Monday, June 1, 2020

ARC Review: Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan

I love Kennedy Ryan! She is an amazing human and her books are fantastic. Each new book of hers I go in with such high expectations because of all she has written but telling myself that it’s okay if it isn’t as good as her previous ones, and yet she always delivers something beyond my expectations. Queen Move proved this yet again, and I honestly think her talent just continues to grow. 

My favorite thing about Kennedy Ryan’s books is her ability to create unique and relevant characters that are so realistic, while also delivering a powerful story full of subjects that are meaningful. I love that her books make you think and want to constantly be a better person while growing as a reader and as a human. Ezra and Kimba definitely fit this, and I just loved them so much! Their story was one that had me from page one, and I loved getting to know them and what made each of them who they were. Their journey wasn’t easy, but it was exactly what it should have been. 

Overall, this was another amazing book from Kennedy and I cannot recommend it enough. My all time favorite Kennedy Ryan man is Grip, but Ezra gave him a run for his money for sure! He was just the kind of hero that makes me keep reading romance. Kimba was fantastic as well, and I loved her even more than I did after reading the All the King’s Men duet. If you haven’t read those books, I highly recommend them! They are so good, and that is where you get to meet Kimba. I can’t wait to see what Kennedy Ryan writes next, I know it will be another must read just like this and all her other books!

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