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Thursday, November 17, 2016

ARC Review: Down Deep by Virna DePaul

Down Deep is the first book in the Going Deep series by Virna DePaul. While I have enjoyed books by her in the past and this one looked to be everything that I love in a good romance story, I had quite a few issues that kept me from loving this story. I do think that some readers will really enjoy this story, but there were some things that just didn't work for me personally. 

Football star Heath was Camille's first crush until he embarrassed her at a football game in high school. While she got revenge, she also closed herself off in order to move forward with her life. Now years later, Camille is a single mom and photographer. When she runs into Heath again, she finds all the feelings she once felt come rushing back to her, and Heath is more irresistible than ever. But while the two begin to think that there might be a future for them, they also begin to realize that life may have other plans for them. 

I struggled a bit with these characters if I am honest. While I wanted to like them and feel invested in their relationship, I didn't ever feel their connection. Attraction and steam yes, but I didn't feel like we ever got the depth of emotion beyond a huge case of insta-love. Camille was a bit to wishy washy for me, saying one thing and doing another. Heath was a bit too much of the stereotypical jerk jock at times. I didn't feel connected to them and that coupled with the lack of genuine connection between them had me feeling indifferent to them.

My biggest problem here though was the fact that there were too many inconsistencies and problems with the actual story for me to every fully get behind it. While this was an early copy and some of this could have been changed, these were issues with the story itself and not simple grammar or spelling mistakes. I do understand that this is a work of fiction and that the author has to take some creative license in order to make a story work. But if you say one thing at one part of the story and then contradict that later with words or actions then the whole thing begins to unravel. While these things probably won't bother a lot of readers, I found it hard to get past those things as well as the fact that I didn't really care for the characters. This one just wasn't meant for me, despite the fact that it had the potential to have been a really great story. If it sounds like one you might like though, I recommend giving it a shot. It might just have been that it didn't work for me personally, and could end up being one that others love.

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