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Saturday, November 19, 2016

ARC Review: To The Edge by Anna Del Mar

I admit that this is kind of the perfect book for me. I'm an erotic romance fan and I love a book where the characters agree to a sex arrangement. In this book Clara is a sex blog writer. She has a controlling senator mother and doesn't realize that her life has been altered by her mother's intervention. Clara is trying to get some first hand BDSM experience.  Her inital foray goes hilariously wrong. Hint: it involves a cage and a house fire. Much to her shock, Clara has to be saved from her near death experience by her first love Noah.

Noah is a former navy seal. He left Clara 15 years before this book starts. He genuinely loved Clara and left her as the result of her mother's diabolical meddling. Clara thinks that Noah abandoned her. Noah thinks Clara had been ignoring him for 15 years. But then, he finds Clara hanging in a cage and it's on and poppin again. Clara is determined to return to her BDSM research and Noah is determined to keep her safe. Of course it doesnt take long for them to figure out they can both accomplish their goals together. Hmm, did I forget to mention that Noah can't really leave his house because he had agoraphobia? Minor detail. Clara thinks that her sexual submission to Noah can help him come out, like of the house, again. It turns out she's right.

What comes next is a lot of smoking hot sex with domination and submission in the mix. I loved it. Noah has some majorly deep issues that came from his time as a SEAL. Ilive to see a sexy alpha male redemption story. I loved that from the beginning of the book Noah feels possessive about Clara. And I really like Clara's personality. Even though Clara has some ish she's kind of running from. She's also fearless and funny. This is random but Clara is nosy. I loved how she would just admit it.

From the very beginning of this book I was rooting for Clara and Noah to recapture there love. The very beginning of the book had some slow spots but beyond that, I ate this one up. I really recommend this for all you romance/BDSM fans.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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