Saturday, July 16, 2011

ARC Review: Forbidden by Em Petrova

Forbidden is a collection  of three different stories revolving around fantasies. Each story has a different set of characters and revolves from a different erotic theme.

Camp Buddies-M/M

In this story we are introduced to both Ian and Guy. Both have been best friends for the past six years, but have recently come across some problems with their friendship. Guy, trying to repair the friendship asks Ian on a camping trip so they can hash everything out. While on the trip both Ian and Guy start so see each other in a new light and decide that they want to explore on these new feelings.

I found this story quite enjoyable. I liked the progression between the characters and found that this was very believable. My only qualm with the story is the ending. I hate when authors throw in love and happy endings just because they think it needs a HEA. Everything was believable up until the point it goes from something new and exciting to love all in a span of ten minutes.


Let me start out by saying that I really enjoyed the connection between Sig and Magnolia. I like that they are both passionate and have such strong feelings for one another. Their falling in love with one another was believable and I believed in it. I also liked seeing what inspired the both of them in regards to their art.

Now what I disliked about this story. I hate when authors throw conflict in a story when it doesn't need any. It doesn't really flow with the rest of the story and just makes me want to put the book down. It makes me feel disconnected from the story.

Another thing that I could not stand about this story was the use of really cheesy names in reference to sex and sexual happenings between the characters. I'm reading an erotica story, not a love story from thirty years ago. Terms like honey pot, love cavern, love nub, and honey hole just sound corny and makes me roll my eyes. Nothing takes me out of a story faster than seeing terms like this. They just seem so unromantic and passionless.

Mysery Lover-F/F

Out all of the stories I liked this one the best. Noelle has received an invitation to spend the weekend at a female only murder mystery party. She has no clue whom may have sent it to her, but she thinks it sounds like fun and decides to attend. Once there she is awakened  to possibilites and passions she has never felt before.

I was thankful that the author chose to keep the cheesy sex euphemisms to a minimum with this story.
I enjoyed watching Noelle's sexual transformation. This story was very sexy.


After reading all three stories I will say that the second story seemed out of place. It was a more typical love story versus being an erotic tale of fantasy like the first and third story were. When you first begin the book the author explains that she wants us to take a mini vacation while we see the characters live out their fantasies. I got that feeling with the first and third story, just not with the second. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the second story but it was not in any way thought of as a fantasy.

**This was an ARC copy provided by NetGalley.**

Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Oh my smutty goodness did I love this book. It was super hot and had a great love story. This book was more than just some great smut scenes. It had a great love story and greatly developed characters.Myrna Evans is a woman who knows what she wants and a boyfriend is definitely not it. She likes to take care of herself without having to depend on others and is focused on her career as a Professor of Human Sexuallity. She isn't looking to settle down with anyone, she just wants to experience some great casual sex.

Brian "Master" Sinclair is a guitar god who everyone knows is a one woman guy who just happens to wear his heart on his sleeve. He just wants to find someone to love him as Brian and not "Master Sinclair" and who will be faithful. He's had his heart broken many times in the past and is tired of faithless women.

While Myrna is at a conference looking for a distaraction from the boredom she stumbles across a drunken Brian trying to make his way back to his bandmates who are busy getting drunk at the hotel bar. Myrna, who happens to be a big fan of the band Sinners decides that this is her chance to meet her favorite band helps Brian get to the table. Brian is instantly attracted to Myrna, but is getting over a bad breakup and is completely wasted when he is introduced to her. Myrna is also attracted to Brian and wants to get to know him better. The only problem for her is that she has a rule about sleeping with men she's just met. So she just spends the night taking care of a drunken Brian. The next morning neither can hold off their mutual attraction anymore and they sleep together. All of sudden while they are having sex Brian has an amazing guitar riff pop into his head and not wanting to lose it decides to write it down. The only problem is he nor Myrna can find any paper anywhere. Not wanting to lose the amazing riff Brian uses Myrna's body as a score sheet. This continues to happen all weekend everytime they have sex. Brian, who hasn't been able to write anything in months is suddenly coming up with amazing riffs and it's all because of Myrna. After spending an incredieble two days with Brian, Myrna leaves and goes back to her ordinary life and Brian continues to tour with his band.

A month later after being miserable from not talking or seeing eachother, Brian convinces Myrna to fly out and spend the weekend with him. Myrna is a little hesitant at first because she just wants a fling but she cannot forget about the amazing few days they had spent together a month before. Plus, they have amazing sex together. While watching the Sinners perform Myrna starts talking to some of the fan who claim to be in love with some of the band members. Myrna just can't get over how someone could love someone that they have never met. Deciding that it would make an interesting case study Myrna begins studying the fan of the Sinners. This allows her to remain with the band and go on tour with them. Thus making both her and Brian happy.

When Brian and Myrna are together they are in a world of their own. They just can't keep their hands off of eachother and are constantly going at it. Brian has some seriously strong feelings for Myrna but because she doesn't want anything serious spends most of the time trying to keep them in check and not let her know. He's afraid if he's real with her it will push her away. Myrna is still recovering from a previously disasterous marriage. Because of this she doesn't want anything serious with Brian. She get's frustrated anytime Brian  shows his feelings towards her. Everytime she begins to think she may have some feelings for Brian she pushes them away.

I think Olivia Cunning created a great story and I was rooting for Brian and Myrna the whole time. I think it was great to see Myrna overcome her past and be able to love Brian. Brian is a great hero and I too fell in love with him. He's just a big teddybear that wants the love of a great woman. I also loved meeting all of the bandmates. They are all hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I love this band and can't wait for more. Plus, the smut scenes in this book were great.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

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