Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ARC Review: The Stars Are On Our Side by Jennifer Hartmann

I was so excited to hear we were finally getting Gabe and Tabitha’s story! If you’ve read Still Beating and/or Lotus, you will recognize these characters. You could read The Stars Are On Our Side if you haven’t previously read those two books though as this is about separate characters. I will say though if you are planning on reading either Lotus or Still beating, you will want to read those first as those stories will be spoiled by reading The Stars Are On Our Side.

Still Beating was the first book I ever read from Jennifer Hartmann, and after finishing that one, I immediately wanted to read everything that I could from her, and that started with Tabitha and what happened before Cora and Dean’s story. So to say this story is something that I had always hoped we would get, is an understatement. Gabe and Tabitha’s story was really a journey. If you know anything about this world from Jennifer Hartmann, you know that this is not an easy ride. These two had so much to go through to get to where they were, and I honestly felt so much for each of them. I cannot even imagine being in their shoes, but I felt so connected to them. They were amazing. I can’t say much more than that without spoiling anything, which I refuse to do as this is one you just need to experience. But what I will say is that I absolutely love these two characters and they are absolutely perfect together. 

I will also say that this one is not an easy story and at times was a little tough to push through. I just felt so much for them and reliving Tabitha’s past was rough. If you have any triggers, I would definitely recommend checking them. But what I will say is that this book is everything I had hoped for and I am so glad I read it. This book was well written, captivating, and emotional. I feel like it was some of Jennifer’s best writing, which is saying something as I have loved everything I’ve read from her. I already cannot wait to see what she will write next! Gabe and Tabitha are everything, make sure to check this one out!

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ARC Review: Mr. Hook-Up by Marni Mann


I couldn’t wait to read Mr. Hook-Up after reading The Bachelor by Marni Mann, and it was everything I hoped for and more! This book is a standalone story, and the start of Marni’s new Hooked series. Readers first meet some of the characters from Mr. Hook-Up in Marni’s book The Bachelor as Camden Dalton helps Declan Shaw take on a case that becomes a large part of this series. Not only do I highly recommend the whole Dalton series (they are interconnected stand-alones) as they are all fantastic reads, but I definitely recommend reading The Bachelor first if possible as it was so good and gives you a little glimpse into this book!

This book has one of my favorite tropes ever, texting/secret identity, and I couldn’t get enough. It is split into two parts, and I was honestly so in love with this story as I read it. I won’t give anything away, but I had to know how things would go after part one and didn’t want to put this one down for anything! These characters are sexy and witty, and I just loved every second of this one!

Fans of Marni will love this book as it has everything i’ve come to expect and appreciate about her stories! Her writing is so good and you can’t help but fall in love with her characters and want to be right there with them. She also always brings the spice, and this one was no exception! I can’t wait to read this one again and to also get more in this series! I love Marni’s books, but this one could possibly be my new favorite! Mr. Hook-Up will have you Hooked from the very first page, an absolute must-read!

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