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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from last week.

Sweet Southern Trouble by Michele Summers

May the Best Man Win by Mira Lynn Kelly

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ARC Review: Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven

I have to admit that I am a huge fan girl when it comes to Leisa Rayven! I love her books and with each new one that I read from her I tend to want to savor them, yet at the same time I find that impossible! It seems like once I start reading them I am unable to stop myself and usually end up finishing in one sitting. Mister Romance was no exception, and I just cannot recommend Leisa's books enough.

With her job on the line, Eden knows she needs a big story. When she hears about a sexy male escort making the dreams of rich and prominent women come true, she knows that he is the story she has been looking for. She hunts him down, determined to expose him and his clients, but Max offers her everything she is looking for in exchange for three dates with him. He will answer all her questions and even give her his client list, but if he makes her fall in love with him then she has to kill the story. Being a romance cynic, Eden believes there is no way that she will fall in love with Max. But as they spend more time together and she starts to get to know the real Max and not just the characters he plays, she finds her walls starting to crumble. 

I loved these two. At first I will admit that I wasn't sure of Max. I liked him and it was clear that he was sexy and capable of playing just about any role to win a woman over. But I really didn't like how things started here between these two, and I worried about his intentions. Luckily it didn't take long at all for him to win me over, and the more we got to see the more I fell right along with Eden. He might have had different characters, but with Eden it was clear to see that he wasn't able to really separate those and his true personality. He was himself with her in a way he wasn't with his clients. I really liked Eden as well. I wasn't entirely able to relate to her and she was really cynical and at times she frustrated me. But I understood her and I loved her drive and determination. These two had a ton of chemistry, but I was glad that things didn't happen quick between them. I really felt like their connection was real and genuine and a lot of that was due to the slow burn and the fact that they got to know one another and things progressed naturally. 

Overall, another fantastic book from Leisa Rayven! I liked the characters and the story, and I think fans of hers will love this one as it is everything I have come to know and love from her. Leisa Rayven is a truly talented writer that has a unique way with words that I haven't seen from anyone else. If you haven't read anything from her before, you are definitely missing out! I have loved everything I have read from her and she never disappoints! Trust me when I tell you that she is an author that you need to be reading!

**ARC Provided by Bocci PR**

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Feature and Giveaway: Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle

He lost his mentor.
He lost his K9 partner.
He almost lost his will to live.
But when a ruthless killer targets a woman on the run, Theo and his new K9 companion will do whatever it takes to survive—and save the woman neither can live without.

Grieving the death of his partner, Theo Bosco has no room in his life for distractions. Though his instincts scream that he should avoid Juliet ‘Jules’ Jackson, he can’t seem to stay away. It doesn’t help that Theo’s new K9 companion has fallen head over paws with Jules’s rambunctious family.

Or that when he’s with her, Theo finally knows peace.

When Jules rescued her siblings, whisking them away to the safety of the beautifully rugged Colorado Rockies, she never expected to catch the eye—or the heart—of a cop. Yet as Jules struggles to fight her growing attraction to the brooding K9 officer, another threat lurks much closer to home…

And this time, there’s no escape.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Suddenly Dirty by JA Low

Suddenly Dirty is the first book in the Dirty Texas series by J.A. Low and is also the first book that I have read from her. I was given a copy of this book through the Quirky Blind Date with a Book program and I am so glad this was one that I was able to read. While there were some things I had issues with, I couldn't put this book down. Once I started, I had to know what would happen and I read this in one sitting. 

After finding out that her husband had been cheating on her, Sienna headed out on the road with her best friends working on tour with rock band Dirty Texas. Sienna was looking to move on with her life and came face to face with her crush and new boss Evan when she found herself naked in bed with him. Evan and Sienna share a scorching night together and everything changes for them. They agree to a fling together before going to just friends since they know a relationship between them would be impossible. But what happens when they both want more, yet know they shouldn't?

These two had clear chemistry and were hot together right from the start. I felt like I could relate to them and understand them, even while they both frustrated me. I was invested in them, and I kept hoping that they would find a way to work things out as their connection continued to grow. I will say though that a big problem I had here was that they had so much back and forth and continued to fight what was right in front of them. I might have been able to get past that, if it weren't for the fact that there were others involved. This book would have been a solid four to five star read for me, except for that fact. While it was never cheating as they weren't officially together, that is what it felt like and I couldn't get over it since there were feelings involved and they both wanted each other. The worst part for me is that they weren't just with other people in between them being together, but often times it was within the same scene and immediately after they were with someone else they would hook up. There was once scene that especially bothered me, and it really hurt my opinion of them both. 

Overall, this story had a lot of promise and I couldn't put it down but it also had a lot that didn't work for me. I love angsty stories and this one definitely had that going for it, as well as the fact that Evan and Sienna were clearly great together. I just wish that there wouldn't have been so many others involved here. I did really like a lot of the secondary characters though, and I am interested in reading their stories. J.A. Low is an author that I might never have read if not for the Quirky Blind Date program, but I am looking forward to reading more from her in the future.

**Review Copy Provided by Quirky Blind Date with a Book**

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ARC Review: Too Close To Call by Tessa Bailey

This is book 3.5 in the Clarkston siblings series. I've read all the other books in the series and it really has been one of my favorite series. This installment doesn't directly feature one of the Clarkston siblings. If you've read the other books though, you'll be familiar with Kyler whose relationship with Bree is featured in this novella.

Kyler left the small town of Bloomington to become a college football star. He thought his one true love, Bree, was coming with him because that was their plan. At the last minute, Bree informed Kyler that she wasn't going anywhere effectively ripping his heart out and leaving it in shreds. Four years later, Kyler graduates and gets drafted by the NFL. He is headed to LA to play pro ball but is determined that he will not be going without Bree. Kyler returns to Bloomington for Bree and nothing has changed. And by that I mean that Kyler and Bree still have off the charts chemistry but Bree is still a spotlight shunner while Kyler's life brings out ALL the lights.There is no obvious way to reconcile Bree's desire for a small town life and the big city glitz that Kyler is headed towards. But it turns out that when Kyler really starts to examine what it is that Bree wants and why she wants it, he might just find the answer to how to make things work. When they were in high school, Kyler was too young and to hurt to look at the "whys" he just knew Bree was bailing on him. Now that he's a "man" (I mean, he's 22, which is like 12 in woman years), he's able to see more of the picture.

I liked Kyler from reading about him in the last book. He is a really sweet guy. He's wholesome but also has a dirty mouth, he's funny and he's serious about the woman he loves. Bree was veering towards getting on my nerves several times. It was clear that she really loved/wanted Kyler. Bree's emotional hang ups which logically originated when her mother bailed on her family, while reasonable issues were also making me scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN. Bree and Kyler together is a win. The two are absolutely perfect for one another and Bailey does a great job portraying their feelings towards each other and how much they make sense when together. The only small problem for me is that the characters in this book are just too young. Their flashbacks are about high school and all the freaky things they did as juniors and seniors. If you are a new adult romance fan, you'll love this but for me the characters were just a little too young. This is still a great installation in the Clarkston siblings series so happy reading.

**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

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Feature and Giveaway: The Wrong Kind of Compatible by Kadie Scott

Data analyst Cassie Howard may be brilliant (and, okay, a little awkward), but she’s worked hard to get where she is. She definitely doesn’t need some sexy new analyst coming in and taking credit for her work. Or the inappropriate thoughts that keep popping out of her mouth she’d rather he not hear.

For undercover FBI agent Drew Kerrigan, computers have always made more sense than people, but he’d better develop some slick social skills in a hurry if he’s going to win over the too-tantalizing-for-his-sanity Cassie. Hacking their systems was easy. Now he’s just got to hack the one person in the company most likely to see through his ruse…

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Feature: Too Close to Call by Tessa Bailey

All-American wide receiver Kyler Tate’s life is about to change. A fairytale college career skyrocketed him to the NFL draft. Adoration and opportunity are thrown in his direction wherever he goes, thanks to being chosen in the first round by the Los Angeles Rage.

None of the accolades mean anything, though, without his high school sweetheart, Bree Justice, by his side. Four years ago, she walked away from Kyler, choosing a quiet life over the flash and notoriety his career would someday bring.

Now he’s back in their Indiana hometown, refusing to leave for Los Angeles without her. Demanding she give their life together a shot. Her heart never stopped bleeding for the love of her life, but Bree’s decision was final. Too bad their wild attraction has only been amplified by their separation, and Kyler won’t quit until Bree is wearing his ring.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

ARC Review: His Temptation by Amber Barden

I'm giving this book 3 stars to be fair to this particular sub-genre and people who might enjoy it. This book is from a subset of erotic romance for readers who enjoy "Daddy-Little Girl" themes. I've discovered something about myself, I don't enjoy this. So if you're like me this book is not going to be 3 stars for you. It's going to be closer to a 2 star or just something that you wouldn't read. I tell you all that to let you know that my perspective is somewhat skewed and may not be reflective of a more accepting outlook on this brand of erotica.

This is a novella, it's only about 90 pages and there isn't all that much of a story. I have to say though, for this to be as short as it is there was actually pretty decent character development. Katie is Clay's dog walker who also has other odd jobs. Katie is the daughter of a mother with 7 children and no Dads who stuck around. Even though Katie claims that she does not have "Daddy" issues, she has spent her whole life caring for other people and has never had anyone to protect her or make her feel special. Clay is a retired baseball player who lost his first career when he got injured. As a result Clay has kind of lost himself. He is trying his best to live his new life but he doesn't own it the way he owned his life as an athlete and he's struggling.  Katie thinks that Clay is cold and disapproving but she soon discovers that he is conflicted. Clay loves the way that Katie calls him Daddy (she does it more as a joke but that's hard to explain) and it makes him realize how much he wants to take care of her. Clay and Katie embark on a super hot exploration of their chemistry that quickly turns into exactly what both of them were looking for in and out of the bedroom.

I really had to take a minute to figure out what about these books I don't like and I got it. I can handle the "Daddy" part of the equation. I have no problem with a bossy man who wants to take care of a woman. I'm totally into that. What is a major turn off for me is the "little girl" part of the story. Katie bouncing around like a 10 year old in pigtails purposely goading "Daddy" and make him chase her....I get that may be hot for some of ya'll and I am not here to judge. But that part skeeves me all the way out. There is nothing sexual, in my mind, about little kid behavior and the more the characters behave in that way or are attracted to that, the more I check out of the book. I get that someone like Katie needed a chance to be a little girl because she never really had that. What I can't go for is Clay wanting to be the Daddy to the little girl...and also bang her. Yeah, this sub-genre is definitely not for me. But if it's your thing, dive right in. There is nothing wrong with the writing and the story is well put together.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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ARC Review: Torrid by Nikki Sloane

Torrid is the second book in the Sordid series by Nikki Sloane. You can read each as a standalone story though without any problems understanding anything. I really love Nikki Sloane's books and I couldn't wait to read Torrid. Each book of hers I read seems to get better and she is an auto-buy for me. If you like erotic romance novels, Nikki Sloane is an author that you have to read!

Vasilije is the prince of the Serbian mafia and is known for being ruthless. Oksana finds herself pretending to be a pawn in a dangerous game and as she and Vasilije grow closer things get more complicated. But Oksana has a secret that would change everything if revealed. When the truth finally comes out will they survive or will it destroy everything?

I couldn't get enough of these two. While there was a lot of heat between them and the chemistry was off the charts, this book was less steamy than Sordid. I still really enjoyed it, but I did miss a bit of the heat that Nikki is known for. I really loved the dynamic between Oksana and Vasilije though. There was so much going on here and the power play between these two was so interesting to me. It was intense and captivating, and kept me turning the pages from start to finish. 

While I have loved everything I have read from Nikki, this series is one that I find intriguing. I love her sexy and erotic stories, but this series is dark and a bit gritty. The mafia element here makes for a fascinating world that brings not only the heat that you expect from Nikki's books, but characters that are interesting and dirty in the best way. I have never been disappointed with anything I have read from her, but if you like sexy stories and mafia romance books this series is one that I can't recommend enough. Nikki Sloane knocked it out of the park again with Torrid, and I am already looking forward to whatever she writes next!

**ARC Provided by L. Woods PR**

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Feature: Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis

They say life can change in an instant…

After losing her sister in a devastating car accident, chef Quinn Weller is finally getting her life back on track. She appears to have it all: a loving family, a dream job in one of L.A.'s hottest eateries, and a gorgeous boyfriend dying to slip an engagement ring on her finger. So why does she feel so empty, like she's looking for a missing piece she can't find?

The answer comes when a lawyer tracks down Quinn and reveals a bombshell secret and a mysterious inheritance that only she can claim. This shocking revelation washes over Quinn like a tidal wave. Her whole life has been a lie.

On impulse, Quinn gives up her job, home, and boyfriend. She heads up the coast to the small hometown of Wildstone, California, which is just a few hours north, but feels worlds apart from Los Angeles. Though she doesn't quite fit in right away, she can't help but be drawn to the town’s simple pleasures…and the handsome, dark-haired stranger who offers friendship with no questions asked.

As Quinn settles into Wildstone, she discovers there's another surprise in store for her. The inheritance isn't a house or money, but rather something earthshattering, something that will make her question everything she thought she knew about herself, about her family. Now with a world of possibilities opening up to Quinn, she must decide if this new life is the one she was always meant to have—and the one that could finally give her the fulfillment she's searched so long for.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ARC Review: House Rules by Cathryn Fox

This is Part 2 in the "Dossier" novella series. The series is about a group of friends who leave a birthday dossier for one another that includes a list of things that have to be done when each reaches a certain age. I did not read the first book in the series and it isn't required to read this one. I don't think there are any spoilers of preceding books so if you want to read this book, you can feel free to start the series right here.

This is one of Cathryn Fox's short dirty novellas. It's only 90 pages but it delivers everything you need to satisfy your craving for a bossy alpha male, a heroine who finds herself and lots and lots of steam. Kennedy has been in love with Sean since she is a teenager. Sean is the older brother of Kennedy's best friend. He has treated Kennedy like an annoying kid sister and never like a woman. So when Kennedy gets her dossier and it directs her to a location where she encounters Sean, it's her chance to shoot her shot. What Kennedy doesn't know is that as much as she has wanted Sean over the years he's been barely repressing his desire for her. When Kennedy shows up as a stripper at a club that Sean frequents, all the little sister best friend bets are off.

Sean comes up with a crazy idea to keep Kennedy around so they can explore whatever it is they have together without the dossier making things temporary. From the first time Sean is with Kennedy, he feels like one time is not going to be enough. Kennedy feels the same. The interesting thing about this book is that Sean doesn't tell Kennedy that he knows the girl he met in the club is the same girl he grew up with and Kennedy mostly believes he doesn't know. When Kennedy finally figures out Sean knows who she is, she doesn't tell him she knows. The couple spends most of the short book exploring what they have and unleashing some crazy chemistry. There isn't much of a story here because hey, it's only 90 pages. I have to say though, to be a novella, I really enjoyed these characters and I can absolutely say that the book is worth reading.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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Feature and Giveaway: The Highlander's Viking Bride by Cathy and DD MacRae

Calder MacGerry, laird of an impoverished clan, has resolved to end the bitter feud between the MacGerry and Sinclairs. He jumps at Laird Sinclair’s offer of marriage to his only daughter, Katja, to seal the agreement between their clans—only to get more than he bargained for. Katja’s chance to escape her father’s harsh treatment appears to be too good to be true. But becoming Lady of a clan that despises her because she’s a Sinclair, doesn’t make life any easier. When the attacks turn deadly, she fights her way out, making a dangerous passage to the Shetland Isles for refuge with her Viking family. Calder and Katja’s marriage, built on mistrust, rushes quickly into disaster. As Calder seeks to repair the damage, Katja discovers not another enemy, but a husband who pledges a new beginning.

Purchase: | Amazon | B&N | Kobo |

Feature: Inked Expressions by Carrie Ann Ryan

The Montgomery Ink Series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with the brother who keeps his secret and the one woman he shouldn’t want.

Everly Law married the love of her life and on the eve of giving birth to their twins, lost him in a tragic accident. Now she’s a single mother working overtime at her bookstore trying to make sure her boys have the life they deserve. Her life is busy enough without her adding dating a Montgomery. As past secrets come to light, she’ll need Storm more than ever—even if she doesn’t realize it.

Storm Montgomery has spent his life atoning for sins that only few know he’s committed. When he lost his best friend, he promised his widow that he’d always be there for her—even when she wanted nothing to do with him. But when a single touch ignites passions they’ve both buried deep inside, he’ll have to remember exactly who is in his arms and that taking chances might be far more dangerous than they bargained for.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ARC Review: Snows Seduction by Kristin Miller

Snow’s Seduction is the first of a trifecta of fairytale meets kink meets...I dont even know, a love triangle? I've read this author before so I knew what to expect and this was pretty much it. These books are super short (like 80 or 90 paged) and suuuuuper dirty. They are particularly well suited for self date night material (you know, for intimate time with yourself) but the story is kind of not the main point. 

Just to give you an idea of the "story" here's a summary: Snow is a werewolf shifter (I feel crazy just writing that), it's her birthday, she's set to become the alpha of her pack and she issues? I don't know guys. I mean who did know that werewolf shifters have such mundane issues like money problems. I don't know if it was supposed to be funny but I found it hilarious that the wicked stepmother was the stepmother who mismanaged money because she liked jewels. I was like, wait, what? LOL! 

Anywaaaay, Snow is having a party, a bunch of shifters and what have you are attending and Snow is finally getting her shot with one who has been her long time crush- Malcolm. On top of being the smoking hot star of her fantasies, Snow's stepmother also leads her to believe  that Malcolm may be the answer to their financial problems. The problem for snow is that she is awkward and not really prepared for The Art of Seduction. Lucky for her and us, the readers, Snow's best friend Hunter is there to help her bring out her inner sexy. Of course that leads to her realization that she has chemistry with Hunter and eventually to the very steamy steam that makes up most of the pages of this short novella.

You just really have to take these books for what they're worth. I am not here to tell you that this is some literary work of art, because it's not. But what you do get is something that is fun, entertaining and super sexy. If you need a little spice in your life and maybe even a couple of laughs this isn't a bad book to pass a couple of hours with.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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