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Monday, September 22, 2014

ARC Review: Night Storm by Tracey Devlyn

I had no idea what to expect when I began reading this novel. All I knew was that it involved a potential murder-mystery scenario, a thief-taker named Cameron Adair, and a female Apothecary-surgeon known as Dr. Charlotte Fielding. I was intrigued from the beginning simply because a woman apothecary was unheard of during the time in which the book was set, and I loved the author’s ability to bring this character to life. Charlotte is strong, intelligent, and stubborn. She is a true lover and fighter; any reader will adore this heroine. Our hero, however, is complicated, tough, quick-witted, and sexy. Both characters had me from the beginning.

The story centers upon Charlotte and Cameron who have come into each other’s lives many years after a personalfallout between them. Cameron has become a thief-taker, a man whom uses wit and strength to find stolen artifacts with ancient, but pertinent history. Charlotte, however, has become a renowned apothecary-surgeon, running her father’s business as her own after her mother’s death and her father’s absence. Cameron and Charlotte spent many years loving and hating one another because of their inabilities to speak truths and not let fear rule them as young adults. Now, unforeseen circumstances have brought them back together.

Cameron appears bloody and beaten, and in need of medical help while Charlotte is currently dealing with her own issues. She has Felix and Piper to worry about; Piper her protégé, and Felix, Piper’s brother to whom Charlotte relies on for extra help around the shop (deliveries, for instance). These two had a great rapport with the main character and the author made their fondness for one another clear. I thought Piper was delightful, sharp, and sweet; while Felix, despite his more aloof nature, was fun and honest. The familial sense of the three made me smile, and I loved Charlotte more for taking on a motherly role with them out of compassion for a family going through a tough time.

What I did not expect, however, was how well the story webbed together each character so flawlessly and uniquely. Felix, Piper, and of course Charlotte become involved unwillingly in a criminal setting after discovering a horrific murder. Then, Cameron becomes the detective of sorts, because the man whom owns the theatre where the murder occurred wants the culprit found (and Cameron as a thief-taker can find anything). This, of course, puts him and Charlotte in each other’s lives further and soon they are hiding secrets, feelings, and ideas while also searching for a murderer. I was enthralled in this story from the beginning, and the chemistry between these two was simply amazing. Both were walking a fine line of desire and need, while also experiencing danger at every turn. I loved it!

I also have to mention Jules and Vaughn because they both were equally appealing. Jules as Cameron’s closest friend, confidante, and partner in crime was just so much fun. He made me laugh at his wry sense of humor and he was also cocky in a way that was just the right amount. Vaughn, on the other hand, as Cameron’s associate was a mysterious character which only added to my interest in him (add in the good looks and I am chomping at the bit for more). There was also Trigger, a boy on the streets living as a pickpocket, who was saved by Cameron and soon became almost like a son who is trustworthy as well as loyal. Of course, Lachlan (the nephew of Dr. Buchanan, Charlotte’s mentor) certainly cannot be forgotten either. In fact, Lachlan was easily my favorite secondary character. The Scot had sex appeal, appeared sly in his humor, and was also considerate. Honestly, I am hoping to see him find his lass in another story down the road!

Ultimately, there is absolutely no shortage of wonderful characters in this book. Even better, I could not have imagined a better way to connect the characters together based upon their chosen professions. There is nothing but perfect comradery, rapport, and utilization of each character’s trades to bring the story and each individual together. I have been thoroughly impressed with Tracey’s work because she created a wonderful world that I became immersed in. Furthermore, because Cameron and Charlotte work so well together, there is no way I could not be more excited for another adventure full of mystery and danger! Thank you for the ride, Mrs. Devlyn!

**ARC provided by Author**

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