Thursday, September 21, 2023

ARC Review: The Summer I saved You by Elizabeth O'Roark

I have loved everything I’ve read from Elizabeth O’Roark, but I especially loved The Summer We Fell, so I couldn’t wait to read The Summer I Saved You. This book is a standalone and you do not need to have read The Summer We Fell before starting this story. While I wanted to love this book, this one just didn’t live up to what I had been hoping for.

I really struggled with Caleb for the majority of the story. I understand he had been through a lot, but honestly it didn’t excuse his behavior. He never seemed to really apologize or grovel and instead just tried to justify everything he did wrong. Lucie also just forgave him time and time again and just let him get away with it all. I also just felt like her feelings for him were so much stronger than his were and when he did say he had feelings for her, it really felt more like him telling us he had them than him actually having them if that makes sense. 

The third act breakup was just not it for me. There were so many things here that set this one up to be such a great read, but ultimately just didn’t deliver, and had this one falling flat for me. I highly recommend The Summer We Fell and the entire Grumpy Devils series, but this one was disappointing for me. I will probably still read the next in this series, though I am not sure how that one will be for me after I saw who the main characters are. I love Elizabeth O’Roark’s books but this one was a miss for me.

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