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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guest Post with Author Laura Welling

When she’s not writing, Laura Welling wears a lot of other hats: mother, farmer, and software engineer. She's Australian but lives in the United States on a horse farm, which she shares with her family, crazy dogs, and various horses, cats and chickens. She is a compulsive reader of all genre fiction, who started reading before the age of two, and never stopped. She wrote her first “book” when she was five—a spy story, which has since been joined in a bottom drawer by various other early attempts.

Why I write Paranormal Romance

It’s a long story.

I grew up on a diet of science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. Many romance readers come to the genre via the time-honored method of stealing their mother’s Harlequins, but what happened to me couldn’t be further from that. My mother detested romances.

She was a mystery and thriller fan, so I did get to read a lot of Dick Francis and Agatha Christie. But she also brought me up on folklore, and tales of little grey men, leprechauns, and witches. Her side of the family is mostly Irish, and there’s a great tradition of storytelling there, especially about the weird, wonderful and magical.

Jump forward a few years. When I was a starving college student, I read a truly terrible article in the newspaper talking about how you could make millions writing romance novels. How hard could that be? (Answer: pretty hard.) I started reading some, to see what they were like, and whether this was a thing I could do. The very first one I picked up was a Harlequin Intrigue. And I was hooked.

I didn’t even know paranormal romance was a thing until I joined a writers group in my then-hometown: the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild. There were two critique groups there at that time. One wrote Mills and Boons (Harlequin Presents). The other wrote miscellaneous other stuff: contemporary, comedy, science fiction romance…and paranormal romance. This was long before it became popular, back in the early nineties. There was Anne Rice. Christine Feehan came a little later.

The first paranormal romance I read was a critique submission from a then-unpublished chapter mate. It was amazing. I was hooked.

Did I mention that writer was (now) New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur?

My first doomed bottom drawer book was about a guardian angel—with amnesia. I also tried out some rom-com, since paranormal wasn’t selling (ha!).

I wrote all through college, but stopped on graduation. I didn’t go back to it until I had my daughter (who is now in school)…and I went straight back to paranormal romance.

Three years ago, Annie had a three-day fling in Cancun with a handsome stranger, Dash. Two years ago, she gave birth to his son. Now, Annie's son is fading away with a mysterious illness, and she must seek help from his father, who doesn’t know he exists. But Dash has news for her: first, he’s a werewolf; second, he’s about to be crowned their king; and third, their son has been touched by an ancient curse.

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