Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from last week.

Never Trust a Pirate by Valerie Bowman

The Untamed Vampire by Kate Baxter

The Dangerous Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden

The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

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ARC Review: Sex God by Marie Force

Sex God is the sexy standalone follow-up to Marie Force's Sex Machine. I was really excited to read this one since I enjoyed Sex Machine so much, and this one was every bit as good. I had a great time reading it and while this is a standalone story, I definitely recommend reading both.

Garrett and Lauren have been friends for years, and though they have had feelings for one another they have kept them to themselves. While Lauren has strong ties to their hometown of Marfa, Texas, Garrett has always looked forward to the day he could get out. His familial obligations kept him around Marfa, but he is closer than ever to getting out with only a few loose strings left to tie up. Garrett is known as a sex god from his one night stands, but the one night that Garrett and Lauren spent together it was less than fantastic. He is determined to have one more night with her to prove that their previous time together was a fluke, but Lauren wants more.

I really liked these two. They had so much chemistry and a great connection. Despite their first night together, it was clear that they really were great together. I enjoyed seeing Lauren and Garrett go from being friends to more, and all that came with that. It was sweet and sexy, and I had a great time reading their story. 

Overall, Marie Force continues to amaze me with her fantastic writing. I am pretty new to her books, but with each new one I read from her she continues to solidify herself as a go-to author for me. I have yet to read anything by her that I didn't enjoy, and I definitely recommend giving her books a chance if you haven't read them before.

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ARC Review: Another Postcard by Elle Christensen

I have read and loved books from Elle Christensen before, and I love rockstar romance stories. So I couldn't wait to read Another Postcard after reading the blurb. That being said though, this wasn't exactly what I had been hoping for and I struggled a bit with this one.

With a singer in his band going on maternity leave, Levi Matthews knows that he needs to find someone to fill in but he is wary of bringing someone new in. But he knows that Brooklynn Hawk has a great voice and would be a great addition to the band. Brooklynn's past has kept her from stepping into the spotlight in a permanent way. Can Levi and Brooklynn have the music and more when things become dangerous? 

The best part of this book for me was Levi. He was sexy and charming, and was what kept me reading this one. I have to say though that Brooklynn was the opposite. She is the reason that I almost stopped reading this one. I know she had a lot she had been through but it was almost impossible to warm up to her and took well over half the book for me to even begin to like her. She seemed to do nothing but push others away, and that got really old.

Despite the chemistry that these two had, the first half of this book just seemed to drag for me because of all the pushing. It also felt like there wasn't a lot actually happening in the first half of the story, and it had me wanting to put the book down a few times. Overall, there were some good moments that I enjoyed but instead of loving it, it was just okay for me. If this one sounds like a story you might like, I recommend giving it a shot. Just because this one didn't click for me doesn't mean that it won't be one you enjoy.

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ARC Review: The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

The Bad Luck Bride is Janna MacGregor's debut and the first in a series called Cavensham Heiresses. For a debut, I found this book to be pretty good. 

Lady Claire Cavensham has had some seriously bad luck when it comes to matrimony. She has been engaged many times, but unfortunately has never actually made it down the aisle. This is surprising because she is beautiful and an heiress, which is highly desirable among the ton. Sadly though it leaves Claire thinking she is cursed. She came off pretty superstitious to me.

Alexander Hallworth is a Marquess who also has had troubles. His younger sister committed suicide, and the note she leaves explaining her choice causes Alex to focus on revenge. In his quest to take down the man he feels is responsible, he steals the man's betrothed, Lady Claire. A small part of him is trying to save her from the disgrace of losing another marriage, but mostly he is concerned with his revenge plot.

Claire and Alex turn out to be quite a good match. They both have a strong physical attraction to each other, but they also have the ability and want to discover the other's secrets. Through a lot of trial and error, and believe me there is quite a bit of animosity on Claire's part, they begin to understand one another. It creates a strong bond.

I liked this book. I think it shows real potential for Janna MacGregor. Her story line was great, and if her telling of it wasn't as polished, I think she will only grow from this point. What she did pretty well though, was not telling secrets all at once. I learned little by little what made each character who they are. That is a really good thing for an author to portray. I'm very interested in reading the rest of the series.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

ARC Review: Public Relations by Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini

When I saw the summary of “Public Relations” I was instantly interested in the plot and the idea of a up-and coming PR rookie trying to reestablish the persona of a big time rock star. I don’t usually read books written by two authors but both Heaney and Rebolini made the story line and dialogue flow.

When the story starts we meet Rose Reed. Rose is working at a PR firm but she is really a no body. Despite her best efforts in college, NYU to be exact, she didn’t end up working at the publications she had worked so hard for or dreamed of either. She works with her best friend and I have to say their witty banter and back and forth really added to the persona of Rose and also to believing the story. Since I grew up in the North East all the places described and the everyday situations seemed funny and real. Rose is running late to work when she finds out that she will be sitting in on a meeting with a very hot and talented British star-Archie Fox. Archie’s career needs a boost and he needs a competent PR firm to help him get his career back on track. Rose, despite being warned not to say a word and really only be a warm body at the meeting, offers suggestions that both Archie and his agent love. Much to the shock of her boss and her much more advanced co-workers. Archie is taken with Rose’s ideas and wants her to be by his side. Rose has a cute idea of pairing him up with an Indie Star, Raya. The idea is to give them press -which they both need- with their fake romance. As can be expected, Rose and Archie quickly start to fall for each other. They have cute conversations and little impromptu get together and neither can deny their feelings for each other.

There were many things that I liked about the story. Both Rose and Archie were cute and fun! The secondary characters all added to the story and made it seem real and genuine. I can easily see some of the things happening in the story happen in real life. Also, the struggle that Rose and Archie both face is endearing as they try to act professionally but at the same time they can’t squelch their attraction to one another. This was a cute and fun story and a good read.

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ARC Review: Moments of Beauty by J.B. Heller

I am a new fan of J.B. Heller's after reading her book, What If It's Right?. But after I finished Moments of Beauty, she continues to impress me with her beautiful and well thought out books. I was immediately drawn into this story, and it was such an emotional read. I honestly cannot recommend this book or What If It's Right? enough, and I cannot wait to read more from Heller!

Huxley and Eliza come from different worlds. While Huxley has had a rough home life and spends his time trying to be unseen, Eliza grew up in a loving home where she never wanted for anything. Huxley knows that there are beautiful things in life though, which is why he spends his time behind the lens of his camera trying to capture those moments. Things between them quickly became a connection unlike any they had felt before, but then he left her behind. Now 5 years later, Huxley is back to fix his biggest regret and to try and win her back. 

I loved these two. They were so different from one another, and yet they fit perfectly together as though they had always been meant for each other. I loved that despite the miserable life he had lead and all the ugly that Huxley saw, that he was still able to see beauty and seek it out. Though he had problems seeing that he was worth so much more, it was great that Eliza never saw that with him and did everything she could to show him that he was worthy. I really liked Eliza and felt like she was easy to relate to. These two had great chemistry, but their connection was what made them so special.

Overall, I felt like this book was everything that I had hoped it would be and these characters were ones that I was invested in. J.B. Heller did a great job of drawing me into this book and giving me all the feels. There were times that I was heartbroken for these characters and all that they had been through or were experiencing, and yet I knew I was filled with hope seeing the love and connection that was undeniable between Hux and El. This is one that I think a lot of readers are going to love and if you haven't read anything from J.B. Heller yet you are seriously missing out.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

ARC Review: Where I Found You, Brooke O'Brien

I'm not sure how I got this book because I normally bypass young adult romance but somehow I got this one. So we have to split this review in two. On the one hand, if you love YA romance with some angst, decent character development and a plot with a few twists and turns, you might actually love this book. If you are like me and you love really grown up adult erotic romance, this definitely is not the book for you.

When this book opens, Ellie is trying her best to start over. We don't find out until later in the book exactly what is lurking in Ellie's past. We do know that some really bad things happened to Ellie (like the creepy stepdad kind of bad things so mind your triggers) and that she has finally made the choice to pull a Kelly Clarkson and breakaway (that was a song, remember? I love that song). Before her journey into her new life can really begin, Ellie meets Callum at a bus station.

Callum is hot as he is gruff. He's got issues and a history that are his own and he happens to be headed to the same place as Ellie. Callum's instinct to care for Ellie kicks in almost immediately. Ellie's instinct to protect herself and her general distrust of men, however, prove to be somewhat problematic. Things start off a little bumpy but have no fear. That tricky girl, coincidence, brings our two leading characters together repeatedly.

What happens next is somewhat expected. Callum and Ellie develop a really deep emotional bond. In fact it's one of the most well described and developed relationships I've ever seen in a book like this (not that I've read many but still). Callum and Ellie, throughout the book, both have to face down the really scary demons from their past. Ellie's demons even become a bit more concrete through some things that happen in the book.

So back to the beginning. If you like YA books, this is a great book for you and will probably be in the 4 or 5 star range. I'm just not a YA girl and this was too angsty and not enough eroticism for me so not my favorite.

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Feature and Giveaway: Just One Touch by Maya Banks

Multiple #1 New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks continues her Slow Burn series with a suspenseful and sizzling story of a young woman who escapes a terrifying past… into a more uncertain future.

Raised in a strict religious cult since she was a young girl, Jenna has no connection to the outside world beyond vague flashes of memory that seem to be from another life. Memories she clings to when the cult leaders discover her extraordinary ability to heal-and punish her. Years held captive and forced to do the cult's bidding have turned Jenna into a meek, timid woman…or so they think. In truth, she is merely biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to escape.

When a terrified young woman tries to steal the SUV of Devereaux Security's toughest recruit, Isaac's anger quickly turns into a strange sort of protectiveness for the beautiful, bruised stranger. But when they are caught in a firestorm of bullets and Isaac is hit, he's sure the end is near, until Jenna touches him and closes his wounds. As he tries to bring Jenna to safety, she refuses to tell him what danger haunts her or how she healed him, but Isaac vows to do whatever it takes to gain her trust…and her heart. Because with just one touch, Isaac knows he wants Jenna to be his--forever.

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ARC Review: The Wright Boss by K.A. Linde

I couldn't wait to read The Wright Boss after finishing The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde. Each book is a standalone story, but the characters are interconnected. I just had to get the story between these two, and Kyla definitely did them justice. This series is one that I am really enjoying, and I already can't wait for the next one! 

There are many reasons that Landon is forbidden to Heidi the least of which is that he is her new boss. No matter how attracted they are to one another, she knows that she should never go there. But after the two of them spend more time together, they find themselves unable to deny what is happening between them.

I really loved these two, and I felt like their connection was so genuine. Heidi is so strong and the kind of heroine I love reading about. Landon deserved to be happy after all that he had been through, and I felt right away that Heidi was exactly what he needed. They had great chemistry and you could feel the sparks flying between them! 

Overall, this was another great read from K.A. Linde and I definitely recommend this series. The Wright Boss was sweet and sexy and one that I didn't want to put down. K.A. Linde is one of my favorite authors, and she just continues to prove why with this series. I think readers are going to love Landon and Heidi's story as much as I did!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

ARC Review: Duke of Manhattan by Louise Bay

I am such a fan of Louise Bay's! She never disappoints me and Duke of Manhattan was no exception! If you have read King of Wall Street Scarlett will be familiar to you, however this book is a true standalone and is easily read without having read King. I definitely recommend reading King of Wall Street though if you haven't as it is another great one! 

Scarlett King is trying to move forward with her life after a divorce she never saw coming. Out to prove her ex wrong, she and her sister go out which ends in a one night stand. Ryder Westbury is set to inherit his family's title of Duke and all that goes with it, however in order to do so he will have to find a wife, the last thing he wants to do! But when he enters the boardroom the next day of the company he is looking to invest in, he is shocked to see Scarlett there. Can Scarlett and Ryder possibly have more than one sexy night together?

I liked these two. They were hot together and I couldn't get enough of them. I really felt like these two were perfect for one another. Their banter was so great and I just enjoyed it from start to finish. I loved that Scarlett was strong and that their relationship seemed to develop so genuinely. They were not only super sexy together, but there was a sweetness between them that really had me swooning with every interaction. 

Overall, another really great book from Louise Bay. I will say that the one thing that kept me from giving this one five stars was that while there wasn't any OM/OW drama, they were brought up a lot as far as comparisons go. Both Ryder and Scarlett were constantly comparing the other to those from their past and that got a bit old for me. Otherwise these two were great and I loved their story. I have yet to find a Louise Bay book that I didn't love, and Duke of Manhattan was no different. I highly recommend it.

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Feature and Giveaway: Bayside Desires by Melissa Foster

As the co-owner of Bayside Resorts, Rick Savage has a fabulous job working with his best friends and brother, and a thriving business in Washington, DC, which he’ll be returning to at the end of the summer. Spending time with his family is great, but being back on Cape Cod has unearthed painful memories. When sweet, smart, and overly cautious Desiree Cleary moves in next door, Rick is drawn to the sexy preschool teacher, and she just might prove to be the perfect distraction.

Running an art gallery was not in preschool teacher Desiree Cleary’s plans, but after being tricked into coming to her impetuous, unreliable mother’s aid, she’s stuck spending the summer with the badass half sister she barely knows and a misbehaving dog. If that’s not frustrating enough, she can’t escape the sparks igniting with her strikingly handsome and pushy neighbor, Rick, who makes all her warning bells go off.

Passion ignites as Desiree and Rick spend long summer nights sharing heartfelt confessions and steamy kisses. For the first time in years Rick is enjoying life again instead of hiding behind mounds of work miles away from his family. Desiree has touched him in a way that makes him want to slow down. Only slowing down means dealing with his demons, and he isn’t sure who he’ll be when he comes out the other side.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Guest Post with Author Elizabeth Keysian and Giveaway

Elizabeth first started writing fiction when she was eight, encouraged to do so by her Head Teacher father, who needed something to keep her quiet during school holidays. Her favorite topics were mermaids, ghosts, Norman knights and quests, and she illustrated and decorated her own books. She emerged from the world of her imagination to read History at the University of London, after which she spent many years working as an archaeologist and artifact illustrator. She then became a primary school teacher, after which she moved to museum education work, and display and collections management.

Elizabeth has been involved in Medieval, Tudor, and English Civil War re-enactment and has enjoyed sword-play and traditional archery, excelling in neither. She lived for seven years on a Knights Templar estate in Essex where she pursued her interest in historical textiles, cookery and medicine. She loves anything to do with the past, and still looks down holes in the ground to see if there’s anything archaeological in them. There generally isn’t.

She has written fifteen historical romances since moving to the West of England in 1997, the landscape and history of which have inspired the “Wayward in Wessex” series. Book #1 in the series, “Distracting the Duke”, has recently been published by Entangled Publishing.