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Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from the last week.

Try Me On For Size by Stephane Haefner

How To Handle a Heartbreaker by Marie Harte

Operation Sheba by Misty Evans

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ARC Review: I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre

I Want It That Way is the first book in Ann Aguirre's 2B Trilogy. I was really looking forward to this story after seeing the beautiful cover and reading the blurb. I had never read anything by her before, but I am such a NA fan that I find myself being drawn to each new release especially if they are part of a series. While I did like things about this story, I will admit that I also had some things that I didn't like about this one. I find myself sort of struggling how to put into words what I feel about this book, because while I didn't dislike it I also didn't love it. I think that this one had a lot of potential but ended up falling short on delivery.

Nadia Conrad is moving into an apartment with her friends after living in the dorms for the last two years. She works at a daycare and goes to classes, determined to set herself up for a successful future as a teacher. When Nadia meets the guy from the apartment below her she is instantly drawn to him. Daniel "Ty" Tyler has moments where he seems friendly towards her, but then he has moments where he is cold as a stranger. Nadia has no idea at first what his problem is, but before long she sees that his life is more complicated that she could have guessed. While trying to work and attend night classes, Ty is also raising his four year old son on his own. When Ty enrolls Sam at the daycare where Nadia works, they start to grow closer. While Ty and Nadia both have feelings for one another, they know that everything that happens between them will impact Sam's life. They agree to friends with benefits and to keep their relationship between just them. But the more that they get to know each other the more that they begin to fall for one another. But with Ty determined to live his life according to the rules that he has set and the timing of their new relationship not being perfect, can they have a shot at anything lasting?

I honestly thought that I was going to love Ty from the very start. I mean he was smart and sexy, and he was so dedicated to his son. He was a hard worker and was really determined. But he was so regimented in his beliefs and thoughts about exactly how his life should play out that he completely closed himself off to what could be if he gave it a chance. I didn't like how he had handled things with his ex, but I understood his motivation and can't blame him for wanting his son more than anything else in the world. I just wish that he would have handled things better. I also wish that he wouldn't have been so dead set on keeping Nadia at arms length for so long when it was clear that she was nothing like his ex. Nadia was great with Sam and Ty, and you could see how much she had come to care about both of them in such a short time. I loved her interactions with both of them, and it was fun watching her win them both over. She was sweet and kind, and she was great at taking care of both of them. I thought that the chemistry between Ty and Nadia was strong from the start, but they also were developing so much more than that. I liked seeing the three of them together, and wish that we had been given a bit more of all of them together.

I did feel like this story was a bit slow and had some pacing issues. I think a lot of this was due to the fact that the majority of this book takes place within the apartment/apartment complex in where they both live, and it got to be a bit boring after awhile. I kept waiting for something to shake things up and that just didn't happen. I also felt like too much of this book focused on Nadia and her roommates. While I understand that Ann Aguirre was setting us up for the remainder of this series, it almost took over the book at points and I found myself not caring about any of them. I wanted to skip those parts and get back to Nadia, Ty and Sam. I did think that this story was sweet and I liked the way that things played out. I am also intrigued by Nadia's brother Rob and her best friend Lauren. I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for them. But I did think that this one was predictable and I would have liked to have seen things happen a bit differently especially them deciding to do the friends with benefits thing. I just felt like that was such an obvious choice, and it made the rest of the story feel as though it wasn't as unique or different as it could have been. I will still continue with this series, and see where Ann Aguirre takes these characters in the future. If you are looking for a sweet and easy NA read, you might give this one a shot.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Guest Post with Author Ann Aguirre and Giveaway

Ann Aguirre is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author and RITA winner with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets. Ann likes books, emo music, action movies, and she writes all kinds of genre fiction for adults and teens, published with Harlequin, Macmillan, and Penguin, among others.

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Feature and Giveaway: Slow Satisfaction by Celilia Tan

James has finally pushed Karina beyond her limit—not her limit for kinky sex play, but for his extreme secrecy. She has had enough and breaks things off. But James won't give up on Karina and will do whatever it takes to get her back. He's ready to share his deepest, darkest secrets, but is Karina ready to hear them?

James offers Karina not only the truth but a place at his side... onstage. He wants Karina to star in his final musical production and enter his life and his world fully and completely. As the two work together, they rekindle the trust and love they'd lost. But James's world is full of deceit. When he is blackmailed by an unscrupulous music industry executive, James must give in to unreasonable demands or risk exposure of his and Karina's secret sex life.

Will Karina and James's love be strong enough to withstand the many obstacles being thrown their way?

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ARC Review: Guardian by Courtney Cole

When I began reading this story, I had no idea what to expect. I found myself drawn to the main character Whitney Lane. She is strong, yet vulnerable and wise beyond her sixteen years. The story starts after Whitney experiences the death of her father Peter Lane, where she was actually present during the unexpected tragedy, followed by putting her father’s memory to rest. She is so devastated, and to make matters worse, she has become the sole provider in the home despite her mother being very much alive. I truly loved how the author brought life to her characters by way of them experiencing emotions so vividly. One could never comprehend how many people go through the pain of loss, grow up too fast, or how many become swallowed by grief. I honestly was surprised to find such raw emotion in a novel that is completely applicable to real life. Therefore, it goes without saying that Courtney Cole truly did write this book with every part of her being.

Whitney is an older sister to little Ellie, who is understandably quiet and introspective now that she has experienced death so close to her as a little girl. Whitney instantly assumes the role of Mother in the home because their mom has disassociated herself from the real world; she is like a ghost to her daughters. While Maricel Lane (the mother) is slowly withering away from what appears to be depression, Whitney is caring for her sister, paying the bills in her mother’s name, and slowly forgetting what it’s like to be a teenager. Then, of course, she finds herself enamored by a boy named Brady who has been a student for the past two years. Now, I’ll admit that I instantly found this unusual since Whitney’s best friend Delaney has always been the one to admit her fascination with the pretty boy football star of the school, not Whitney; until now.

On top of her attraction to Brady that happens suddenly, she is strangely curious about a new boy who has arrived in town named Carter. This interest made much more sense to me because not only does Carter appear to be equally attractive in comparison with Brady, but he seems to hate Whitney. Every time he sees her, she feels like he is trying to sear her flesh, his gaze is so dark with emotion that appears to be hate-filled. So, naturally, Whitney is drawn to him because the situation is inexplicable and young girls have a tendency to lock onto target’s they cannot have. With that said, it becomes clear soon afterward that there are supernatural forces at work around Whitney, and that these two boys both play a part.

Brady seems so perfect; he manages to be empathetic regarding Whitney’s mom and her catatonic behavior. He even enlists his father whom happens to be a psychiatrist to help. Carter turns out to be a really sweet guy, albeit a little bit of a tortured soul. With that said, after Samuel comes into the picture as Whitney’s guardian angel, nothing is as it seems. Nearly every person who appears to be helping her, who appears to be loyal, is using her; tricking her. Samuel, of course, cannot interfere by guiding Whitney to make decisions, but he is always watching out for her safety.

After Samuel’s appearance, I began to view the story as unique because of angels and demons existing so closely among humans. I liked how the author brought free will into the mix and how demons could create circumstances to push evil forward in a human’s decision making. However, it was hard for me to get on board with the idea that every single person has a plan according to God. That idea has been among many peoples’ beliefs for so very long, but according to the angel Samuel, what is supposed to happen to an individual is basically mapped out for potentially years in the making. If this is true, if our “plan” is mapped out for us, then we truly do not have as much freedom as we think. After all, despite our having free will to make our own decisions, all roads lead to our intended destiny regardless. That idea was a little hard for me to swallow, simply because I have a hard time liking the idea of anyone or anything having any control of my life. With that said, this is a story, so I suppose that if the writing made me think so deeply about one detail, the book is a success.

Ultimately, Whitney is a part of a disastrous plot involving demons and a plan to overtake the human world; to overthrow God and the angels. Her family just happened to be involved because of unforeseen circumstances. Her dad was an archaeologist and somehow his work is intertwined with ancient evil. Whitney is caught in the middle and somehow has to save her family, herself, and the world. Luckily, with the help of her guardian angel, a special boy with roots that go back to the beginning, and her own bravery, she wins the battle. To say that this story was great would be an understatement. There is creativity in each aspect brought to the book in the action, romance, and tragedy. I thought a few parts were predictable, but I only had an idea for the possibilities, not how the book itself would play out. Therefore, I can honestly say that I would be more than happy to get my hands on any books that Courtney Cole writes.

**ARC provided by InkSlinger PR**

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ARC Review: Rival Love by Natalie Decker

At this point, I don't read that many young adult books anymore. Not that I am against them, but there just usually aren't that many that really grab my attention. When I read the blurb for Rival Love by Natalie Decker though, I really wanted to get that story. I love a good enemies to lovers story, and I am a sucker for books with sports in them. Rival Love is the debut novel from Natalie Decker, so I was a little apprehensive about it but was hoping for the best. While I did enjoy a lot of this story, I also had some things that I didn't enjoy. I think that this was a good debut despite everything I had issues with though and I would look for more from Natalie Decker in the future.

Skylar Fletcher is a proud Bulldog! She lives for her sports, friends and boyfriend. She has her future all mapped out and has positioned herself to be as successful as possible. But when her mom decides to move in with her boyfriend Brian, Skylar knows her life is about to change. As if moving in with Brian wasn't bad enough, he lives in Bobcat territory and is also a teacher there. Skylar knows that she will never fit in with the Bobcats, but things quickly go from bad to worse when she finds out that Brian's nephew that lives with them is non other than Caleb Morgan the popular quarterback for the Bobcats. Caleb and Skylar want nothing to do with one another and agree to keep their living situation a secret from everyone at school. As they start to get to know one another though, they begin to see that they aren't as different as they thought they were. As their attraction and feelings continue to grow, they both begin to wonder if there is any way a bulldog and a bobcat could be together?

One of my favorite things about YA books is that they aren't usually as serious and tend to be more playful in nature. Rival Love definitely had that fun and flirty feel to it, and I loved Caleb and Skylar's pranks. It was so much fun to see them being playful with one another even while they didn't really like each other, and I couldn't wait to see what they would do next. I thought that Caleb was a little gruff at times and he made some bad choices. But I also saw that he was a different guy than you first think, and he really started to care about Skylar. I liked that she brought out his protective side and that he would look out for her even if he did it without being obvious about it or anyone knowing. Skylar was smart and dedicated, and I can't imagine being put in the position she was. It would have been so hard to lose everything as a teenager like that and I thought that she handled it pretty well all things considered. I really liked watching Caleb and Skylar get to know one another, and start to open up to the idea of more between them.

I did have some issues with this story though. First, I didn't understand why Skylar was forced to switch schools. I understand that she moved, but it was mentioned more than once that it was a private school. If that was really the case then location of residence wouldn't have mattered and she could have still attended her former school as long as she took care of her commute. It just didn't work for me and was the basis of the story, which really bothered me. If the school would have been public instead of being said to be private, it wouldn't have been an issue at all. I also didn't understand why Caleb was with Danielle at all in this story. He didn't like her, his friends didn't like her, and there was really no point other than to start some drama and conflict. Just didn't work for me. I also thought that there were portions of this story that could have easily been omitted and wouldn't have changed the story at all. But for me the biggest problem I had was the ending. Things are left unresolved and on a cliffhanger. It felt rushed and abrupt, and I was left feeling completely unsatisfied. I assumed this was a standalone story based on the blurb and the fact that it was never mentioned to have a sequel, but I am really hoping that that is not the case. I feel like what readers were left with was fine as long as there will be more, but if there isn't another book coming I think that most readers will be left wanting more and unhappy with the ending. I do think that this was a good start for Natalie Decker despite everything, and I am hoping that she continues to tell Caleb and Skylar's story in another book in the future.

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Guest Post with Author Dixie Lee Brown and Giveaway

DIXIE LEE BROWN lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by what she believes is the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who make sure she never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, and trips to the beach.

Places to find Dixie Lee:
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Guest Post with Author Maggie Shayne and Giveaway

Maggie Shayne is best known as the New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels, nearly 30 novellas, a former soap writer, (The Guiding Light, As the World Turns,) a former advice columnist (Shayne on You,) and RITA Award winner. But what’s less known about her is that she’s been a practicing Witch for almost as long as she’s been a published author.

Known within the Craft of the Wise as LadyHawk the Mythmaker, Maggie studied in the Black Forest Circle Seminary for three years, earning her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree elevations there. A licensed minister of Wicca, Maggie was later made a Craft Elder, and co-founded a new Wiccan tradition called RavenMyst Circle. Her coven, The Coven of the Redtail Hawk, turned out five new high priestesses, several of whom went on to form covens of their own, and making Maggie, according to the Old Ways, A Witch Queen.

Maggie has published westerns, category romances, romantic suspense, paranormal romances, urban fantasy, women's fiction, and just about everything in between. She's a winner of the RITA Award, the romance fiction industry's most prestigious prize, and has won countless others including several RT BOOK RREVIEWS "Reviewer's Choice" Awards, two RT Career Achievement Awards, the Daphne du Maurier Award, The Golden Leaf Award and numerous others.

Maggie's "Twilight" series of vampire novels, officially known as Wings in the Night, began in 1993 with TWILIGHT PHANTASIES from Silhouette Shadows. The series concluded with TWILIGHT FULFILLED in October 2011, but has come back to life now that she has gone indie.

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Feature and Giveaway: The Earl's Mistress by Liz Carlyle

Women rarely refuse the wicked Earl of Hepplewood, whose sensual skills are the stuff of legend. But when his new governess answers his proposition with a slap to his face, then stalks out with references in hand, Hepplewood finds more than his face is left burning . . .

Isabella Aldridge has brains, bravado, and beauty-but the latter is no use to a servant. With orphaned sisters to feed, eviction nearing, and Hepplewood’s words ringing in her ears, Isabella realizes she must barter her most marketable asset . . .

But when fate unknowingly sends Isabella back into Hepplewood’s arms, the earl must make an impossible choice-draw Isabella down into his sensual darkness, or behave with honor for the first time in his life.

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Feature and Giveaway: Guardian by Courtney Cole

Sometimes, things that go bump in the night are real.

My name is Whitney Lane. I’m sixteen years old and at first, I thought I was crazy.

I kept seeing shadows move along walls, and hearing whispers around corners, but whenever I looked, there was never anything there.

Until one day, there was.

Our world isn’t what we think. There are things around us, good things, bad things, scary things.
Things that we tell ourselves aren’t real, but they are.

They’re very real, and they’re terrifying.

I’ve been swept up now, in a battle of good and evil, confused about love and what is supposed to be love, but isn’t. I don’t know what to think anymore. I can’t trust my emotions and I don’t know what is true.

There’s only one thing I know for sure.

Nothing is what it seems.

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Review: Summer Temptation by Ashley Lynn Willis

Summer’s Temptation is just the book I needed to get out of another reading slump. With carefully crafted characters and a plot that kept me reading until I finished the book, it’s a book that enticed me, kept me captive and had me thinking of the characters after I finished it.

Cassie Faye knows Tyler Mason is bad news, at least on the boyfriend material front. His room is a revolving door for women and never the same one twice. But when Cassie’s friends convince her she needs a “hug buddy” to get over her ex-boyfriend, she begins looking at Tyler with different thoughts in mind. Tyler while not game for the idea at first, quickly comes around and the rest of the book is a look at the relationship that is not a relationship between Tyler and Cassie. And of course there is another possible man involved, but Cassie got involved with Tyler so she wouldn’t form any real relationships because she doesn’t want to be hurt again. But will she fall for Tyler and will he hurt her?

Summer’s Temptation was amazing. Even though it sounds kind of skanky with the whole “hug buddy” (Cassie’s friends words not mine) concept. It really becomes anything but. In fact it seems wholly plausible with the situation between Cassie who doesn’t want a relationship and Tyler who Cassie thinks is the same way. I loved watching Cassie come alive with Tyler. I loved seeing Tyler as less of a man-whore and more as a good man. It was intriguing to watch them grow together. And there is so much I didn’t see coming that made the book so hard to put down. I know New Adult is less predictable than the romance genre in general, but this one still had me guessing as to what would happen next more often than most books I read and that made me love it all the more.

With amazing characters who come to life on the page and a plot that is both enticing and believable, Summer’s Temptation was a true winner in a book. Add in some pretty hot sex and it’s a homerun. And even better, even with the premise the amount of sex is just right, there are some scorching scenes, some touching scenes but not too much. There is plenty of room for character development and plot with a nice side of sex. A perfect mix. So click quickly and get this book, it is one you don’t want to miss. And now I can hardly wait for the next installment, Autumn’s Fall, and I don’t think I can wait until next fall!

**Copy provided by Author**

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Guest Post with Author Shana Galen and Giveaway

Meet Shana Galen, author of Love and Let Spy.

Shana Galen is the bestselling author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals. She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston’s inner city. Now she writes full-time. She lives in Houston, Texas.

Places to find Shana:

Feature and Giveaway: Winning Love by Abby Niles

Mac “The Snake” Hannon has spent years throwing himself into cage fighting as a way to lash back at the natural disaster that destroyed his future. A call for help has Mac returning to the one place he swore never to return: Kansas—in the height of tornado season.

There he meets free-spirited Gayle Matthews. At first he wants nothing to do with the infuriatingly persistent woman, but the crazy challenges she tosses his way are impossible to resist. As she thaws years of bitterness, bringing back the Mac he believed long gone, he starts to make peace with the past and see the future again. Until he learns she chases his worst nightmare—then he can’t get away fast enough.

Meteorologist and storm chaser, Gayle Matthews is no stranger to being left behind and now believes in living in the moment. She wants to do just that with the handsome extreme fighter with the achingly sad eyes. As she works to replace the sorrow with desire, she finds herself breaking her one rule: have fun but don’t fall in love. When he suddenly pushes her away and she discovers the horrifying reason why, she issues one more challenge: face his fear and come on a chase with her.

Will squaring off with the past lead to a victory for heartache or love?

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ARC Review: Nothing but Trouble by Erin Kern

Nothing by Trouble is the fourth book in Erin Kern's Trouble series, but can easily be read as a standalone. This book ended up being different than what I had originally thought it was going to be, but I still enjoyed the story. This was my first book by Erin Kern, but I liked the characters and writing style. I thought that this one had some slow moments though, and there were a few other things that I had mixed feelings about which kept me from loving this one.

Rebecca Underwood has a successful career as a doctor working for her mentor at his practice. Her life is good and she likes things the way they are. With her father's retirement coming up, her mother and her decide to have his classic car restored as their gift to him. Unfortunately for Rebecca, that means going to the one person that she would rather not have to interact with. Years ago R.J. Devlin took her virginity and left her behind. Rebecca had had a crush on him forever, and knew that things would end in heartbreak for her but couldn't stop herself from trying with him. R.J. doesn't do commitment though and has had one woman after another for years. With R.J. and Rebecca interacting more than ever, they both realize that the attraction is still there between them. Rebecca has always been R.J.'s weakness and has had a way of getting under his skin like no other woman. He knew that she deserved more though and did the only thing he could, push her away. But as Rebecca's carefully ordered life starts to fall apart and her career is threatened, R.J. can't help but want to do anything he can for her. Can Rebecca convince R.J. that they are worth taking a chance on?

I will admit that I had some issues with R.J. I thought that he should have known better at his age that Rebecca could make decisions about her life. He knew that he had feelings for her but because he felt that she deserved better, he not only pushed her away but also was at times a real jerk to her. He messed with her head and went out of his way to play games with her, and I thought that it made his character hard to like at times. He also tended to lash out at her and would think the worst when he had known her for years. I wanted him to wake up quicker, but I am glad that he was able to start to see that they were great together and deserved a real shot. Rebecca was strong and successful, and I liked that she was so passionate about her job. She was kind and caring, and she was so dedicated to helping others. Even after everything that she had been through, she found a way to forgive and look out for the well being of those that didn't deserve it. I thought that she was a bit weak when it came to R.J. though. I thought that she kept making excuses for him and forgave him far easily and more often than I would have. I did think that they had chemistry and they had a lot of history together, but it was hard for me to really get behind their relationship considering how long it took things for them to really start to turn around.

My biggest issue with this story was that by the time that the main characters finally got around to being on solid ground the book was just over. I felt like we had been waiting for that moment for so long, and that we as readers didn't really get any chance to enjoy it before the ending. I wanted to see a bit more of them together and really on solid ground considering that they had been apart for the whole book pretty much. This one also started off slowly to me and took awhile to get into. While I did like it, I thought that there were several moments that the story would drag. I found myself losing interest and wanting to put it down. I do think that it was good, but it wasn't one that I would go back and read over and over. I think if you are looking for a contemporary romance with a bit of suspense, you might give this one a shot.

**ARC Provided by Give Me Books**

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ARC Review: Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy by Jodi Linton

Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy is the follow up novella to Pretty Reckless, the first book in the Deputy Laney Briggs series by Jodi Linton. Laney Briggs is cut from the same grain as Stephanie Plum. If Stephanie Plum got down and dirty Texas style and learned not be scared of a gun and dropped the wishy washy cop boyfriend and just kept Ranger you would have Laney Briggs, in fact I think I like Laney better than Stephanie but that just might be my Texas talking. I can connect better with a Texas girl then a Jersey girl. The relationship between Laney and Gunner is great, he’s an ass and she keeps reminding him of it, but his love for her is palpable. The Texas Ranger Gunner and Deputy Laney hooked up for a second chance romance, and I love second chance stories, in Pretty Reckless and it is still going strong in this novella.

Laney can’t catch a break, it’s supposed to be her day off and she is horny as hell missing Gunner, but then her lack wit partner calls her in when he finds the local high school football coach passed out drunk in his wife’s lingerie in the football stadium and the night just keeps getting worse when a Federal Marshall Colt shows up instills himself in her case claiming that Missy Granger, the coach’s wife, is a wanted con-woman. It soon becomes obvious that Colt is closer to the case than he wanted to let on and that Missy is in over her head with a drug cartel. Laney helps Colt despite his earlier lies and knowing Gunner isn’t going to be happy about it.

An all around enjoyable read but is probably best if you read Pretty Reckless first but it’s not necessary. Laney is a funny shot first ask questions later kinda girl. Gunner is an ass but he has his moments and really is perfect for Laney. I look forward to seeing what other trouble Laney and Gunner get into.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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Audiobook Review: Rogue by Katy Evans, Narrated by Jason Carpenter and Shayna Thibodeaux

I was somewhat hesitant to start Rogue by Katy Evan if I am being honest. While I really loved Real, I struggled a bit with Remy and Mine. Don't get me wrong I love Brooke and Remy, but I felt like with Remy and Mine they weren't as good as Real, and I found them to be repetitive. I was really interested in Melanie though. I loved her as Brooke's friend, and I couldn't wait to get to know her better. I think that Katy Evans did a great job with Rogue and I really loved Greyson and Melanie. I was really excited that this book had both a male and female narrator and I felt like that really brought this story to life. Before listening to Rogue, I had no experience with either Jason Carpenter or Shayna Thibodeaux. But I would definitely love to listen to more from Jason Carpenter! He could not have done a better job with Greyson, and he absolutely made this story for me.

Melanie has always wanted to fall in love and get married. Ever since Brooke found Remy, she has been wishing that she had her own Remy. When she meets Greyson and he helps save her car from the rain, they both feel a connection unlike anything they have ever felt before. Melanie knows that Greyson could be more than just another guy, and for the first time she begins to picture her future with him rather than just with generalities. But Melanie only sees what Greyson allows her to, and has no idea about his secret life. She has no idea who he really is, or what his real job entails. Melanie looks forward to the times when they are together, and Greyson does his best to make up for all the time that he has to be away from her. But when Melanie finds out about who he really is, things get complicated and dangerous quickly. Greyson would do anything to make Melanie his forever and to protect her from his world. But will it be enough to keep her safe and make her his for always?

I really loved Greyson. He was so complicated and mysterious, but he was completely driven. He was determined to do his job with the end game of finishing and finally getting the information on his mother that he had been waiting for since he was a boy. He was so drawn to Melanie, and he knew that things with her would never be easy. He wanted to protect her and care for her, but he also knew that no one could find out or she could be used against him. You could really tell that he would do anything for her, and that his feelings for her were so real and intense. I thought that Melanie was great as well. She was strong and feisty, but she was also more vulnerable than she let on. I loved that she was private and kept things to herself because she was capable, and she wanted to do it on her own. She could have easily taken from others or had her friends bail her out, but she was as determined as Greyson was in her own way. I loved the banter between Greyson and Melanie, and I really enjoyed that they kept each other on their toes. They were a great match and a lot of that was because they both pushed the other and challenged each other while also being there for one another and offering them the support that they needed. I really thought that they had off the charts chemistry though and that these two were beyond hot! They really had the steamy stuff down, and I loved every bit of it.

As far as my rating goes, it was sort of hard for me to pick an exact amount because of everything I had to take into consideration. I would definitely say this book was between a 4 and 5 star rating based on story alone. I loved the story and the characters, and I thought that the writing itself was great. If I were to rate this story based on Jason Carpenter's narration this would absolutely be a 5 star rating. He was fantastic! I loved the emotion in his voice and how he brought Greyson to life with ease. His voice was easy to listen to, and I think I would listen to him read pretty much anything. He drew me into the story and really held my attention. I loved his portions of this book and I never wanted them to end. I hated having to wait to return to his narration and preferred his narration by far. But if I was to rate this book based on Shayna Thibodeaux's narration, the rating would be much lower and probably be only a 2 or 3 star rating. I didn't like her voice at all, and I thought that she was irritating for almost all of her parts. I felt like she was emotionless and never really could get used to her voice. I thought that I would warm up to her over the course of this book, but it just never happened. It really felt like someone was sitting in front of me just reading something and it wasn't able to hold my interest like with Jason's parts. If it wasn't for the story itself and Jason, I think I would have given up because of her parts. This audiobook would have been so much better if Jason Carpenter had been the narrator for the entire story. I will say that after listening to Rogue, I can't wait for more from Katy Evans and I want to go listen to everything that Jason Carpenter has done. Even though I didn't care for Shayna Thibodeaux's narration, I really think that this audiobook is worth it for Jason's performance as well as the story itself.

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Guest Post with Author Lecia Cornwall and Giveaway

Lecia Cornwall is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America’s Seattle and Calgary Chapters. Her background includes all facets of writing, including running a successful freelance writing business specializing in direct marketing and advertising. Both history and writing have been lifelong passions. Lecia currently lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta, the heart of the Canadian West.

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Feature and Giveaway: Dare to Love Series by Carly Phillips

When it comes to family, Ian Dare gives his all but in relationships he offers the bare minimum. Until one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor arouses his dominant and protective instincts. He will do anything to possess her … and does. But any future with Riley must include him dealing his half-brother who is a constant reminder of the pain he’d rather forget.

Riley Taylor believes herself immune to domineering men – until charismatic Ian Dare turns a simple kiss into an all out assault on her senses and she discovers she likes his brand of control in the bedroom. As their affair heats up, they soon realize they complete each other in ways neither imagined. But Riley’s past is closer than she cares to remember, and her struggles with Ian’s dominance might just cost her everything.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ARC Review: Endless Affinity by Brooklyn Taylor

Endless Affinity is the second book in Brooklyn Taylor's Forever series, but this book can be read as a standalone. I had never read anything by Brooklyn Taylor before this one, and I didn't have any real problems understanding what was going on in this book. I will say that while this one can be read as a standalone, I think that a lot would be gained by reading these books in order. I was surprised to find out that not only do we get the story of Grace and Kyle and their POVs, but we also get those of their friends as well. While there were things I liked about this one, there were also a few things that didn't work for me personally.

Grace Ingram and Kyle Chandler have been together off and on for years. While they might have broken up a few times, they always knew that the love they shared was it for them. Grace had always felt that she was never good enough for the lifestyle in which Kyle was raised. She is a hard worker that prefers to spend her days working in her dad's shop underneath the hood of a car. She grew up blue collar and would work even if she didn't need to, which is why it bothers her that Kyle hasn't had to work for anything in his life besides her. Growing up going to Country Clubs and having everything provided for him, Kyle has never had to put much effort into anything. He never lacked for girls before Grace, but he knew that she was worth the effort. After years of dating he is ready to take things to the next level and wants his ring on Grace's finger so they can start their family. But Grace isn't convinced that they can make a relationship work forever if they don't see eye to eye on important issues like their careers. Can Kyle convince Grace that they are meant to be and can get past anything as long as they are together? And what happens when there are those that would stand in their way?

I liked and disliked both Kyle and Grace. While Grace was strong and independent and had a great work ethic, I felt like she also judged Kyle a bit harshly. She didn't really give him a chance to make something of himself, and I felt like she was kind of being a reverse snob. With the exception of Kyle's father, it didn't matter to Kyle or his family how she had been raised or where she came from. If it didn't matter to him, I don't see why it was such a big deal to her. If she really trusted in him and the love between them it shouldn't have been such a big deal to her. I did like that was so smart though and that she wasn't your typical girly girl. It was nice to see such a different and refreshing character. I thought that Kyle didn't really give Grace the chance to make things right when she screwed up and tended to jump to conclusions. It really bothered me that he would do what he did without even talking to her and seeing where things stood between them first. I think that her actions were horrible and she should have supported him more in his time of need, but he absolutely handled things poorly and caused a chain of events that easily could have been avoided. I thought that they had so much history though and you could really see the love between them. I guess that's why it bothered me so much when they both screwed up so badly!

Overall, I liked Kyle and Grace together and I thought that they were perfect for one another. They might have screwed things up a few times, but I was glad to see that they never really gave up on the other. They fought for one another and that was what really mattered. My biggest complaint with this story is that I felt like the majority of it wasn't really about Kyle and Grace at all. I felt like there was too much going on and their story almost seemed to be a side plot because of all the stuff with their friends. While it was nice to see everything happening around them, I felt like it really took away from Kyle and Grace's story. I often times got confused between the constant switching of POVs between characters as well as the jumps in time back and forth. It really didn't work for me, and I felt like that is what made the difference between this being an okay story and what could have been a great story. I will look for more from Brooklyn Taylor in the future, because despite the issues I had I did like the story and the characters. I just thought that for me personally this one could have used some work.

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