Friday, October 13, 2023

ARC Review: P.S. I'm Still Yours by Eliah Greenwood


I have loved the Easton High series by Eliah Greenwood, so I was really excited to get a book set in this world. P.S. I’m Still Yours is a complete standalone, though if you’ve read the Easton High series, you’ll recognize some names and characters. This story features Kane and Hadley, childhood friends turned strangers.

After finding his career in trouble, Kane returns to the beach house he once vacationed at as a child where his mother has invited her best friend and her daughter to stay for the summer. But Hadley is no longer the girl he grew up with and after he once left her broken-hearted without a goodbye, things between them are cold at best. Hadley knows that there was once something between her and Kane, but after him ghosting her and then showing up on the worst day of her life like nothing happened, anything between them is long gone. Will he find a way to win her over and salvage any kind of relationship with her or will too much have happened to forgive?

For me, I was interested in Kane and Hadley and could feel the obvious connection and chemistry between them. My issue here was that when all was revealed, I could not forgive Kane for things he had done and been a party too, no matter his age or reasoning behind his actions. I know he was young and he was sorry and knew he messed up and tried to make it right. I saw his heartbreak and the emotions he felt, and they felt genuine, but I just don’t know how I’d be able to move on from that and I honestly feel like if it were me in Hadley’s place, I wouldn’t be able to get past it, even though there was love there. I know a lot of people will probably feel differently or be able to forgive and move forward, but I just wish that Kane hadn’t been a part of what he was at all. It just made loving this one impossible for me.

I have loved Eliah’s books previously and encourage readers to give this one a shot if it sounds like something you might like. Just because I couldn’t forgive and forget with Kane doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy this one.

Actual Rating: 2.5 Stars

**ARC Provided by Author**

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