Tuesday, August 30, 2022

ARC Review: The Do-Over by TL Swan

I am such a huge fan of TL Swan’s and her Miles High Club series is one of my all-time favorites! So to say I’ve been both anxiously awaiting but yet also dreading the end of this series is an understatement. It’s so bittersweet ,but The Do-Over and Christopher were both so amazing and I honestly can’t wait to go back and read about the Miles brothers again! This series is one I recommend to everyone that is a fan of romance.

The Do-Over was a lot different than I was expecting, yet I really loved it! Christopher was so much more than you’d expect at first glance and I honestly loved him so much. He was funny and witty, sweet and sexy. I loved him and Hayden, their chemistry was there right from the start. I loved seeing their friendship grow and strengthen as this story progressed and I loved seeing their interactions with the rest of the characters as well, especially Eddie!

This book might have had a different feel than the rest of the series, but it was such a good story and I honestly loved seeing a different side to Christopher than I expected. I was so sad to finish this book even though I loved it, but with TL Swan’s announcement of Miles Ever After, her novel of extended epilogues for the Miles brothers, she has given us something to look forward to with all these beloved characters! I seriously cannot recommend this series enough, if you haven’t already read them, you are missing out! Can’t wait for Swan’s next book, but especially more of these amazing brothers and their families.

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