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Thursday, November 17, 2016

ARC Review: Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

I had high high hopes for this book.  I love billionaire romance with bossy alpha males and beautiful women who need a little extra cash.  Brooke and Caleb's story promised to deliver what I love most. Caleb is richy rich and sick of his one night affiliations.  When the book kicks off, he is finishing off a particularly crazy "relationship" which seemed like a series of one night stands with a nymphomaniac.  It's a really long story but it ends with Caleb swearing off random hook ups. Brooke is working two jobs to make ends meet and trying to take care of her grandmother.  Brooke grew up on Blackstone Island where she was working class and Caleb was making it rain (I made that up but just go with the imagery). The interesting thing about when Caleb and Brooke meet is that Brooke already has kind of preconceived notions about men like Caleb.  For Caleb's part, he starts out pretty clueless about what effect his wealth might have on Brooke.

In the fashion that I truly love in a romance, Caleb figures out a way to financially help Brooke and be close to her without letting her know what he's doing.  He hires her to decorate his home. Love it! Ok here's the thing, I really like Brooke and Caleb together.  They have instant attraction but the author still takes time to develop their relationship.  It is a little weird in the beginning.  After Brooke and Caleb first meet, Caleb kind of starts obsessing about Brooke and how he can run into her again. It seemed kind of extreme for a two time chance encounter beginning but I could go with it.  I like over the top obsessive attraction.  I also liked the Brooke is strong and independent but still knew when to rely on Caleb.

There were some things about this book that I see some people loved but I actually found kind of distracting and cliche.  There is gay gay best guy friend which we have seen I don't even know how many times. When Caleb ditches psycho chick in the beginning she goes right to his best friend.  And that's ok with Caleb which I found distracting to say the least.  There is a story line with Caleb's assistant.  I'm intrigued and if a book is written about that situation I might read it but I didn't really get why it was in this book. There are a few other things which just seemed to do more to detract from the story then to add to it but in the end, I gotta say, I liked this book.  I recommend reading it.

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