Thursday, January 25, 2024

ARC Review: Eleven Eleven by Micalea Smeltzer

I will admit that the love I have for this book started with the cover! It is so gorgeous and honestly was what sold me on this book. But as beautiful as the book is on the outside, the contents are even more so! This book is by far my favorite I’ve read so far this year, but also in a really long time!

Micalea Smeltzer captivates you with her words and story-telling from the very first page with characters Reid and Via. These two were just so easy to love and feel connected to. They had so much chemistry and a clear attraction from the start, but it was the connection between them that had me unable to put this one down! This is a reverse age-gap, which isn’t usually my jam, but with these two I couldn’t help but fall in love right along with them! I loved them both so much and honestly Reid is what book boyfriends are made of! He was so mature and patient for his age, and I couldn’t get enough. He was perfect for Via.

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough. It was just such a great read that I constantly found myself wanting to keep reading to see what would happen next, but also slow down and savor it. I am also really excited that we are going to get another book in this world featuring two characters I really liked from Eleven Eleven! I already can’t wait for that book next! In the meantime, I’ll be re-reading this one! This one is a must read!

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