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Sealed With a Kiss Event Winners

We've got quite a few winners to announce, but we first wanted to take the time to thank all of the authors that participated and donated items for the giveaways. We couldn't do this event without you and it means so much to us all that you take the time out of your busy schedules to write these amazing love letters. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

And now for the winners...

ARC Review: Legend by Katy Evans

Legend is the sixth and final book in the Real series by Katy Evans. This book is a standalone story, so you do not need to have read the previous books in the series, though for full enjoyment I would recommend it. This was such a bittersweet read for me because while I was really enjoying it, I was also dreading it since I knew once it was over the series was over. It was a great finish though, and I really loved Maverick and Reese.

Maverick "The Avenger" Cage is determined to become a Legend in the Underground, but no one will give him the shot he needs. Guarding the secret of who he really is, Maverick comes across Reese, and she treats him like no one else ever has. As Mav trains, Reese helps him find someone willing to be his coach and Mav is that much closer to taking on the champ Remington "Riptide" Tate. But just as things between Mav and Reese are heating up, Mav finds out that Reese is also Remy's wife Brooke's cousin. But Mav is determined to win and be a legend and that includes getting his girl too. 

I really loved Maverick and Reese together. They had sparks between the right from the start, but I was glad that things weren't rushed between them. They had a lot of sexual tension and their connection just continued to intensify as they spent more time together. I loved that Reese didn't judge Mav for his past or circumstances and that Mav didn't push Reese or give up on her. Each one had a lot that they were dealing with, and yet they were perfect together and for one another. They really helped one another just by being there for each other. The chemistry between these two was so strong, but I really loved the bond they had formed and seeing as things grew between them. 

The one thing that I will say here though is that I felt like some things weren't as resolved as I would have liked. There was a situation with a guy that Reese had thought she wanted before she met Maverick and he was brought up a lot throughout this story. When he finally made his appearance, it was almost over before it started and it just felt like it had been used for drama throughout the story without ever really being dealt with. Maverick pretty much shut it down before Reese did anything, and Miles just disappeared. I also felt like with this being the last story in the series that an extended epilogue would have been nice. I wanted to see how things ended for everyone, and would have liked to have been given a glimpse into all of the HEAs from this series since there were some things that were unresolved overall. I wanted to know more about what happened for Kenna and Pandora, and I am still upset that we didn't get a book for Riley! I have to admit I have been holding out hope since the beginning that we would get his story, so it would have been nice to see what happened for him, especially since Remy was retiring here. I just felt like there was so much that I still had questions about.

But even with those criticisms, I really enjoyed this story a lot. It was great to get to know Reese and Maverick, and I loved how much Brooke and Remy were around for this book. Racer absolutely stole the show, and I don't think that there has ever been a cuter kid in a book I have read than him! He was so adorable and I couldn't get enough of him. I hope Katy Evans might someday write his story, because I am absolutely dying to see him again! Fans of this series will enjoy Legend, and if you are new to this series this one is easy to read without having read any of the previous books. I know I will read this series again in the future as I really love the characters and I am just not ready to let them go. But I am also really excited to see what else Katy has in store for readers in the future and look forward to reading more from her.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Feature and Giveaway: Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler

The woman tensed. As anger and fear ricocheted across her face, her eyes changed from red to green to brown in a dizzying display like nothing he’d ever seen.

Every instinct in Angelo’s body screamed at him to lunge for his weapon. Instead he set his feet for impact, blocking her slashing claws. Unbelievably, after a few moments of struggling, she went still, all the fight gone…

Minka isn’t sure she should trust the sexy Special Forces soldier who found her. Subjected to horrors, on the run from scientists set on locking her in a cage, Minka is terrified of the monster she’s becoming…and somehow, Angelo is the only one who can calm the beast inside her and make her feel safe.

But can she trust the way he makes her feel when she’s not even sure she can trust herself?

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ARC Review: See You at Sunset by V.K. Sykes

This is my first book by this husband and wife writing team (an idea which I love). For me, this was a great introduction to these authors and to the Seashell Bay series of which this book is, I believe, #3 in the series.

I am not a small town romance reader. I love urban areas in real life and in my romance so the fact that I really like this book is a testament to the fact that it was pretty good.

See You At Sunset is a variation on the friends-to-lovers theme. The main characters were good friends who were attracted to each other. Well, to be more precise, Micah was experiencing a growing attraction to Holly, he had actually been in love with her for awhile. Holly was a little irritating in her inability to sort out her feelings. Micah kind of saved the day on the romance. He was my favorite sort of alpha man who is consistent even when his love interest is a quasi-flake.

I actually really liked Holly's back story. Holly returns to Seashell Bay to help her aunt after she has a panic attack (sort of an interesting emergency). I loved that Holly was so committed to her family. Even though she is on the verge of a bright new career, she dropped everything for her family and then realized that home is where the heart is and success is being loved. Ahhh, it really does warm the heart.

Micah's feelings for Holly go back in time but they've been friends and at one point Holly was married to someone else. Micah has been hesitant to do anything that would disrupt his friendship with Holly. Its pretty clear from the beginning of the book that won't last though. I loved that there was a mystery thrown in to the book to spice up Micah's eventual realization that it was time to move things forward with Holly.

Once Holly and Micah get together, I think you will really enjoy the romance. My favorite thing about the relationship was that Micah was looking to create something new with Holly. He didn't want to recreate what she had with her husband who passed away. The only weird thing about their relationship was that they didn't really date per se. They were together but not in an intentionally romantic way which was just kind of weird.

All in all this was a fun small town romance that I think you will enjoy.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: The Rogue by Katharine Ashe

The Rogue is the first book in the “Devil’s Duke” series. Katherine Ashe is an automatic read for me. I’ve read some of her previous work and really enjoyed it. I think she is a fun and great author. I also think that her storylines are original and unique. I was beyond excited to read this book about the mysterious and lethal -Saint.

Lady Constance Read can be described as an alpha woman. She is ahead of her time and doesn’t bend to anyone’s rule. Her father asks a favor of Saint- AndrĂ© Sterling- he wants him to teach his daughter how to defend herself. Unbeknownst to him Constance and Saint share a history.

I really liked Saint and found him to be an exciting hero. He has a strong military background and teaches others how to defend themselves with a sword. For Constance he is an answer to her prayers because she is part of the Flacons Club which is a sort of spy agency. She is determined to figure out who is taking the lives of some of the young women and she has an idea who it might be.

Just like previous Ashe novels there is action, adventure and a twist that adds to the mystery of the storyline. I have to confess that I wanted to love the book more than I actually did. One of the down falls for me was too much was going on and I didn’t really get a feeling or understanding of the characters together as a couple.

Overall, this was a very exciting story. I had some issues with it such as Constance. I didn’t really understand her. She was hard for me to “get.” I also thought that so much happened the first 30 % of the book that the rest of the book felt very long and dragged out for me. It is obvious that the author has done her research because she includes a lot of information in the story. Finally, I didn’t love Constance and Saint as a couple. These are just my opinions and even though I wasn’t crazy about this book I will continue to read more Ashe and especially am looking forward to the next book in the series.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: Fade Into You by Tracy Wolff

Fade Into You is the third book in the Shaken Dirty series by Tracy Wolff, and I have been waiting what feels like forever to get my hands on Wyatt's book. As with the previous two books in the series, this is a standalone story. I highly recommend starting at the beginning of the series if possible though, as Wyatt's character especially has been through so much over the course of this series. It isn't necessary, but I think that readers will appreciate this one so much more if they see Wyatt's progress from the beginning. 

Having just been released from rehab again, Wyatt Jennings and his band Shaken Dirty are hoping that the third time is the charm. Not only is Shaken Dirty preparing to go on tour, but they are also trying to find a new bassist for the band. Wyatt hits it off with the band's new social media consultant Poppy, and things between them help him avoid looking for a fix. But Poppy isn't actually a social media consultant, but really the label CEO's daughter sent to babysit Wyatt and make sure that he doesn't fall off the wagon. But as Poppy and Wyatt's feelings for one another grow, Poppy knows that she will do whatever it takes to not only help Wyatt, but to also help Shaken Dirty. The longer things go on between them, the more she begins to worry that when the truth about her comes out it could have a devastating effect on Wyatt. 

I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Wyatt over the course of this series. At times I have absolutely hated his actions and how he handled things, and yet it was also impossible for me to truly hate him as it was all due to his addiction. I so badly wanted for him to turn his life around, and I kept waiting for him to wake up and find the strength inside himself that I knew he had. I really got to know him better here, and I loved him even more than I had before. Poppy was really great for him, and I really loved how supportive she was of him. She was great for the band as well, and she fit in with all of them right away. I did feel as though her and Wyatt's connection was a bit too instant here and it did feel rushed, but it wasn't entirely unbelievable either. It was clear that these two were great together, and their chemistry was really strong. I just wish that we had seen their connection grow a bit more without it seeming to have just popped up out of nowhere. 

Besides Wyatt and Poppy's connection feeling a bit rushed, the ending felt the same way to me. It was a bit too abrupt in my opinion, and I would have liked to have seen a bit more down the road. While I did have issues with those things, I really did enjoy this story. I love this series and the guys of Shaken Dirty are some of my favorite rockstars ever! I know with each book that the camaraderie and friendship is going to be every bit as good as the chemistry and romance. I also love the emotion that Tracy Wolff brings to each of these stories, and I can't get enough of these guys. I really hope that we get more books in this series as I don't know that I will ever be able to let them go. I really liked the addition of Drew to the band, and I look forward to reading more from Tracy Wolff in the future.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Guest Post with Author Jessica Peterson and Giveaway

Jessica Peterson began reading romance to escape the decidedly unromantic awkwardness of her teenage years. Having found solace in the likes of Mr. Darcy, Jamie Fraser (OMG love the gingers!), and Edward Cullen, it wasn’t long before she began creating tall, dark and handsome heroes of her own.

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Mr. Peterson, and her smelly Goldendoodle Martha Bean. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

ARC Review: Wedding Night with the Earl by Amelia Grey

OMG! This book was so adorable! Sadly this is the last book of The Heirs’ Club of Scoundrels Trilogy. Thankfully it can be read as a stand-alone. The only one of the series I have read before this was a novella, The Duke and Miss Christmas; I loved it. This one was such an enjoyable story I loved all the characters it was a nice quick read for me I practically inhaled it. The interaction and the witty banter between the two is funny and really made the story, not to mention the adorable little boy and an energetic big dog.

Adam Greyhawke was nicknamed The Beast after rumors went around about his behavior after the death of his wife and unborn baby. Adam became a recluse, he moved to the country to rusticate in his misery. He vowed never to marry and have children again, fate was not on his side his brother died and he inherited the Earl title. Adam petitioned the King to pass the title on to the next in line, the next inline is his five year old orphaned cousin, Dixon. Now Adam is in charge of Dixon’s education and that he has to take care of the titled estates and business dealings until Dixon is old enough to take over the title himself. Adam must go to London to learn the business dealings and is satisfied with Dixon as his heir but doesn’t know what to do with the boy.

Miss Kathrine Wright is the orphaned niece of a Duke she came out three years prior and promised that this year was going to be her last by the end of the season she will be betrothed. Kathrine’s problem is that she has a limp, as a young child she was in an accident, an accident that killed her whole family. She then went to live with her Aunt and two Uncles, who dotted on her. Kathrine wants to marry for love and have a whole passel of kids to be named after her siblings who never had the chance to live their lives. Kathrine was ready to settle when Adam walked into her Uncle’s dinner party.

Adam is immediately taken with Kathrine, he couldn’t resist stealing a kiss at the end of the night. That kiss changed everything. Adam has every bit of confidence that Kathrine could walk without the aid of her cane and even learn to dance. Kathrine was up for the challenge and for spending more time with Adam. All the time they spent together when they meet by accident started to start rumors and Kathrine’s Duke Uncle was insistent they get married. Adam and Kathrine run into their first hiccup when Adam tells Kathrine he wouldn’t risk her life getting her child. But of course it all works out in the end.
Overall, I want more. I will definitely have to go back and read the first two books. This will not be the last Amelia Grey book I read.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: Sinner's Creed by Kim Jones

Sinner's Creed is not only my first book by Kim Jones, but it is also the first book in the Sinner's Creed series. I was instantly drawn to this book with the cover and blurb, and I couldn't wait to read it! When I started seeing some early reviews though, I have to admit I went in search of some spoilers before starting. A lot of the complaints I was seeing in reviews weren't mentioned at all in the blurb, so I really wanted to have some idea what I was getting into here. I will tell you right now, this book will not be for everyone. This book is not a traditional romance story, and there is not a traditional HEA. It is a really great story, but if you are looking for a traditional romance with an HEA, this is not the book for you. I think that readers should know that before starting.

Looking to please his grandfather (the only family he has known), Dirk has lived for Sinner's Creed Motorcycle Club since he was old enough to be a part of it. As a nomad, he travels on club business, never staying in one place for long. But the one constant in his life is the woman who has been in his thoughts for years. Saylor Samson and Dirk had never really met, yet fate was always bringing them together at times when Saylor needed him the most. But with their latest encounter, Saylor is ready to go with him and Dirk is finally ready to take her. Though Saylor's life has been nothing like Dirk's, they find their connection is unlike anything they could have imagined. Dirk knows that he wants Saylor, but if forced to make the choice will he choose his club or his girl?

I really liked these two. I loved that they had such a strong connection that started before they ever really spoke or knew one another. Fate kept bringing them together, and they both knew that there was something strong between them. Dirk had always put his club first, but Saylor was the one person that challenged that. He was protective of her and it was nice to see him really care about her and treat her differently. Saylor was great as well. She was so good for Dirk, and I loved that she accepted him exactly as he was. Seeing them together and watching them get to know one another was really enjoyable. I loved them traveling together and the chemistry between them. They had some really cute moments (like the moments with the Skittles) and then they had some steamy ones as well. But I couldn't get enough of the emotional connection between them. 

Overall, this was a great story and I don't want to say much for those that don't want to be spoiled here. I did mention that this wasn't a traditional romance, and honestly I really wish that this book would have been marketed a bit differently. To me, this would have been better as fiction rather than romance because I think a lot of people that don't know what they are getting themselves into will be upset. Readers like romance to be a certain way, and this book is anything but that. I will say though that this book was definitely worth the read, and the writing was fantastic. Kim Jones had me captivated from the very first page, and I couldn't put this story down. Even knowing that I was running straight into a situation that could only break my heart, I had to keep going though I knew that I would be torn apart. This book was such a journey for not only the characters, but also for the reader and I am so glad that I read it. I already know this won't be the last I read from Kim Jones, and I can't wait to read Shady's story in this series next. I think that if you can go into this story with an open mind, that this is definitely a book worth taking a chance on.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Feature and Giveaway: The Earl Next Door by Charis Michaels

Charis Michaels makes her Avon Impulse debut with the first book in her new historical romance series, The Bachelor Lords of London...featuring a brooding earl and the American heiress who charms him.

American heiress Piety Grey is on the run. Suddenly in London and facing the renovation of a crumbling townhouse, she’s determined to make a new life for herself—anything is better than returning to New York City where a cruel mother and horrid betrothal await her. The last thing she needs is a dark, tempting earl inciting her at every turn…

Trevor Rheese, the Earl of Falcondale, isn’t interested in being a good neighbor. After fifteen years of familial obligation, he’s finally free. But when the disarmingly beautiful Piety bursts through his wall—and into his life—his newfound freedom is threatened…even as his curiosity is piqued.

Once Piety’s family arrives in London, Falcondale suddenly finds himself in the midst of a mock courtship to protect the seductive woman who’s turned his world upside down. It’s all for show—or at least it should be. But if Falcondale isn’t careful, he may find a very real happily ever after with the woman of his dreams…

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ARC Review: I Kissed a Rogue by Shana Galen

Shana Galen finally gives Sir Brook Derring his love story in I Kissed a Rogue. Since the first of this series, Brook has intrigued me since he plays such a key role in the other books. My high amount of anticipation was left on the curb with this ok book. I wasn't necessarily disappointed, but I wasn't impressed either.

The book begins with excitement, as Lady Lillian-Anne is kidnapped! It only makes sense that she is saved by Brook who basically is a private investigator. Though Derring is loathe to help Lila's family because of the way they treated him years ago, he still could not leave her to that fate.

Unfortunately this isn't just a quick rescue mission. The mastermind behind the abduction is still on the loose, and Lila is still at risk. Brook is then forced to marry Lila so as to better protect her by her father and the king. The marriage and keeping Lila safe force the two to spend a lot of time together. Enough time to possibly convince Brook that Lila has changed.

The story was a bit rushed. I really wanted more information on what had happened between Lila and Brook in the past, but when it was revealed it didn't say much. The motives for the abduction seemed far fetched once determined. The heat level was pretty high in comparison to Shana Galen's previous novels that I've read.

I Kissed a Rogue wasn't what I'd hoped it'd be. I would say that if you're invested in the series you don't want to miss it. Otherwise, I think you can take it or leave it. Not a very memorable read for me.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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ARC Review: Set the Pace by Kim Karr

Set the Pace is the first book in the Detroit Love Duet from Kim Karr. With this being the first of two books, readers should know that this isn't a standalone and it does end with a cliffhanger. Luckily it appears as though the second book is coming in May 2016, so readers shouldn't have to wait too long to see what happens next for these characters. I am a huge Kim Karr fan, and I really enjoyed this story. It has everything that I have come to know and love from her, and yet this one felt new and fresh! 

Jasper Storm had a rough childhood, but he is finally where he has always wanted to be. Him and his friends have developed a new cutting-edge car that could help turn things around for not only them, but also Detroit. But when the girl next door from his childhood returns, he can't help but try to figure out what her agenda is. She was once his best friend, but the Charlotte Lane before him is no longer the Charlie that he remembers. When she tells him that she is back to get answers about their past, he has no interest in dredging up bad memories after finally being on the cusp of moving on. But when Jasper is suddenly a murder suspect and everything ties back to his past, the one girl that he always tried to save as a child could be the only one that can save him.

I really loved these two. They had such an interesting dynamic between them. Jasper and Charlotte had history and a connection as children, but as adults there was so much more. Both were a little wary of who the other had become, yet there was a really strong pull between them that only seemed to have intensified with age. There was so much chemistry and sexual tension between these two, and I loved the slow burn their relationship took here. Jasper was known for being a player and yet Charlotte didn't judge him for it. Charlotte was interesting and different from other heroines that I have read about before. I felt invested in these two right away, and I knew that we were in for a ride when it came to their relationship. 

The one thing that I will say is that I didn't fully understand Jasper's initial reaction to Charlotte. He was so mean to her at first, and appeared to absolutely hate her. I didn't quite get that as all I could figure out is that he was mad about her disappearing (which she had no control over as she was a child) and the fact that her father was who he was (also something she had no control over). While I could understand that from a child's perspective, I would have thought that as an adult he would have seen beyond that. But other than that, this book was really great. Things were a bit slow at times, but I was drawn in right from the start and couldn't wait to find out what was going on. As I said there is a cliffhanger, and I honestly can't wait to get more answers! Kim Karr is a really great writer, and I am looking forward to finding out what happens for these characters next! If you like suspense and steamy tension with your romance, I recommend giving this one a shot. Kim Karr is one of my favorite authors, and I think that romance fans will really enjoy this one.

**ARC Provided by Gossip Girls PR**

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Feature and Giveaway: Seduction & Surrender by C.C. Gibbs

From the peaks of erotic ecstasy--to the point of no return . . .

Power. Passion. Pleasure beyond imagining. Billionaire playboy Rafe Contini offers all this--and more--to the beautiful Nicole Parrish, a young American traveler with a taste for adventure that matches his own. From the private yachts of Monte Carlo to the palatial estates of Geneva to the glittering penthouses of Bangkok, Rafe has shown her a world of unimaginable sensual delights. Now, he is ready to take her to the next daring level. Of danger. Of desire. Of deliciously erotic self-discovery.

Nicole has never known a man as sexy, as strong--or as commanding--as Rafe Contini. Night after steamy night, he turns up the heat, tests her boundaries, and pushes the limits of her body and soul to the point of sweetest agony. But when this masterful lover sweeps her away to a secluded island getaway--where anything can and will happen--Nicole must decide just how far she wants to take this game. And just how much she can bend Rafe's rules . . .

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