Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Scandal of the Year by Laura Lee Guhrke

I am a huge Laura Lee Guhrke fan and I was extremely anxious to read Scandal of the Year. This book definitely did not disappoint.

SOTY, picks up two years after Wedding of the Season left off. SOTY opens up with Julia Yardley being accused of having an affair with Aidan Carr, the Duke of Trathen by her husband. After publicly declaring her affair, she obtains a long sought after divorce from her abusive husband.

Now six months later Aidan Carr is once again looking for a wife when he encounters Julia at a ball. Aidan knows that they had an affair but cannot remember all of the details because he was heavily intoxicated when it happened. He finds himself continuously battling a strong desire for Julia. Julia has always had strong feelings for Aidan and feels terrible for using him to obtain her divorce. She is now trying to become more respectable and wants to pay her debts so she goes to Aidan for help with a job. Aidan, who is looking for a wife that compliments him and is suitable for becoming a Duchess ask Julia to become his social secretary.

Whenever the two are together we see lots of sparks flying. Both are attracted to the other but neither wants to act on it. Julia is still trying to get over her horrendous marriage. She has made herself not feel anytype of emotions in twelve years to help herself cope. When she is with Aidan he makes her feel things and she hates it. So she keeps running away from him. Aidan, just can't seem to get Julia off his mind so he is continuouly chasing her.

Eventually the two come together and it's wonderful to see Julia's walls come down. We also see the proper and staid Aidan reconize his feelings and realize that he's loved Julia since they met twelve years ago.