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Friday, November 18, 2016

ARC Review: Dollars by Pepper Winters

Dollars is Part 2 in this series. It begins where Part 1 ends. I reviewed Part 1 as well, you can find that on the site somewhere. I gave Part 1 5 stars (I think) and I'm giving this installment 3 stars for the same reason- the writing. Winters' writing is so good that I'm giving this book a decent rating even though I have some serious criticisms of the story line.  When I say Winters' writing is good, I don't mean, 'oh she tells a good story' I mean she exhibits amazing literary prowess. Her skills as a writer exceed the romance genre, she's just a damn good writer. The imagery she presents his amazing. The nuances of the characters in this book is unexpected and keeps you enthralled. And just in general, the word selection puts you inside the story.

I assume you have read Part 1 of this book. If not, stop reading this review here because there will be Part 1 spoilers. Pim is taken from Alrik by Elder. She is half dead, her tongue is half cut out and she is full blown emotionally unstable. Elder takes Pim to his home at sea and commits himself to nursing her back to health. Elder repeatedly alludes to the risk that he will unleash his "true nature" on Pim. The onboard doctor who nurses Pim back to health even warns Elder about his harmful natural tendencies. As for Pim, even after she starts to heal and she can talk, she refuses to talk to Elder. Pim is stuck in a cycle of trying to figure out Elder's plans for her, the trauma of her (totally effed up) past and a deep rage at everything around her. Elder keeps telling Pim that what he wants from her is her secrets but he expresses a great deal of physical attraction towards her anyway. 

I don't know guys. I have so many thoughts. First, this book is hella repetitive. The emotional cycle that I describe above that both Elder and Pim go through his repeated throughout the entire book. I honestly found it difficult to read the book because nothing really happens beyond a lot of emotional angst. When the book ended, I felt like everything the author accomplished in this book could have been done in a quarter of the pages. Also, both Pim and Elder started to wear on my nerves. You have to get through almost this whole book without Pim talking. That means that all of her interactions with other people are one sided where her responses are purely mental. We went through that in book 1. I was really hoping for some dialogue in book 2. If you are like me, don't get your hopes up because you'll wind up disappointed. The other thing that started to really wear on me was the giant build up to Elder's past with NO RESOLUTION. We get through the whole book and we get no answers about who Elder really is or what he did that led to him being exiled from his family.  And because of that we have no answers as to why Elder can't just let Pim go.

By the end of this book, I was just emotionally exhausted. I don't really feel like I got much out of this installment. I really wish Winters had moved the plot forward faster or made this book way shorter.

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