoking hot. From his first meeting with Quinn, he is upfront with her about two things: he is attracted to her and he wants to buy her Dad’s business right from under her. He was crystal clear about both things. So where I struggled to understand Quinn occurred after Tazen did exactly what he said which was buy Quinn’s family business. Quinn loses her sh!t. Ok, I kind of got that, the business was pretty much all she had. What I didn’t get was Quinn’s “plan” to hang on and I’m still trying to figure out how Quinn and Tazen fell in love.

Now look, I was here for the sparks between the main couple. I loved the friction and the tension. I am a fan of enemy romance so in the beginning, everything was working out great. Strangely where the book started to lose me was when Quinn and Tazen got together. I was just…confused. I wasn’t confused by the hot sex when they seemed to hate each other, nope, that was just great. What confused me was how they went from that to love. I went back in looked, there were almost no conversations between Quinn and Tazen before the L word starts getting thrown around. I actually don’t have a problem with instalove, what made this book different is the history between Quinn and Tazen. When we see instalove, we don’t usually have instahate too. Where the main characters are enemies, we need some sort of logical transition into them becoming lovers and it just didn’t happen in this book.

I also didn’t love the subplots in this book. The crazy ex who was for real crazy didn’t do anything for me. Quinn’s alcoholic father was a nice throw in but Quinn’s handling of the situation aggravated me. My overall impression of this book is that something is just missing. I like Tazen but I didn’t feel any connection to him or between him and Quinn. I kind of like the story in a general sense but the details didn’t really move me. I think I would recommend this book as a light fast read but if you’re like me and you’ve read a lot of Bella Jewel books in the past, this one could be disappointing.

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