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Sunday, November 13, 2016

ARC Review: Breaking Cage by A.J. Pryor

Breaking Cage is my second book by A.J. Pryor and I have to admit that I was really excited to read it. This is a standalone sports romance, and the blurb immediately had me. Not only is this a sports romance, but there is an element of suspense and mystery to it that really intrigued me. I will say though that while I was really excited for this story, I ended up with mixed feelings after reading it. This one wasn't exactly what I had been expecting, and while there were things that I liked there were others that didn't quite work for me. 

Hannah Black has just been given the opportunity of a lifetime, one that could make her career. She needs to get the story on Bears quarterback Derek Cage. Not only is he a football star, but he is the son of a senator and he hates the media. With speculation that he killed a girl, Hannah knows that she needs to do whatever it takes to get her story. But as hard as Derek tries to stay away from her, he finds himself drawn to Hannah and he starts to open up to her. As the truth starts to come out and secrets begin to be revealed, how far will Hannah go to tell the story and protect Derek? 

I liked Hannah and Derek. It was refreshing to see them be honest about their intentions from the start. I liked the fact that they didn't hide things from one another, especially with everything that was happening. There was already suspense and mystery, and I think that had they not been upfront it would have been too much. They had chemistry right away and I really liked them for one another.

My issues with the story came with the fact that as a sports fan, there were things that just weren't accurate here and that drove me nuts. I think that if you aren't a huge fan of sports, it probably won't be that obvious to you and you probably will not even notice. But for me, the little details are where it lost me. I also felt like while this book was different and there were things I liked, that it was a bit all over the place. It just didn't feel entirely focused and that drove me a bit crazy as well. I think that there was a lot of potential here and there were some good elements. But with the things that I had problems with, I just wasn't able to love this one like I think I could have.

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