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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Beautifully Awake by Riley Mackenzie

I really enjoyed this book and couldn't believe what a great debut Beautifully Awake was for the writing duo Riley Mackenzie. This book grabbed my attention right away and didn't let go the whole way through. I didn't want to put this one down, and I can't wait to read more in this series. I was really impressed with this duo's writing style, and I loved the characters a lot. I will definitely be looking for more from Riley Mackenzie in the future.

Both Lili Porter and Chase Colton have painful pasts that they are trying to escape. Neither one of them has been able to find someone to commit to until they find each other. Lili is a case manager for a hospital and loves her job of helping others. She followed her father's advice to keep her chin up after a horrible event in her past and she now has relocated in order to start over. It is at the hospital that she meets Chase Colton the Chief of Neurosurgery. Lili and Chase are instantly drawn to one another and things between them heat up quickly. But they both have secrets from their past that they aren't ready to share with one another. As their relationship progresses, Lili and Chase must learn to let one another in or risk their relationship ending before they ever really begin.

I loved Chase. He was so sexy and commanding. He was possessive of Lili and claimed her right from the start. I loved how much he wanted her to be his and only his. He had so many different sides, but through everything his feelings for Lili never wavered and were always clear. He had some painful things from his past, and it clearly still affected him. I couldn't wait for him to open up to Lili and really let her see all of him. I think that Lili and Chase were perfect for one another and exactly what the other needed. Lili had been through a lot as well and was really strong. She was sweet and kind, and so compassionate. She was dedicated to her job, and I loved that she was able to move forward with her life and do something that make her happy. Lili and Chase were so good together, and I felt their connection right from the start. They had off the charts chemistry and even though their relationship progressed rather quickly it felt natural.

Overall, I really loved this story. I thought that it was super hot and I couldn't get enough of these two. The characters were fantastic, and Chase was seriously one of the hottest alphas I have ever read. I loved him so much. I did feel like the story seemed a bit long to me though, and the epilogue wasn't my favorite. That is the only reason this book wasn't five stars for me. After such a great story, I just expected more from the epilogue and it felt a bit rushed and unsatisfying to me. I wanted more, and I am hoping that we get more of these two in the next book. I highly recommend this one though, and I think that this book is definitely worth the read for Chase alone.

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