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Author Posts/Interviews

Below you will find various author interviews and guest posts that have taken place on the blog. You will find each author listed by their last name. Just click on the link to take you to the corresponding post.

Darcy Abriel: Guest Post 
Lara Adrian: Guest Post 
Diane Alberts: Interview / Interview / Guest Post 
Jami Alden: Interview 
Natalie Anderson: Interview / Interview
Bella Andre: Romance Casting Call 
Amy Andrews: Interview / Interview
Vivian Arend: Guest Post
Amanda Arista: Guest Post / Guest Post
Katharine Ashe: Guest Post / Interview 
Claire Ashgrove: Guest Post
Jennifer Ashley: Guest Post
Avril Ashton: Guest Post / Guest Post 
Rachel Astor: Interview

Calinda B: Guest Post / Guest Post
Louisa Bacio: Guest Post
Sarah Ballance: Interview / Guest Post 
Aleah Barley: Interview
Sophie Barnes: Guest Post / Guest Post
Christi Barth: Interview / Guest Post
Anne Barton: Christmas Eve Scene
Michelle Beattie: Guest Post
Stephanie Beck: Guest Post / Guest Post
Macy Beckett: Interview
Juniper Bell: Guest Post 
Meg Benjamin: Guest Post
Jenna Bennett: Guest Post
Robin Bielman: Guest Post 
Gabrielle Bisset: Guest Post / Guest Post / Guest Post / Guest Post
Natasha Blackthorne: Guest Post 
Bonnie Bliss: Guest Post
Valerie Bowman: Interview
Sara Brookes: Guest Post
Carolyn Brown: Romance Casting Call 
Darcy Burke: Guest Post 
Monica Burns: Xmas Scene 
Grace Burrowes: Christmas Eve Scene
Jaci Burton: Guest Post 

Lilly Cain: Guest Post
Gayle Callen: Interview / Guest Post
Anna Campbell: Interview / Xmas Scene / Guest Post
Kenya Carlton: Guest Post
Cassandra Carr: Guest Post / Guest Post / Guest Post
Aimee Carson: Interview
Angela Castle: Guest Post 
W. Lynn Chantale: Interview 
Dawn Chartier: Guest Post 
Tara Cheverestt: Guest Post
Tiffany Clare: Christmas Eve Scene
Bri Clark: Guest Post 
Ros Clarke: Interview
Manda Collins: Guest Post / Character Love Letter / Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Lecia Cornwall: Xmas Scene / Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Christie Craig: Interview
Nina Croft: Guest Post 
Liz Crowe: Interview
Olivia Cunning: Interview 

KevaD: Guest Post
Eliza Daly: Interview
Teresa D'Amario: Guest Post 
Sara Daniels: Guest Post
Tessa Dare: Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Dee Davis: Interview 
Lia Davis: Guest Post
Delilah S. Dawson: Interview 
Cate Dean: Guest Post 
Robyn DeHart: Xmas Scene 
Barbara DeLeo: Guest Post
Moriah Densley: Guest Post
Virna DePaul: Interview / Guest Post / Romance Casting Call / Guest Post
Vanessa Devereaux: Guest Post 
Tracey Devlyn: Christmas Eve Scene
Lila DiPasqua: Character Love Letter / Romance Casting Call 
Cheryl Douglas: Guest Post 
Cheryl Dragon: Guest Post
Stephanie Draven: Interview
Vicky Dreiling: Guest Post / Character Love Letter / Romance Casting Call 
Eileen Dreyer: Xmas Scene 
Maureen Driscoll: Interview
Cera duBois: Guest Post
Vivi Dumas: Guest Post
Lilou DuPont: Guest Post
Diane Duvall: Interview / Romance Casting Call 

Amber Lea Easton: Guest Post
Tigirs Eden: Character Interview
Hailey Edwards: Guest Post / Guest Post
Madison J. Edwards: Guest Post 
Grace Elliot: Guest Post
Taryn Elliott: Interview
Karen Erickson: Romance Casting Call / Interview / Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Elizabeth Essex: Christmas Eve Scene
Bronwen Evans: Guest Post / Guest Post

Carmen Falcone: Interview
April Fifer: Guest Post 
Elizabeth Finn: Interview
Michelle Garren Flye: Interview
Avery Flynn: Guest Post 
Susanna Fraser: Interview
Sheri Fredricks: Guest Post
Jayne Fresina: Christmas Eve Scene

Shana Galen: Character Love Letter / Guest Post / Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Danielle Gavan: Guest Post 
Kelly Gendron: Guest Post 
Karyn Good: Guest Post 
Donna Grant: Guest Post 
KT Grant: Guest Post / Interview
Lillian Grant: Guest Post
Amanda J. Greene: Guest Post 
Lois Greiman: Guest Post 

Lauren Hammond: Interview
Kate Hardy: Interview
Dani Harper: Interview 
Daisy Harris: Guest Post 
Danelle Harmon: Interview
Ana Hart: Guest Post
Sadie Hart: Guest Post 
Dianne Hartsock: Guest Post 
Candace Havens: Interview 
Lauren Hawkeye: Guest Post / Guest Post 
Clark Hays: Guest Post
Lorraine Heath: Christmas Eve Scene
Gabriella Hewitt: Guest Post
Shelly Holt: Guest Post
Gina Hummer: Guest Post
Danielle Hylton-Outland: Guest Post 

Sascha Illyvich: Guest Post 
Alexandra Ivy: Interview
Alyssa Rose Ivy: Guest Post 

Ella Jade: Guest Post / Guest Post
Xandra James: Interview 
Jenna Jaxon: Interview
Billi Jean: Interview 
Darynda Jones: Interview / Guest Post / Romance Casting Call / Interview
Lisa Renee Jones: Guest Post 
Suzanne Johnson: Guest Post
Stephanie Julian: Interview

Chris Karlsen: Guest Post 
Laura Kaye: Interview / Guest Post
Debra Kayn: Interview
Christie Kelley: Xmas Scene 
Erin Kellison: Guest Post 
Vanessa Kelly: Interview
Beverley Kendall: Character Love Letter 
Elle Kennedy: Guest Post
Jeffe Kennedy: Interview / Interview 
Stacey Kennedy: Character Interview / Guest Post / Guest Post
JoAnne Kenrick: Guest Post
Lisa Kessler: Interview 
Parker Kincade: Guest Post
Eliza Knight: Guest Post
Erin Knightley: Interview
Kieran Kramer: Interview / Xmas Scene / Romance Casting Call 
Kathy Kulig: Guest Post

Katie Lane: Interview 
Soraya Lane: Guest Post / Interview
Chris Lange: Guest Post
Eve Langlais: Interview
Rosalie Lario: Guest Post
Leigh LaValle: Guest Post 
Jenn LeBlanc: Interview / Interview / Guest Post / Guest Post / Guest Post / Character Love Letter / Guest Post / Romance Casting Call 
Rosanna Leo: Guest Post
Freda Lightfoot: Guest Post
Amber Lin: Interview
Caroline Linden: Xmas Scene / Character Love Letter / Guest Post
Sara Lindsey: Xmas Scene 
Quinn Loftis: Guest Post 
Carrie Lofty: Christmas Eve Scene
Laurie London: Guest Post / Romance Casting Call 
Ophelia London: Interview
Heather Long: Guest Post / Guest Post
Roni Loren: Guest Post / Romance Casting Call / Interview
Sharla Lovelace: Guest Post
Susan Lute: Guest Post 
Rachel Lyndhurst: Interview
J. Lynn: Interview 
J.B. Lynn: Guest Post 

Julianne MacLean: Christmas Eve Scene
Margo Maguire: Christmas Eve Scene
Rebecca Rogers Maher: Interview
Casea Major: Interview Interview
Nana Malone: Interview
Nara Malone: Guest Post
Ashley March: Character Interview 
Bernadette Marie: Guest Post 
Mia Marlowe: Interview / Guest Post
Nicola Marsh: Romance Casting Call 
Madison Martin: Guest Post
Delilah Marvelle: Romance Casting Call / Interview
Melissa Mayhue: Interview / Interview
Cathy Maxwell: Interview
Gina L. Maxwell: Guest Post
Trish McCallan: Guest Post 
Heather McCollum: Guest Post
Kathleen McFall: Guest Post
Christy McKee: Guest Post
Christina McKnight: Guest Post
Theresa Meyers: Guest Post 
Jess Michaels: Guest Post / Guest Post
Tory Michaels: Interview
Kristin Miller: Interview / Guest Post
Babara Monajem: Guest Post 
Lisa Mondello: Guest Post / Guest Post
Zee Monodee: Guest Post 
Ashlynn Monroe: Guest Post
Tamara Morgan: Guest Post 
V.S. Morgan: Guest Post 
Brooke Moss: Guest Post
Shilpa Mudiganti: Guest Post 
Janet Mullany: Interview
Lila Munro: Guest Post

Elisabeth Naughton: Interview
Laura Navarre: Interview
Nikki Navarre: Guest Post
Miranda Neville: Xmas Scene 
Kaylie Newell: Guest Post
Annie Nicholas: Guest Post 
Erin Nicholas: Guest Post 
Kate Noble: Character Love Letter 

Rita Oberlies: Interview

Allison Pang: Guest Post / Guest Post
Ava Archer Payne: Guest Post 
Kate Perry: Interview
Debbie Petersen: Guest Post
Jenna Petersen: Interview / Character Love Letter 
Caridad Pineiro: Guest Post
Sky Purington: Guest Post

Cari Quinn: Guest Post

Nona Raines: Guest Post / Guest Post / Interview
Melissa Bourbon Ramirez: Interview
Anna Randol: Christmas Eve Scene
Tabitha Rayne: Guest Post
Alexia Reed: Interview 
K. Reed: Guest Post 
Tiffany Reisz: Romance Casting Call 
Deena Remiel: Guest Post 
Josee Renard: Guest Post 
Heidi Rice: Interview
Jana Richards: Guest Post
Shadonna Richards: Guest Post 
Erica Ridley: Xmas Scene 
Maggie Robinson: Interview / Xmas Post / Character Love Letter / Romance Casting Call / Guest Post
Maya Rodale: Character Love Letter / Guest Post / Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Theresa Romain: Character Love Letter / Guest Post / Christmas Eve Scene
Elise Rome: Character Love Letter / Romance Casting Call / Christmas Eve Scene
Rebecca Royce: Guest Post Guest Post / Guest Post / Guest Post 
Jaime Rush: Guest Post 
Carrie Ann Ryan: Interview 
RC Ryan: Interview 

Katie Salidas: Guest Post / Character Interview / Guest Post 
Jamie Salisbury: Interview
Lisa Sanchez: Guest Post 
Susannah Sandlin: Guest Post
Melissa Schroeder: Romance Casting Call 
Inara Scott: Interview
Hillary Seidl: Guest Post 
Lizbeth Selvig: Guest Post 
Jill Shalvis: Interview / Interview
Leia Shaw: Guest Post / Guest Post
Charles Sheehan-Miles: Guest Post
Lynne Silver: Guest Post
D.N. Simmons: Guest Post 
Stefanie Sloane: Interview / Christmas Eve Scene
Rebecca Lee Smith: Guest Post 
Roxanne Snopek: Interview
Heather Snow: Character Love Letter / Interview / Guest Post
Tamaria Soana: Interview
Roxanne St. Claire: Interview / Guest Post / Interivew
Tori St. Claire: Guest Post / Guest Post
Elisabeth Staab: Interview
Natale Stenzel: Interview
Jean Hart Stewart: Interview
Jillian Stone: Interview / Guest Post / Guest Post
Juliana Stone: Interview / Guest Post / Guest Post / Guest Post
Charlotte Stout: Interview
Bethanne Strasser: Guest Post
Jessica E. Subject: Guest Post / Interview
Eden Summers: Guest Post
Sasha Summers: Guest Post
Joan Swan: Guest Post / Character Interview / Interview

Hope Tarr: Guest Post
Kiru Taye: Guest Post 
Charlene Teglia: Interview
Heather Thurmeier: Guest Post
Lori Toland: Guest Post 
Robyn Thomas: Interview
Marie Treanor: Guest Post / Guest Post


Marquita Valentine: Guest Post
Victoria Vane: Guest Post
Kelley Vitollo: Guest Post

Shiloh Walker: Guest Post
Christine Warner: Interview
Lacey Wolfe: Guest Post / Character Interview / Guest Post / Guest Post
Lenore Wolfe: Interview
Jennifer Malone Wright: Interview 
Shae Wynters: Guest Post