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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ARC Review: Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

Fighting Silence is the first book in the On the Ropes series by Aly Martinez. Each book in this series is standalone, but they do have interconnected characters. If you have read Aly's Wrecked and Ruined series, you will recognize some familiar faces as well. I had not ready anything by Aly Martinez before, but I really enjoyed this book and didn't have any problems getting into the story or understanding anything. I will definitely be reading more from her in the future though. 

Till Page has always been a fighter. Growing up with horrible parents, he has been looking out for and providing for his two younger brothers for as long as he could remember. One day he stumbles upon a girl from his school while looking for a place to get away. They end up forming a friendship and spending all their free time in an abandoned apartment that they consider their own. Eliza Reynolds and Till Page become addicted to each other and soon they are inseparable outside of school. At school is another story though. Though Till and Eliza both want more from each other, Till is determined to stay away from her because she deserves better. He knows that someday he will lose his hearing and she needs to get out of there and make something of herself. But Eliza isn't willing to give up on the future she wants for herself with Till and she has some fight in her as well. Can Till and Eliza have it all together, or will there be too much to fight? 

I really liked Till and Eliza. These two were so cute together, and I loved their friendship. They started off needing the escape they found in each other, and they ended up finding a love that was true and undeniable. Eliza and Till had a lot in common, and I thought that they were exactly right for one another. Eliza was sweet and kind, loyal and caring. I loved how instantly she took to Till and his brothers. She viewed them as her family very early on, and it was clear that she would do anything for them. Till was protective and alpha, but he was also so sweet and thoughtful. His gestures and gifts for Eliza were so personal and perfect, you could tell that he always paid attention to her and really knew her better than anyone else. I will say that Till frustrated me at times, and I hated that he ran from them for so long. He was so stubborn about it, and you could tell that he was scared. But I was so glad when he finally woke up and started to see what he was giving up just by refusing to take the risk. These two had such a connection and friendship that turned into more. But they also had such strong chemistry, and it was clear just how attracted to one another they were. They might have both been with other people at times, but it was so obvious that they really only saw each other.

Overall, this was a really good story and I liked how it started off this series. I really liked the characters, and I cannot wait to get to know Till's little brothers better. I loved the family that they formed with Till and Eliza, and I look forward to seeing what Aly Martinez has in store for each of them. I think if you are a fan of Aly's, you will definitely want to check this book out. If you are new to Aly like I was, I recommend giving this book a shot. It was well written, and the story grabbed me right from the start. Fighting Silence really had it all, and I enjoyed the sweet and steamy stuff just as much as the action and suspense. This book will definitely bring out the emotions, and Till and Eliza are characters that I won't forget anytime soon.

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