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Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from the last week.

Triple Threat by Regina Kyle

A Winter Wedding by Amanda Forester

Desperate Hearts by Rosanne Bittner

Book of Choice from Maggie Robinson

All winners have been notified via email. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and entered. =)

ARC Review: Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander

Full Disclosure is the second book in the Nice Guys series by Kindle Alexander, and is Mitch and Cody's story. Mitch is introduced in the first book, Double Full, and while this book could be read as a standalone I would highly recommend starting at the beginning of this series. There are events that happen in the first book that affect what happens in Full Disclosure and it is best to read these in order. Plus Double Full is fantastic and you do not want to miss out on Colt and Jace's story.

Looking to blow off some steam while on assignment in Dallas, Mitch heads to a local club with his friends Colt and Jace. There he meets a sexy stranger and instantly feels drawn to him. At first the Texas State Trooper Cody makes no effort to give in to what Mitch wants from him, but soon he is unable to deny the attractions between them. Cody is dedicated to his career and the last thing he needs is a distraction, but when Mitch continues to pursue him he can't help but give in to his growing feeling for Mitch. Mitch will do whatever it takes to make Cody his, but with his case suddenly picking up things won't be easy. As Mitch must balance the case and his private life, he also must convince Cody that he is worth taking a chance on. But when things suddenly get personal with the case, can Cody and Mitch make it through together?

Oh how I love Mitch! I loved him in Double Full, and he was even better in Full Disclosure. He is sexy and funny, and I just love everything about his personality. He is so comfortable in his skin and has no problem being exactly who he is regardless of if it makes others uncomfortable. I love that he was able to put himself out there with Cody, and really go after what he wanted. He never gave up on Cody, even when things weren't easy at first. Cody was not afraid to be who he was, but he was quite a bit more reserved than Mitch. Whereas Mitch would do anything to get a reaction out of others, Cody tended to be more of the strong and silent type. I loved how different these two were, and I think that is part of why they worked so well together. They completed one another in a way that no one else did, and it was clear that these two belonged together. They also were amazingly hot together, and you could feel the steam and chemistry between them.

I love how Kindle Alexander is always able to fill their books with the hottest action around, but yet also able to deliver such emotional stories. Their books never fail to deliver, and I am always left feeling completely satisfied with the ending and yet wanting more. I cannot recommend Kindle's books enough, and if you are looking for a sexy male/male story that delivers the total package you should definitely check out their books. I honestly go into each book of Kindle's thinking that I have a solid favorite, and then the new book goes and blows me away. It just isn't possible to pick a favorite because I genuinely love them all. I was so excited to get to know Mitch better and meet Cody, but I also really loved getting to see more of Jace and Colt. I already can't wait to read the next book in the Nice Guys series, and can't wait to see what Kindle Alexander comes up with next.

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ARC Review: Forget You by Jennifer Snyder

Forget You is the fourth book in Jennifer Snyder's Coldcreek series, but can be read as a standalone novel. I hadn't read any of the books before starting this one and had no problems understanding anything. This book was sweet and emotional, and I finished this one quickly. I liked the characters a lot, and I had to keep reading to see how everything would turn out.

Eva Bennett is sick of being single and is looking for a relationship. But she is tired of young and immature boys that live with their parents and don't have jobs. When she first locks eyes with the sexy soldier Sawyer Keeton, she wants nothing to do with him. But Sawyer isn't willing to give up on her. Sawyer continues to pursue Eva until she finally gives in and agrees to go out with him. She quickly sees that he is different than what she first expected and soon they are falling hard for one another. But when Sawyer is forced to leave Eva and is sent overseas, they are tested in ways that they couldn't ever imagine.

I really loved Sawyer and Eva. They were perfect for one another and I loved their dates. These two were able to banter back and forth, and I loved their one liners. I never knew what they would do or say next, and it kept me flipping the pages to find out. I liked that Eva was able to bring Sawyer out of his pain from losing his brother. She helped him to move forward and get past the hurt, while also showing him how to love. Sawyer was able to show Eva that she could have fun and loosen up in a way that she wasn't able to before him. I thought that Sawyer and Eva had great chemistry together, but they had such a strong connection from the start. Their relationship was natural and never felt rushed despite the short length of time it took for these two to fall for each other.

Overall, I liked this story a lot. It was cute and funny while still being able to deliver the emotional impact that it needed to. Sawyer and Eva had both been through a lot, and I loved watching them heal and move forward. They both deserved to be happy after everything in their pasts, and I really enjoyed their times together. I did feel as though a lot of this story focused on Eva's friends though, and I wish there would have been a bit less of that. I think that fans of this series will enjoy seeing them, but at times it almost felt like they took over the story a bit. I liked Eva's friendship with Cam though and it was nice to see a boy and girl capable of having a friendship that was platonic without feelings more than what a friend should feel. They understood each other, and I loved that Cam was protective of her and wanted her to be happy. I thought that Sawyer fit in perfectly with Eva's friends as well, and I enjoyed seeing him become a part of the group. I would definitely recommend this book to NA fans looking for a quick and enjoyable story. I am interested in the rest of the series after reading this book, and can't wait to go back and see how the other couples got together!

**ARC Provided by AToMR**

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Feature and Giveaway: Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander

Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar.

Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family’s farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore.

As Mitch’s case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won’t jeopardize his life’s plan...especially when the evil he’s tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers.

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Feature and Giveaway: Mine to Have by Cynthia Eden

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden continues her sexy “Mine” romantic suspense series with…MINE TO HAVE.

Is he a hero…or the villain?

When Elizabeth Ward sees Saxon Black rushing into the backroom of The Blade—a low end bar in Miami—she isn’t sure if he’s there to save the day…or just to raise some hell. But she’s being held hostage, and he’s her best hope of survival. Within minutes, she’s away from the jerks with the guns and riding fast and hard on the back of Saxon’s motorcycle.

Death stalks them.

Saxon has been working undercover for far too long. When he finds sexy Elizabeth—with a gun to her head—he knows he will do anything to keep her safe. But once he gets her away from her abductors, the threat to her isn’t over. Someone has put a price on Elizabeth’s head, and if Saxon can’t keep her safe from the danger stalking her, then she’ll be dead.

Their lives are both on the line.

As their enemies close in, Elizabeth and Saxon must go on the run. And the longer they are together, the hotter their attraction for one another seems to burn. Saxon vows not to let anyone hurt her, no matter what he has to do, because he’s falling fast for Elizabeth. He’ll stop the killers on her trail, and then he’ll have her. Forever.

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Feature and Giveaway: Healing My Heart by Aleya Michelle

Roxy is in a bind...

Should she stay true to herself or should she follow her wounded heart back to her first love?

Back to the one who left her heartbroken and alone.

Who will be the one to help heal her heart?

Will it be Dylan, who started as her re-bound, but has become her strength and her life line over the past few months.

Or will it be Kade, the one who stole her heart and showed her the true meaning of love. Then showed her all the despair, vulnerability and pain a broken heart can cause.

Which path will bring her to her happily ever after?

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Audiobook Review: In Your Corner by Sarah Castille, Narrated by Lucy Rivers

Oh. My. Gosh. This book was simply amazing. Not only was it my first exposure to Sarah Castille, but it was also my first exposure to a book that has MMA as part of the plot. It won’t be my last by Ms. Castille and I will definitely be seeking out more books featuring MMA. Please use the comments if you have some to recommend to me.

So what did I love? Everything. No really. First there is Amanda, she’s a lawyer trying to live up to what her parents expect. She’s on the partner track at the law firm, yet by night she’s a lot less uptight. She’s trying to get over one of the best things that ever happened to her, Jake, but she couldn’t commit to him so she ended it. Now she seeks out other men at night, and not the type her parents would approve of. She’s safe but she likes sex. All is going well until the main firm partner shows her the information the firm PI has on her extracurriculars and then propositions her as a form of blackmail. At this point Amanda has had enough. Oh and if the proposition wasn’t enough, the same day, Jake walks back into her life all cleaned up in a business suit at her law firm.

From there things go downhill until Jake and the men from Redemption step back into her life. This time however Jake is trying to keep his distance. He’s not that involved with MMA anymore while trying to run the family business. He also still has feelings for Amanda but he knows she won’t commit and he won’t be hurt again, so he’s trying hard not to act on his feelings until he knows how Amanda feels about him.

The sparks fly. And by sparks I mean raging hot flames. I swear I had to turn my AC higher while listening to this audio in the car. Amanda and Jake could just be in the same room and the heat would radiate through the reader of the book. A semi-relationship commences, the two dance around each other and Amanda begins her own law firm. There are a lot of bumps in her life and in their relationship but that made the book interesting. I loved the characters. Makayla and Torment are in this one (they were the couple in the first book) and I liked the look at them and can’t wait to go back and read their story. I also loved Amanda’s British office manager/receptionist, she was a lot of fun, the PI who follows her from the large law firm to her small one and the guys at Redemption. I especially loved Fuzzy and can’t wait to get his story.

The storyline is great, never a dull moment. The characters really came alive with this reader. I never questioned who was who when she was doing the reading, each character came alive through her voice. Amanda and Jake are simply amazing. I loved their story and how they overcome what needs to be overcome to get together. It’s not an easy relationship, but they both find it is very worth it to pursue. And the heat, definitely a fall/winter read because it is hot, hot, hot! But in a good way. For those of you that don’t like too much sex, it never seemed gratuitous, it was there for a reason in the book. I never felt like Ms. Castille wrote a sex scene just to have another sex scene which is great.

I can’t find a fault with this one, it was amazing on audio. The plot kept me interested and excited to get into the car next. The characters seemed so real that I felt like they were my friends and the world they were living in seemed like it was right around the corner. I’m ready for a Redemption gym nearby. And yes this is part of a series, but I had no problem with it as a stand-alone. But I will be going back and reading Against the Ropes and will eagerly look forward to Full Contact.

**Audiobook provided by Tantor**

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ARC Review: A Love for All Time by Chloe Douglas

I must admit that I had my doubts about this story. I’m skeptical about time travel and was a little hesitant to start the story but my doubts were without basis. This was a fun and romantic adventure.

Mick Giovanni is a homicide detective in New York City. He is a rough -around –the- edges -street –smart- tough guy. He is coming off a divorce and is very cynical about life. One day on the job a beautiful woman comes into the station. Miss Lettitia Merryweather is on a mission. She is in NYC for the exact purpose of finding Mick. The minute Mick lays eyes on Lettittia he knows that she is different but he doesn’t know just how different she is…

Lettitia is really from London from 1888. She was sent via a time travel device to find Nick. She was told that he would be the only one that can help her find her sister. After being cut off from her family when she ran off with a servant, Lettita’s sister is no longer welcomed in her family. Lettitia continues to have contact with her sister despite her family’s opposition and she realizes her sister is missing.

When Mick realizes that Lettitia has transported him to 1888 London is his shocked and furious. However, since the portal won’t open for a couple of more days he is stuck. When he realizes that Lettitia brough him for the purpose of finding her sister the detective in him can’t help but be intrigued. He becomes even more intrigued when he realizes that Jack the Ripper is being sought after. Mick begins to investigate the case of Lettitia’s missing sister and also keeps his ears out for the true Jack the Ripper.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Mick and Lettitia had great chemistry. They are perfect opposites. She is a proper English lady and he is a tough NYC cop. They have fun banter and as they investigate together they make a good team. The author has the romance, the time travel, the missing sister and the Jack the Ripper murders happening at the same time. I thought that she was able to balance these themes and keep them all interesting. I’m glad to see this is part of a series and plan to read the next book. Fun time traveling, romance and suspense.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: Healing My Heart by Aleya Michelle

Healing My Heart is the second book in Aleya Michelle's My Heart series and should only be read after you have read Breaking My Heart. Healing My Heart is the continuing story of Roxy and Kade and picks up where Breaking My Heart left off. I will admit that I really struggled with the first book in this series. I had a lot of problems with it, and I wasn't sure if I would continue with the series or not. But when I had the opportunity to read and review this one, I knew I wanted to continue the series to see what would happen for Roxy and Kade.

After having her heart broken by the love of her life, Roxy tries to pick up the pieces of her life and move forward. She is seeing Dylan and although she doesn't love him, he has helped her get through her darkest time. But Dylan starts to change and soon he is no longer the sweet boyfriend that she has come to know and care about and he is becoming controlling and possessive. Roxy begins to feel as though something is off with Dylan and she wonders if she really knows him as well as she thinks she does. When she runs across Kade while out with friends, her feelings resurface for him and she knows that she needs to make a choice in her life. When Roxy breaks things off with Dylan, he doesn't take the news well and is determined to do anything to get her back. With Kade in the picture again, Dylan is determined to see to it that if he can't have Roxy no one else will either.

I knew Dylan was crazy from the start. I didn't like him, and something about him just felt off for me. He was possessive and controlling, and far too clingy. I realize that Roxy had found some relief from her pain in him and that she had grown to care for him, but I didn't understand why it took her so long to see that she shouldn't be with him. Roxy and Kade were much better this time around for me. I liked them both more, and Kade seemed to get over his random personality shift from the first book. He was back to being the guy that we first met and fell in love with, and he seemed to be genuine in his feelings for Roxy. He was really sincere when apologizing to her and telling her that he would earn her trust back in the future. I felt like Roxy was better in this book with the exception of her delaying the inevitable with Dylan. She was forgiving with Kade and she really faced her feelings for him. She was able to see how much she loved him and that even though she was hurt, that they deserved to take another shot at something between them. Kade and Roxy are really hot together, and I loved getting to see them working things out. Kade and Roxy made each other happy, and I think that they fit together in a way that they don't with anyone else.

Overall, I am glad that I decided to continue this series. I think that Kade and Roxy have come a long way in their relationship and as individuals. I will say that this book felt a bit drawn out until Kade showed up, and I found it hard to really get into up until that point. There were also some inconsistencies that really drove me nuts. They were small details, but I thought that they really distracted from the story for me. In one scene Kade and Roxy had been apart for 6 months, and yet in the next it was 4 months. It flipped back and forth several times, and I never was sure which was actually correct. There was also another example where a lime from one scene turned into a lemon in another. It was just little stuff like that that shouldn't have been more than a small detail among many, but because of the mistakes were made glaringly obvious. I also felt like the age of these characters was really ambiguous and confusing at times. It was stated that Dylan was a student of a high school in an article only 8 months old, and yet it is also mentioned that he had a job and one of his friends that they hang out with was from university. The timeline was confusing, and I couldn't tell what was correct and what was a mistake. Clearly if he was in high school only eight months prior, then he was either the smartest and fastest student ever to complete university or there was an error. I know that these type of mistakes aren't the whole story, but when there are that many they add up quickly and become a huge distraction from what is actually going on. I am curious to see what happens in the next story though. I felt like this story had a pretty clear ending, so I am wondering what Aleya Michelle has in store for these characters next.

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Feature and Giveaway: When the Rancher Came to Town by Emma Cane

Emma Cane returns to the amazing and romantic town for the latest installment in her sparkling series. When and ex-Rodeo star falls in love with the agoraphobic B&B owner, he must pull out all the stops to get her out of her shell.

Welcome to Valentine Valley!

The Silver Creek Rodeo is in full swing and everyone’s talking about the rancher who came to town…

Bed & Breakfast owner Amanda Cramer wants nothing more than a quiet, private life. Well, she wants guests too, but after her share of unwanted notoriety she’s gotten comfortable hiding out in her inn…perhaps a little too comfortable. When her newest guest arrives, tall, dark and breathtaking…Amanda begins to question her self-imposed exile.

Ex-rodeo star Mason Lopez knows all about the limelight. He’d avoid it if he could, but since one last ride could mean saving his family’s ranch, he’ll go all in. When he gets to Valentine Valley for the Silver Creek Rodeo, Mason checks into Connections B&B and finds himself immediately drawn to the beautiful, reserved woman who owns it.

Mason only has three days in town…can he convince Amanda to open her heart to him and welcome the world back in?

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Guest Post with Ayesha Patel and Giveaway

Meet Ayesha Patel, author of Priya in Heels.

Ayesha Patel was born in the rich and colorful state of Gujarat in western India before moving to Texas. She quickly found her footing in languages and creative writing and weaves her diverse background into her stories. She currently lives in the beautiful, though rainy, state of Washington with her husband. With a splendid view of Mt. Ranier behind her, a cup of coffee in her hand, and a ridiculously fast laptop at her fingertips, Ayesha is thrilled to explore the literary world.

Find Ayesha at:

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ARC Review: Dark Redemption by Angie Sandro

Oh My Gravy!! It all comes together and falls apart and comes together again in this last book of Angie Sandro’s Dark Paradise trilogy/series. Angie Sandro is amazing when it comes to weaving an intricate story tying up things from the last two books neatly into this one for one dynamic climatic ending. I loved every second of this series, every twist and turn and scary hoodoo spell this series has been great reading.

Mala and Landry are stuck between a rock and a hard place. With the death of their father and Dena in a coma, Mala and Landry are left to take care of her cousins; cousins that enjoy making Mala’s life hell but secretly love her and don’t want to be separated, no matter what Social Services say. Landry’s Father left homeless after the last book is staying with them helping out, and keeping Landry and Mala apart until the wedding bells ring not that that is stopping them. Meanwhile Landry’s getting worse with that thing in his head takes over when he sleeps and sleepwalks, it really freaks Mala out when she finds him naked in her chicken coop covered in blood and feather.

Auntie Magnolia has sent Sophia and Ferdinand to help train Mala and Landry with their abilities but human remains found out on a preserve has George asking Mala for help pulling her away from training. The heinous actions of this killer has endangered Mala the only way to help is Landry makes a deal with the demon in his head. The demon that turns out isn’t really a demon and despite a twisted sense of humor is trying to help. The child murder is still on the loose and George uses Mala’s need to help other to lure her in to help with the case. To top it all off Mala and Landry get a couple of surprises that can change everything. One being the sudden reappearance of Poppy, the mother of her cousins who ran off and vanished years before and wants to take back her boys and pull Dena off life support.

The shit all hits the fan at the same time. Mala and Laundry fight for their sanity and dark entities both physical and mystical that are out to ruin everything. No one is who you think they are good guys end up being bad and the people you think are bad end up saving the day. This series really is best when all three are read but it is so worth it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: Illicit Desire by Taylor Michaels

Illicit Desires is the first book in the Illicit Love series by Taylor Michaels, which is the pen name for Nazarea Andrews. I have been a fan of Nazarea's since I read This Love, and I have read everything I could get my hands on of hers since. When I heard that she was writing adult stories under a new pen name, I couldn't wait to see what she would come up with under the name Taylor Michaels. She absolutely did not disappoint, and I loved this story from start to finish. This felt like her other stories, only even more steamy and sexy if that is possible.

When Cora Milan is robbed in front of the building that Raphael Ortiz owns, he will do whatever it takes to get her stuff back and put things right. What he doesn't expect is to develop such a strong connection to her instantly. Cora doesn't care that he is rich and powerful or that he is Miami's most eligible bachelor though and is determined to stay away from him. But Raphael wants her and will stop at nothing until she is his. When Raphael offers Cora a job she can't refuse, things between them change quickly. Soon they are unable to fight what is growing between them, but Cora begins to question who Raphael really is. Cora quickly finds out that being with Raphael is dangerous, and that is the last thing that she needs with her past. But as she gets more drawn into his world, she starts to envision a future with him in where is is finally free of her past. But when her past and present collide, can Raphael and Cora find a way to escape the dangers that would do anything to keep them apart?

I really liked Raphael. I know that he is dangerous and what is typically considered a bad guy, but he was so sexy and protective. He was drawn to Cora right away, and it was clear that he would do anything for her. He risked so much just by pursuing her, and I couldn't help but feel as drawn to his character as Cora was. I loved him with her, and I felt like even though being with him was dangerous for Cora it was also what felt like the safest thing for her. I knew that Raphael would do whatever he could to make sure that she was cared for and safe. Cora was smart ans independent. She had been through a lot in her past and was used to running. But she was able to connect with Raphael and let him in in a way that she couldn't do with others. Their connection felt so real and intense, and the chemistry between these two was insanely hot. Cora and Raphael were so steamy together, and I loved every bit of it!

Illicit Desire is the first book in this series, and this book does end with a cliffhanger. While cliffhangers are frustrating and I hate them, I really loved how this story played out so far. I could not put this story down, and it was so engaging and action packed. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next, and I absolutely devoured this book. I can't wait to see what happens in the next installment of this series for Cora and Raphael. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for something steamy and hot, but that also has a couple with a really strong connection. These two have a long road ahead of them still, and yet I can't wait to read the rest of their journey. I can't wait to read more from Taylor Michaels and hope that the next part of the story comes quickly!

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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Interview with Author Rebecca Donovan and Giveaway

Meet Rebecca Donovan, author of What If.

Rebecca Donovan is the USA Today bestselling author of the highly-acclaimed New Adult trilogy, The Breathing Series. Her novels include: Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing, and Out of Breath.

Rebecca is a graduate of the University of Missouri -Columbia and lives in a quiet town in Massachusetts with her son. Excited by all that makes life possible, she is a music enthusiast and is willing to try just about anything once.

Find Rebecca at:

Interview with Author Cathryn Williams and Giveaway

Cathryn Williams is the oldest and only female in a family of four children. While born on the east coast, she has lived all over the country. Her father’s job as an engineer caused the family to move throughout her entire youth. She has spent time in Texas, Idaho, and Nevada before moving back to the eastern part of the country as an adult.

It was during these early years that her love of literature began, starting with Nancy Drew and growing with the Sweet Valley High series stories. This passion grew with each book and has caused her to transition into writing her own stories. Cathryn’s inspiration stems from a diverse childhood, loving family, and oversized lapdog Scarlet. When not giving life to her characters, she enjoys traveling, marathoning TV shows, and spending time with her family.

Find Cathryn at:

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ARC Review: The Gunslinger by Lorraine Heath

Although I know that Lorraine Heath is an accomplished author I had my doubts about liking about this novella. I’m glad to say that I was wrong. This was a great story and the characters were really fantastic. Usually I read Heath’s historical romance because I really love them. This story takes place in the Wild West.

Chance Wilder, adequately named, lives his life as a hired gun. He is rumored to have killed over twenty-eight people. His life is a serious of chances. Every fight he gets into is a chance to life or die. He has no home and drifts from town to town helping the people that hire him. Chance is hired by Toby, a young fourteen year old to save his sister Lillian. Although Lillian is in a very dangerous situation she thinks that she can take care of herself. When Chance rescues her she is grateful but repulsed by his lifestyle and his reputation. Chance never attaches himself to people or towns and tries not to get attached to Lily and her brother but he soon realizes that this job won’t be like the ones before.

As Lily and Chance get to know each other they both discover that their mutual reputations lack truth. The town has Lily pegged as a whore when Jack Ward is found dead in her bed. The Ward family wants to run Lily off the land that Mr. Ward left her. They rationalize that the only reason that he left her the land was because they had some type of illicit affair. Chance also falls into this category but he can’t help to grow to care for both Lily and her brother and before long he is trying everything in his power to protect her.

I’m so glad that this short novella is a part of a series because I really enjoyed it. Although only a few hundred pages I really loved both Lily and Chance and loved that they both really got to know their mutual truths. Both their reputations are not the least bit warranted and they are both genuinely caring and good people. Heath was able to make me love the characters, wishing they both had a happy ending and at the same time deliver a couple of surprises that I did not see coming. I really enjoyed and highly recommend this short novella.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: What If by Rebecca Donovan

What If is the first book I have ever read by Rebecca Donovan, and I was absolutely blown away. This book was so good, and I could not put this one down. The blurb really drew me in and I was pleased to find out that the book lived up to all my expectations and more. This one was so smart and well done, that I really can't say enough good things about it.

Cal Logan is shocked when he sees his childhood crush and one of his best friends in a coffee shop on the other side of the country. No one has seen or heard from Nicole Bentley since graduation, but she is sitting there right in front of him. Only the girl in front of him isn't Nicole but rather Nyelle Preston. Cal finds himself drawn to Nyelle and begins to look for her everywhere he goes, but Nyelle remains a huge mystery to him. Nyelle is nothing like the Nicole he once knew, and yet the more they run into each other the more that Cal is convinced that they are the same person. But Nyelle has secrets that she refuses to share, and Cal is afraid that questioning her will only make her run from him. When Cal's past and present collide and truths are revealed, everyone involved quickly realizes that nothing will ever be the same.

I really loved Cal. He was sweet and caring, and I loved how he was the entire way through this story. He was a great friend, and he was not judgmental or pushy at all. He was able to be spontaneous and have a good time doing whatever Nyelle came up with. I loved that he was always there for her in the way she needed without her ever having to say anything or ask him. He was amazing, and it was clear why any girl would want to be with him. Nyelle was so confusing to me. I loved her spirit and her ability to just do what she wanted and live life to the fullest. You could tell that she had secrets and pain from her past, but she was so determined. I liked that she started to let Cal in, and I really enjoyed watching these two get to know one another. They had chemistry and attraction right from the start, but I loved that it was a slow burn and happened so naturally.

Overall, this story was amazing. I loved it and I never knew what was really going on or what the big twists and secrets were. This one kept me guessing the whole way through, and I loved not knowing what to expect next. I can't say much on the actual story because I don't want to give anything away. Trust me you need to go into this one blind to really get the full experience, and you will not be disappointed when you finish. Looking back on the story now, Rebecca Donovan did a fantastic job of weaving this entire story together in a way that drops clues and makes sense once you know everything, but that keeps you engaged and curious the whole way through. I honestly can't wait to go back and read this again now that I know everything, because I think it will be such a different experience. If you are looking for a New Adult book that offers something completely different from anything else out there, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. I look forward to reading more from Rebecca Donovan in the future, and can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

**ARC Provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing)**

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