Thursday, July 8, 2021

ARC Review: Before Us...There Was Him by Lou Stock

This was the first book I’ve read from Lou Stock and I really enjoyed it! Before Us...There Was Him had me from the first page, and I didn’t want to put this one down! Besides real life interruptions, I didn’t stop reading. Lucas and Riley were impossible not to fall for and I honestly can’t wait to read this one again.

Lucas and Riley’s story had it’s ups and downs, but their connection was what kept me captivated. Their chemistry was off the charts, and it was clear that these two shared something unique and special. Each one had their issues and vulnerabilities, but together it was clear that they clicked right from the start and helped to make each other better.

I am really looking forward to reading more from Lou Stock, and I think readers will love this one like I did. This book was different and fresh, and I highly recommend it. If you are new to Lou Stock like I was, I think this is one worth taking the chance on. If you are already a fan, I’m sure you’ll also love this one. (Feel free to drop some more recommendations for me in the comments on what I should read next from Lou!)

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Feature and Giveaway: The Texan's Secret Son by Kit Hawthorne

Can she forgive… The man who walked away?

Eight years ago, Marcos Ramirez met and married Nina Walker in the space of a day. The next morning, a family tragedy had him hightailing it back to his family’s Texas ranch. After annulling the marriage and redeploying with the marines, Marcos never thought he’d see Nina again. But now she’s moved to his hometown, with a secret that will change this rancher’s life forever…