Tuesday, April 30, 2024

ARC Review: Mr. Wicked by Marni Mann

I couldn’t wait to read Mr. Wicked by Marni Mann after reading Mr. Hook-Up! Mr. Hook-Up was one of my favorite reads from 2023, so I will admit my expectations were high here. Unfortunately, I didn’t connect with this book like I did the first in the Hooked series. Each book is a standalone, and honestly the feel of this book was completely different to the first. While there were things I liked here, I just didn’t enjoy this story as much as Mr. Hook-Up. 

I struggled to get into this story and that continued for the entire first half of the book. I felt like Grayson was just too much of an asshole. Usually I am able to find some redeeming qualities when a hero starts off this way, but honestly Grayson was just that bad. I didn’t understand why Jovanna felt the way she did. Her insta-love feelings didn’t make sense to me. She gave him so much leeway and he frankly didn’t deserve it. When he finally did make the switch, that didn’t make sense to me either. His reasoning for it didn’t seem believable to me. 

Once things changed for these two, it was like a switch had flipped and all of a sudden things went into overdrive. The whole second half of the book things felt rushed. I just really couldn’t get on board with the flip to their relationship and things didn’t feel genuine. While these two had chemistry and it was clear the attraction was there from the start, I just really felt like the relationship didn’t feel authentic to me. The big secret fell a bit flat for me, with things exploding when the truth was learned to quickly be swept under the rug because of circumstances that felt a bit manufactured just to clear things up and put them into perspective. Usually Marni’s stories are some of my favorites, but this one just felt forced and as though each thing that happened was manufactured to drive something else. There wasn’t the natural flow I am used to from Marni and I had to keep picking this one back up. I wasn’t anxious to keep reading, but it was more of a mission to finish. I still love Marni’s books and am looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately Grayson and Jovanna’s story was a miss for me.

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