Friday, August 10, 2018

ARC Review: Wheels Up by Annabeth Albert

Wheels Up is the first book that I have ever read from Annabeth Albert, yet it is the fourth book in the Out of Uniform Series. This series is one that has been on my TBR for awhile, and I am so glad that I made the time to read this book. I really enjoyed it and immediately wanted to read the rest of the books in the series. 

Lieutenant Dustin Strauss is no longer the playboy he used to be, settling into his leadership role on the way to more in his career. But he also keeps his private life a secret, preferring for his bisexuality and time spent on the hookup app Joe4Joe to remain his private business. But when his chat buddy pushes for an in person meeting, neither of them expect that they will soon be on the same SEAL team and forbidden to even be friends, let alone more. But as Wes and Dustin continue to grow closer through their chats and in person, neither can fight the attraction between them and the fact that they both want more despite all the reasons they can't be together. Can they figure out a way to be with one another? 

I really liked these two. It was obvious right away that they were good together and for one another. Their connection was strong and the chemistry between them smoking hot. Wes and Dustin's relationship was one that couldn't happen for so many reasons, and yet the entire time I was reading I just knew that there had to be a way because they belonged together. Each of them were easy to like and genuinely good guys. I loved their loyalty and the way that they were with those they cared about, especially Wes. His love for his family and sister was impossible not to fall for. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more in this series. This cast of characters was great, and I wanted to see how they all wound up where they were here. This is a complete standalone, but the characters are interconnected to the previous books. I think readers will enjoy this sexy and sweet M/M story as much as I did, and I am looking forward to reading more from Annabeth Albert.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

ARC Review: His True Queen by Jodi Ellen Malpas

His True Queen is the second book in the Smoke & Mirrors Duet by Jodi Ellen Malpas. This book is not a standalone, and should only be read after reading The Controversial Princess. I was hooked after reading the first book and was on pins and needles waiting for the continuation of Josh and Adeline’s story! Jodi Ellen Malpas didn’t disappoint here, and I loved this book even more than the first! 

After a shocking turn of events, Adeline finds herself the Queen of England. Ever the rebel, she sets out to do the best job she can for a position she never intended on having or wanted. She finds herself torn between the love she has for American actor Josh and the family legacy that she has no choice but to accept. But the more she learns about being Queen, the more she learns that much in her family is a series of smoke and mirrors with secrets at every turn. Will she choose love or the duty she feels to her family? 

I loved Josh and Adeline in the first book and that definitely continued here. Each of them grew a lot over the course of this duet, and I found it so interesting to see all the progress they made both as individuals and as a couple. I was rooting for them from the very start, and just kept hoping that they could find a way to be together in the most impossible of circumstances. Adeline never wanted to be queen and never expected it, yet she immediately took to it and made it her own. I loved that while she prepared to take the role seriously, she did it without giving up who she was. She was determined to be herself and lead her people the only way she knew how. I also loved that Josh wasn’t afraid to treat her exactly the same as he always had. He was so good for her, and I couldn’t get enough of them together.  
The other thing I really loved about this duet is the secondary characters! I loved Adeline’s staff, and each one added so much to the story! She had some really great people around her and I loved how much they clearly cared about her, and as more than just an employer. Overall, this series was fantastic and I highly recommend it. I won’t give anything away, but I felt like Jodi Ellen Malpas really outdid herself here and I couldn’t imagine this story going any other way after finishing. I never knew what would happen next or how things would play out, but in the end I was so happy with the way it was. I think readers will love this one, and if you haven’t started yet I definitely recommend giving this series a go! Looking forward to whatever Jodi writes next!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Feature and Giveaway: Entropy by Jess Anastasi

Captain Qaelan Forster is used to trouble. He lives on the wrong side of the law and he’s on the most-wanted lists. He’s mixed up in his cousin's mess who has problems on a cosmic level—like shape-shifting aliens who want them dead. But Qaelan’s not prepared for the cheeky kind of trouble called Camille Blackstone, whose infamous father has any man interested in his daughter executed.

After Camille drags Qaelan into an impulsive act of rebellion, she finds herself trying to defend the sexy captain from her overprotective father's wrath, even if she has to handcuff herself to the captain to keep him alive. However, it soon becomes apparent there are much more dangerous things lurking in the dark corners of the universe than a vengeful pirate lord. And she's just landed in the middle of it.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Guest Post with Author Patty Blount and Giveaway

Patty Blount grew up quiet and somewhat invisible in Queens, NY, but found her voice writing smart and strong characters willing to fight for what’s right. Today, she’s the award-winning author of edgy, realistic, gut-wrenching contemporary and young adult romance. Still a bit introverted, she gets lost often, eats way too much chocolate, and tends to develop mad, passionate crushes on fictional characters…and actors like Gilles Marini….and Sam Heughan. Okay, so Patty’s not nearly as cool as her characters, but she is a solid supporter of women’s rights and loves delivering school presentations.

Patty is best known for her internet issues novels, including SOME BOYS, a 2015 CLMP Firecracker winner and RWA Rita Finalist, and SEND, a 2012 Junior Library Guild Fall Pick. Her upcoming release, SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW, has already been selected as a 2018 Junior Library Guild Fall Pick. Visit her website at, where you can sign up for her newsletter. She blogs at YA Outside the Lines and is also active on Twitter and Facebook. When she’s not writing, Patty loves to watch bad sci-fi movies, live tweeting the hilarity, and scour Pinterest for ideas on awesome bookcases. Patty lives on Long Island with her family in a house that, sadly, lacks bookcases. She loves hearing from readers, especially when they tell her she’s cool (even though she knows it’s not true), and is easily bribed with chocolate. Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

ARC Review: Envy by Rachel Van Dyken

Envy is the latest book in the Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken. This novella is technically a standalone story, but I definitely recommend reading these in order if possible. You don’t need to in order to understand this novella, but for full enjoyment I think they are best read in order. This series is one of my all time favorites, so to me they are definitely worth the read from book 1 to this release.

This is Vic and Renee’s story. Renee is the nanny for our favorite mafia families and Vic is Nixon’s cousin. Both come from different worlds, yet the attraction between them is there from the start. Renee’s life is planned out, but Vic wants her and isn’t used to taking no for an answer. I loved them both and the intensity between them. Their chemistry was off the charts and I felt like they were perfect for one another. Renee was really interesting to me, and I liked seeing her change over the course of this book. 

This novella definitely adds more to the series than I had originally expected, and Rachel Van Dyken once again threw in a twist I wasn’t expecting! I can’t wait to see what happens next, and I am already anxious for a lot that we found out here. This series is one that I have loved every single book in, and I have never been disappointed. Envy fit in perfectly, and the only complaint I had was that it was a novella and I always want more when it comes to Eagle Elite. This one is worth the read and I honestly can’t recommend the series enough!

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

ARC Review: Bedfellows by Lola Leighton

Bedfellows is the first book from Lola Leighton, the sexy alter ego of a popular romance author that wanted to write some steamier stories than what is her norm and I have to say that I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for readers with this new pseudonym. She definitely knocked it out of the park, and I couldn’t put this one down. 

Bedfellows is the story of Will and Sullivan and Adrienne. Will and Sullivan are best friends and have been looking for their perfect girl to complete their family. Adrienne is everything that they want, and yet she is also a traditional girl that has always believed in relationships being between one man and one woman. Can they convince her that they belong together as the three of them? 

I loved the characters here! The friendship and family that Will and Sullivan had made was one that instantly had me invested. I thought that they were perfect for Adrienne and that they all worked so well together. Sometimes with menage stories it feels as though someone is the third wheel, but that wasn’t the case here. It really felt like each character was a puzzle piece necessary to make the entire thing work. They were sexy and sweet, and everything just clicked in every aspect of the relationship growing between them all. 

Overall, I have loved this author’s work before but this new persona got off to a great start and I can see it definitely becoming a favorite of mine! The characters and story were easy to love and root for, and I didn’t want to stop reading once I had started. I definitely recommend this for fans of menage stories and I can’t wait for more sexy reads from Lola Leighton!

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