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ARC Review: Slow Burn by K. Bromberg

Slow Burn is the fifth book in the Driven series by K. Bromberg, but this book is a standalone. The first four books center on Rylee and Colton, while Slow Burn is the story of Haddie and Becks. I honestly couldn't wait to dive right into this book because I loved these characters so much as secondaries that I knew they would be great main characters as well. K. Bromberg has done it again, and I found myself falling just as hard for Haddie and Becks as I did for Ry and Colton. If you aren't reading this series, you are seriously missing out. 

After losing her sister and seeing the pain that her brother-in-law has been going through, Haddie makes the choice to remain unattached. She wants no strings and is determined to keep everyone as far away from her as possible. But when she spends one night with Beckett Daniels, everything begins to change. Though Becks and Haddie have always been attracted to one another, they never expected to feel more for one another. As much as Haddie tries to keep Becks at arms length though, she finds out quickly that he is relentless when it comes to getting what he wants. Becks wants Haddie and isn't afraid to fight for her. Can Becks convince Haddie to take a chance and let him in, or will she continue to push him away and risk losing a love that isn't easy to find?

I loved both Haddie and Becks. Becks has always fascinated me and I loved what a great guy he is. He is just one of those good and sweet guys that genuinely cares about those he lets close to him. His bromance with Colton was always one of my favorite parts of the previous books, and I couldn't help but want more of Becks. Seeing him with Haddie though gave me a whole new perspective on his character, and I really enjoyed getting to see beneath the surface with him. He was so much more than I ever expected, and I loved him just as much as Colton. Haddie had always been the best friend to Rylee, and I loved what a rock she was. But in Slow Burn, we really got to see that she had so much more going on than anyone knew. She was determined to be strong and not let others see her vulnerability, and it really broke my heart at times. I understand why she was doing the things she did, and yet it still drove me crazy. I felt so badly for her that she was willing to go it alone in order to try and protect those around her from getting hurt. She had such a big heart and loved those around her so much, and yet it was clear that she needed someone to lean on. Becks didn't let her continue to get away with it though, and I was so glad that he saw through her facade and didn't let her push him away. He was exactly what she needed and I loved that he never gave up on her. These two had so much of a connection, and I really enjoyed seeing them fall for one another. The chemistry and attraction had always been obvious between these two and they were so hot together. But the emotional bond they were forming was so strong, and it was what made these two so special. 

Overall, this book was a great addition to the series. I honestly didn't know if anyone would compare to how much I had loved Colton and Rylee, but these two were just as great. They were different than Colton and Rylee, and that was made this book work so well to me. If you go into this one expecting the same type of story as the previous books, you will be disappointed because Slow Burn is nothing like that. But Slow Burn was just as great in different ways. This book was emotional and touching, and once again K. Bromberg was able to show readers how fantastic of a writer she is. I felt invested in these characters from the start, and I felt like Haddie and Becks were so real to me. These characters will always have a special place in my heart, and their story was absolutely beautiful. I honestly cannot recommend the Driven series enough, and I really think that these books have something for everyone. K. Bromberg has solidified herself as one of my favorite authors, and she continues to prove why she is worthy of being an auto buy for me. If you are looking for emotionally deep and beautiful stories full of sexy and sweet times, look no further than K. Bromberg.

**ARC Provided by Penguin Group Signet Eclipse**

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Review: Drawn to You by Serena Grey

Drawn to You is the first book in Serena Grey's Swanson Court series. When I started this book, I had no idea that it was part of a series. I am not sure how I missed that, but suffice it to say the cliffhanger ending surprised me. I am so glad that I read this one though, and even though I hate waiting this one was worth it! Serena Grey grabbed my attention from the very first word, and I didn't want to put this book down. I will anxiously be awaiting the release date for the next book in this series! 

After learning that the man she loves is engaged to another woman, Rachel Foster can't wait to get home and be alone. But when she takes the elevator up to the penthouse apartment of the hotel she is in by accident, she ends up meeting the sexy Landon. Landon thinks that Rachel is a hooker sent by his brother as a birthday present. After realizing that Landon is under the wrong assumption, Rachel decides to just go with it and have a night of passion with the handsome stranger knowing that she will never see him again. But after one night together, they both find themselves wanting more. Knowing that one night isn't enough, Landon tracks Rachel down and is determined to show her that he always gets what he wants. Rachel agrees to one more week with Landon, but only sex. So what happens when they both start to develop feelings for one another? 

I really liked Landon and Rachel. These two were really interesting, and I have to say that the way they met surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. It was different, and I thought that Serena Grey did a great job of taking their misunderstanding and desires and turning it into such a fantastic story. Landon and Rachel had so much heat and chemistry right away, that it was really easy to see how they would want more of one another. Landon was sexy and had this really sweet side to him as well. He also had a ton of pain beneath the surface, and it was clear that he didn't allow many people to see beneath the surface. Rachel was easy to like. She was smart and successful, and she seemed like she would be cool to hang out with. I liked seeing her with Landon. She was struggling with trying to keep herself from feeling anything past sex with him, but I liked seeing her start to fall for him. She was really great with him even when he reacted badly, and it was clear that she had started to care for him and wanted more. 

I will say that these two needed to be more honest with each other about their feelings. Both of them seemed to be quick to say they only wanted sex, but they actually wanted more. I didn't understand why they didn't just talk more. Especially after Rachel watched what happened with her cousin's relationship, and she was talking about how she wouldn't make the same mistakes if she had someone. It just seemed contradictory. I really did like Landon and Rachel together though, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope that these two are able to figure things out quickly and that they save the drama for things outside their relationship. It was clear to see that Rachel felt far more of a connection and passion with Landon than she had ever felt for the man she supposedly was in love with, and I really think that Rachel and Landon are meant to be together. I am looking forward to seeing more of Rachel's friends as well, and I am hoping that her cousin is able to get her relationship back on track as well. I definitely recommend giving this book a shot if you are a fan of billionaire romance stories. I think readers will really like the characters in this series, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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Guest Post with Author Shae Ross and Giveaway

Shae Ross was born and grew up in Ferndale, Michigan. After graduating high school, Ms. Ross attended Michigan State University and continued her education at Detroit College of Law. Prior to 2014, she spent the majority of her career practicing corporate law, running a successful business and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures.

After having one too many stressful days at the office, Ms. Ross began to consider pursuing her lifelong dream of writing. Armed with an English degree, an interest in historical settings and a huge collection of romance novels, Ms. Ross put pen to paper and began converting the characters in her head to ink. She soon found herself happily immersed in a new working world that included heroes and heroines, agents and editors, and a multitude of secondary characters.

Ms. Ross currently writes in the new adult and historical romance genres and lives with her husband and three children in Holt, Michigan.

Feature and Giveaway: At Wolf Ranch by Jennifer Ryan

After years on the rodeo circuit, Gabe Bowden wants nothing more than land of his own and a woman who will claim his heart for more than one night. When he has the chance to buy the enormous Wolf Ranch spread, he snaps up the incredible deal. Everything is set, until Gabe rescues a woman on the deserted, snowy road leading to the property, and the half-frozen beauty changes everything.

Ella Wolf rushes to her family’s abandoned Montana ranch after her twin sister is murdered. She knows she’s next…unless she can uncover a secret hidden somewhere at Wolf Ranch. The last thing Ella expects is to be rescued by a rugged rancher with his own agenda. A man who almost makes her forget how dangerous love can be…

As an unlikely partnership sparks into something so much more, and a killer closes in, can Ella and Gabe learn to trust one another before it’s too late?

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ARC Review: The Perfect Homecoming by Julia London

This is part of a series is it essential that you read the other two, no; do I recommend it, YES! Julia London ties her Thrillseekers Anonymous series and Pine River series with Emma Tyler and Cooper Jessup. The series as a whole is great with difficult and realistic characters that are at times hard to like, but so worth it. This was a hard book for me to read not because it was bad but because it was so emotionally tolling it took a lot out of me. Emma is by her own admission is a bitch and I knew in the first book I would love her. She is in her own words “hard and flinty”; she has no filter and always speaks the truth, even when it is hurtful. If you don’t want the truth don’t ask Emma. Sometimes she doesn’t even realize just how hurtful she can be. Emma also suffers from Daddy issues, always seeking the attention from older men even if it makes her feel dirty and ashamed.

Cooper is co-owner of the extreme event planner and is feeling left out and hates the changes that have happened since all his other partners got married and had kids. When an old client asks him to retrieve a stolen item that his soon to be ex-wife is demanding to have back Cooper is hesitant but the other partners say hey money is money. So Cooper tracks down Emma, the clients a one-night stand who swiped a small trinket on her way out and is adamant that she did not take it. Cooper knows Emma he has met her before and what he knows about her doesn’t match up with what other people say about her. The antagonistic teasing between the two gets old it goes on way to long but when they finally gives in it is intense.

As Cooper spends time with her he realizes why she does what she does and even thought he doesn’t like it he accepts her as she is but Emma is a tough person to love and even tougher when it comes to letting people love her. Other stuff happens like the three sisters finally bond and finally come to understand Emma. The lode stone of the series, Leo Kendrick, who has played a pivotal part in all the books has words of wisdom for Emma that helps her come to touch with what she needs. There is so much I could write about this book and this series instead I will say if you do read it read the whole series and keep a box a tissue close by one more thing Emma is a hard pill to swallow and not everyone is going to like her but for me it was everyone else’s reactions to her that pissed me off, yes even Cooper. I loved the series as much as I hate to crying this series is truly good.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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Review: Resist by Lilly Avalon

Resist is the first book in Lilly Avalon's Resist series, and this story is novella length. At around 68 pages, I knew this one would be a quick read and I was looking forward to meeting the characters and setting up their story. The story starts with Allegra setting out on a mission to have a one night stand. She is focused on her career and knows that she doesn't have the ability to have a normal relationship, but she is tired of being alone and wants some companionship. When she attends a company dinner she runs into Devlin and is still as attracted to him as ever, despite a bad experience with him a year ago. She wants nothing to do with him, but Devlin isn't willing to let her avoid him and is determined to be the one that she turns to for her night of passion. As the two finally give in to the tension between them, they set out to make the most of their night together. But soon they are both wondering if one night will be enough for them after how well they seem to fit together. 

Since this is a novella, we really just get to scratch the surface with Allegra and Devlin. Allegra is smart and successful, and not afraid to go after what she wants. I liked that she was open and honest with herself and her desires. Devlin was sexy and sweet, and I liked how honest he was as well. These two had started off roughly, and yet when it came down to it they found out that things were actually a complete misunderstanding. They were hot and sexy together, and I thought that it could not have been more steamy. I really enjoyed the sex scenes, and Lilly Avalon wrote them brilliantly. These two had so much chemistry, but it was clear that they could have more between them as well. With this being their one night together we don't get to see much of an emotional connection yet, but the potential is definitely there and I cannot wait to see how things go from here. 

I will say that I didn't fully understand the misunderstanding between them, and I wish that had been made more clear. The past is alluded to a few times, but it was never really fully explained. From what I could gather, Allegra and Devlin had met previously and had chemistry but then she saw him apparently kissing another girl. What I didn't understand was why she was so upset considering they weren't together and hadn't done anything or talked about a relationship. So to me, I didn't quite get what her deal was and why she reacted so badly. Again, it wasn't really clear, so I could have missed something. I would have liked it to have been explained better regardless. But other than that, I really loved this story. I thought that Allegra and Devlin were really interesting, and I am definitely looking forward to reading more about them. I think that this series is worth giving a shot, and I can't wait to see Allegra and Devlin as they explore the feelings between them.

**Review Copy Provided by Author**

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Guest Post with Author Lilly Avalon and Giveaway

Meet Lilly Avalon, author of Resist.

Lilly Avalon is the author of the RESIST series as well as other erotic romances. She's somewhere in the midst of her twenties and lives mostly in the stories in her head. When she's not enveloped in the worlds she creates, she's out in the real world making stories happen. That or reading other romances. It's a toss-up.

Feature and Giveaway: Rebound by Noelle August

Hooking up is only the beginning of the fun in this sexy and irresistible second installment of the thrilling New Adult series, Boomerang.

At Boomerang, one night can change everything…

Adam Blackwood has it all. At twenty-two, he’s fabulously wealthy, Ryan Gosling-hot and at the top of his game in the business world. His life is perfect, until a scandal from his past resurfaces and threatens to knock the tech wunderkind down and throw his company, Boomerang, a hook-up site for millennials, into chaos.

Alison Quick, the twenty-one-year-old daughter of a business tycoon—and the very ex-girlfriend of Boomerang’s former intern, Ethan—has a problem of her own. After nearly flunking out in her senior year of college, she has one chance to redeem herself to her father by proving that she deserves a place in his corporate empire. That means spearheading her father’s plan to sink big money into Adam’s company and launch it into the stratosphere—provided Adam has no skeletons in his closet.

When the two meet, their sizzling chemistry makes it tough to keep things strictly professional. But when Alison discovers Adam’s secret, she knows she should bring it right to her father, who’ll leverage it for his own gain and use it to ruin Adam. The only problem: she’s falling for Adam—hard.

Will earning her father’s approval come at the price of losing her first real love? Or can Adam and Alison leave behind past mistakes and conquer the world—together?

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ARC Review: Game Play by Lynda Aicher

Game Play is the first book in Lynda Aicher's new Power Play series. I will admit that I was originally drawn in because this book centers around hockey players, and that something I just can't resist. I also loved the fact that the heroine was a hockey player as well. You don't often see a woman that is so good at such a male dominated sport, and I couldn't wait to get to know her better. I did enjoy the story and the characters, but I also thought there was something missing with this one. While it was good, it wasn't great. 

Dylan and Samantha met while at a pro charity event, and they instantly were drawn to one another. What started out as a bet to beat the other, quickly turned into a night of passion. They agreed to one night but after seeing the way Samantha was on and off the ice, Dylan knew he wanted more. Looking to lock down a contract with his team, Dylan convinced his coach to hire Samantha to help him train. When Samantha agrees to help, she knows that it will be a temporary gig. After having played for Team USA and her college, she has set her sights on a Masters program in sports psychology. She won't let anyone or anything hold her back, even hockey. But Dylan is determined to show her that the chemistry and connection between them is worth changing her plans for. Can he convince her to take a chance on a future together that is different from what she always planned? 

I liked both Dylan and Samantha. Samantha was feisty and independent, and she was such a hard worker. She was determined to be successful at whatever she did, whether it was hockey or school. I loved her dedication and the fact that she was comfortable with who she was. I felt bad for her because she struggled with what so many female athletes do. She was top of her sport, but because of her gender there just weren't opportunities like there are for men. That's part of what really drew me into this story, and I loved how Dylan wasn't afraid to ask for her help. He accepted her talent and skills and listened, and was able to benefit from it. Dylan was great, and I loved that he was such a nice guy. He projected a playboy image for the public, but he was actually quite different. He worked hard for what he wanted, and that is one of the things that really made these two click. They were able to share their love and passion for the sport, and they pushed each other to be better. They supported one another, and I felt like they were able to open each other's eyes in ways others couldn't. While I felt the chemistry and connection between them, I did feel as though Samantha pushed Dylan away far too much. She was sometimes so dead set on something that she missed out on what was right in front of her. I wanted her to take off the blinders and wake up to what she had. 

I do think that while I liked these characters as individuals and as a couple, that they both had moments that could have been better. I felt as though while Dylan was a nice guy, that he didn't really stand out much. He seemed to be sort of reliant on those around him, and didn't really seem to have much of a backbone. Samantha frustrated me at times, and I really wanted to see her a bit softer at times. I felt like these two were well on their way to a connection, but I didn't always see the emotional side to them. They were compatible, but it would have been nicer to see their relationship a bit more than their careers and ambitions. Because we saw more of that, I felt a bit disconnected from them. My favorite parts of this story is when they were training together and challenging one another. They had great banter between them, and I loved seeing them have fun and be playful together. I think if this book had focused a bit more on the growing relationship between the two of them rather than them as individuals, that this easily could have been a four or five star book for me. The writing was good, but I just felt like the story could have used a bit more of Dylan and Samantha together. If you like contemporary romance or sports romance stories though, I would recommend giving this one a shot. I will be looking for more from Lynda Aicher in the future, and I am curious to see where she takes the next book in this.

**ARC Provided by Carina Press**

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ARC Review: Promise Me by Hilary Wynne

Promise Me is the third book in the Alexa Reed series by Hilary Wynne. Each book continues the story of Alexa and Julian, and these books need to be read in order. If you have not read the previous two books, you will need to start there and I would suggest not reading this review so that nothing is spoiled about the story so far. I have really enjoyed this series so far, and I love Alexa and Julian's characters so much. I will say that they have both frustrated me at times, but I have never stopped rooting for them. 

Promise Me picks up after the events of Hold On, with the reconciliation of Julian and Alexa. For the first time in this series, the tables are turned with Alexa all in and Julian struggling with their relationship. Though he loves her and wants her, Julian has trouble trusting her this time around after she left him when he needed her most. Alexa is determined to show him that she is done running though, and she knows that she has to rebuild the trust between them. But Alexa is also keeping a secret that she knows will destroy any solid ground that they have found again. When the truth comes out, will it destroy any chance of a future for them? 

I love Julian, and that has been true from the very start. But I will say that he drove me nuts in this book at times. Not that I blame him for having issues after everything that they have been through, but he was definitely different this time around. There were times that I felt like he was punishing Alexa for her mistakes, and he was so quick to judge her. He wasn't the same caring and loving guy that he had been before, and it really broke my heart to see him treat her as he did. I knew he was hurting, but I wish that he would have been able to move forward and see all the positive changes that Alexa had been making. Alexa was stronger than ever in this book, and I loved seeing her finally have faith in their relationship. She was willing to stand up and fight for them, and she also dealt with her insecurities and fears much better. She was far from perfect, but the progress she had made was amazing. I loved seeing her work so hard to stand by Julian, even when he didn't make it easy. I felt like she really showed just how committed she was and the depth of her feelings was clear for anyone to see. These two have always had such an emotional connection, and chemistry has never been a problem for them. But this book was the hardest one yet for me to get through because of how disconnected they were at times. 

Overall, I was glad to see how things turned out in this book and I am glad that I stuck with this one. It was hard to read at times, and it definitely brought out so many emotions for me. I love Julian and Alexa, and I have always believed that these two were meant to be together. They never seem to catch a break though, and the push and pull from each book did get old. I wanted them to start facing problems together rather than apart, and I felt like they still haven't been able to do that. As much as I enjoy some angst and drama, I was ready for it to be outside of the relationship between the two of them. Hilary Wynne has said that a possible fourth book might be in the works and as much as I would love more of these two, I really feel like it has to be different if she goes ahead with it. As fantastic and Julian and Alexa are, these two can't keep doing the back and forth and I think if that is the story next time around it will really kill this series for me. We leave them in a good place at the end of this book, and I would love to get more of them assuming that they can at least deal with things as a team from here on out. I am all for more when it comes to a series as long as the story is right and doesn't feel forced. These are starting to get a forced feeling to me because as great as these two are, the problems always seem to be the same but just with a slightly different cause each time. I think that Hilary Wynne is a great writer, but there is only so many ways to do the same story and after awhile it needs to end. If you have not read this series, I would absolutely recommend it. Julian and Alexa are great together, and I like that they are so real. They are flawed and imperfect, but what makes them so special is how perfect they are for each other.

**ARC Provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions**

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Guest Post with Author Lynda Aicher and Giveaway

Meet Lynda Aicher, author of Game Play.

Lynda Aicher has always loved to read. After years of weekly travel implementing computer software into global companies, she ended her nomadic lifestyle to raise her two children. Now her imagination is her only limitation on where she can go and her writing lets her escape from the daily duties as a mom, wife, chauffeur, scheduler, cook, teacher, volunteer, cleaner and mediator. 

Feature and Giveaway: Once and Always by Elizabeth Hoyt


Small town cop Sam West certainly doesn't mind a routine traffic stop: speeding ticket, stern warning, and sayonara. With a whopper of a blizzard closing in, that's all he has time for. But the lawbreaker he pulls over is anything but typical. From her mile-long legs to her razor-sharp wit, Maisa Bradley is like nothing Coot Lake, Minnesota, has ever seen . . . and she's about to take Sam on the ride of his life.


Whoever said blood is thicker than water probably wasn't related to a former Russian mobster. But an innocent mix-up and rumors of stolen diamonds soon have the Russian mob taking an unusual interest in the sleepy little town—and Maisa facing heated scrutiny from a certain tall, dark, and handsome deputy. Sam's dazzling blue eyes beg her to reveal all her secrets, but how much should she tell? Getting snowed in with the sexiest lawman in the frozen north may not be the worst way to decide.

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ARC Review: Hate F*@k: Part One by Ainsley Booth

Explaining my thoughts about this book is much easier than choosing a numerical rating. This book has the pieces that appeal to a reader like me but some of them needed better definition and the assembly is slightly off. I found this book to be an entertaining and quick read with above average writing and it’s on my recommend list if you can deal with the following:

I think this is Ainsley Booth’s first published work and whether it is fair or not, I’m grading on a curve because I think this writer has a lot of potential and I hope she finds enough success to keep at it. Hate Fuck is about a D.C. fixer, Cole, and the daughter of a wealthy family, Hailey, embroiled in a scandal. Cole is seemingly assigned to handle (Olivia Pope style) the negative publicity surrounding Hailey’s family and specifically to work with Hailey. The chemistry between Cole and Hailey is crackling and I found all of their interactions to be electric and entertaining. There is a good current of humor and comedy that runs throughout this book in just enough proportions to add flavor to the plot but not so much that it overshadows the story line. The steam level is a good 4.5 stars even though it’s more foreplay than actual hiding of the snake action.

The first piece of assembly that goes slightly askew is that Cole and Hailey have an antagonistic relationship from the outset of the story but the reason for the hostility, at least from Hailey’s perspective, isn’t entirely clear. It seems that Cole’s antagonism is based on his repressed attraction to Hailey and I’m guessing that Hailey’s feelings are based on Cole’s consequent behavior. The problem is that I’m guessing because the character’s motivations for their feelings isn’t developed enough.

This is a book that attempts to veer into the romantic/suspense category or maybe that is actually the category in which it is supposed to exist, I’m not sure. What I do know is that there were hints of mystery but they kind of seemed to come out of nowhere. The hints didn’t subtly blend into the story line, they were too blunt for that. For example, Hailey starts to suspect that something more is going on with Cole than what he says but it just kind of happens. What minute she thinks Cole is one thing, the next moment she makes five leaps of inference and she’s all “what’s really going on here?” Also, Hailey keeps talking about “the murder cover up” but I have no idea to what this refers, it just pops into the story and back out again every few pages.

The last thing that isn’t well assembled is the references to Cole being “bad” for Hailey and her being “sweet and innocent.” We are never told what is so bad about Cole, maybe we’ll find out in the subsequent books in this series but for the time being we don’t know. As for Hailey, there doesn’t seem to be anything innocent about her. At one point Hailey says “hold my hair, make me choke, paint my face.” Now, I am HERE for all of that. I love a heroine a who is confident and not afraid to say what she wants, HOWEVER, I don’t know any women I would describe as innocent who are out here asking to have their faces painted.

One thing that just needs more development is Hailey’s physical appearance. I have no idea what Hailey’s body looks like. Hailey seems to think she is fat but I don’t know if that is in the same way that like every woman feels that way or if she is actually chubby. Hailey makes repeated references to her weight but there is never a good physical description of her given and that just irritates me.

The ending of this book is a interesting cliffhanger if not a little sudden. I’m intrigued and I definitely plan on finding out what comes next.

The petty note list: I hate it when breasts are referred to as boobs. If Cole was a “Dupont Circle” guy, he would be gay. I don’t know any D.C. girls who wear jean skirts.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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Review: Consensual by Livia Jamerlan

I have to admit that when I started Consensual, I was hoping for the best but didn't really know what to expect. This is my first book by Livia Jamerlan and I had really nothing to go on besides the cover and blurb. I have to say though that this book was so much better than I had hoped for! I was invested right away and couldn't put it down! I can't believe that I had no idea who Livia Jamerlan was before, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for books from her in the future. I will warn you that Consensual is a part of a series and each book ends with a cliffhanger, so you do need to read these in order. Luckily book two is already out, and book three releases soon as well. 

Having overcome a horrible childhood with the help of her older sister, Braelynn Wolf focuses on her school and her future. When she wins a prestigious internship, she goes out with friends to celebrate and ends up meeting the sexy Peyton Haas. Though there is an instant attraction between them, things quickly get complicated when Braelynn finds out that Peyton is a defense attorney on a current case she is working on. But Peyton and Braelynn find themselves unable to stay away from one another, and soon they are lying to those around them to hide their relationship. Will Peyton and Braelynn be able to keep their relationship secret until their case is over, or will it ruin her future career in the process?

I really liked both Peyton and Braelynn. Peyton was sexy and alpha, and he didn't take no for an answer. He was cocky at times, and there were things that he would do or say that were infuriating. But he was also really great and had these moments that were so sweet and caring. I could just how unusual it was for him to want more from a woman than a single night, so it was kind of nice to see him struggle a bit with his new feelings. Livia Jamerlan did a great job showing how hard he was falling for Braelynn, and I loved it all. Braelynn was strong and independent, and I loved that she was a fighter. She didn't give up on what she believed in and I was so glad that she was able to take a painful past and want to do more for others. I liked seeing her let Peyton in though, and I was glad that she didn't make things easy on him. She made him work for it, and it was nice to see a heroine that could submit when she wanted but wasn't a complete doormat. These two were beyond hot, and the chemistry between them was off the charts! But I really liked seeing them build an emotional connection as well.

Overall, I really loved this book. It took me completely by surprise, and left me wanting more. I loved Peyton and Braelynn, but I loved the other characters as well. I really enjoyed Braelynn's friends, and I cannot wait to see more of all these characters throughout the rest of the series. I know that there are so many books out there and that a lot of people tend to stay away from cliffhangers if they can. But I am so glad that I read this book, and even though I hate waiting I really don't mind this time. Livia Jamerlan has written an excellent story here, and I honestly cannot wait to find out what happens next. If you like sexy romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines, I would definitely recommend giving this book a shot. I will absolutely be reading Coherent as soon as I can, and I am look forward to seeing what Livia Jamerlan comes up with in the future.

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Meet Kristen Callihan, author of Soulbound.

Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she'd rather be. She is a three-time RITA nominee and winner of two RT Reviewers' Choice awards. Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers. Her debut book, Firelight, received RT Book Reviews' Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal, best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher's Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA. When she is not writing, she is reading.