Monday, December 13, 2010

In the beginning

So I sit here listening to to some newly downloaded music which consists of a lot of Mumford and Sons and The Beatles. Mix in with that the Christmas songs that have been in all of the Target Christmas commercials. Gotta love Christmas music. I love this time of the year. I have so much to look forward to: Christmas movies, Christmas music, decorations, presents(both for me and for others) and most especially COLD WEATHER! I love that we here in Central Florida get to feel something other than hot. I keep hoping one of these years it gets cold enough that it actually snows, but I highly doubt that it is going to happen. I am 28 years old and I still have not experienced snow. That totally sucks! My goal is to eventually move somewhere with the BF where they actually experience seasons. No more of this hot, extremely hot and slightly cold. I want fall and spring. I want to see leaves change to red. Not go from green to withered and dead. 

So let me get down to the main reason of why I did start this blog. I am an avid reader and books are my life. I mean this. Book are my life and without them I do not know what life would be like(probably really boring). I am a little obsessed and I LOVE it! I think I may want to try and start reviewing books. Hence the reason for this blog. Also, I just wanted an outlet to start purge everything that is going on with me and the BF. Yeah, I know, you could care less but oh well. So back to books. I like to read historicals, paranormals, young adult, erotic and some contemporaries. Also, the more raunchy the book the better. Gotta love me a hawt sex scene.