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Saturday, May 19, 2018

ARC Review: Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett

Let me just say that I was unsure but optimistic to start Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett. I wasn’t sure what I was in for since R. Scarlett was a new to me author and this was a novella. I have a love/hate relationship with novellas, as they are never usually done with enough depth for me to feel satisfied with the story. R. Scarlett’s Filthy Gods has made me a believer though! Not only is she an amazing author, but novellas can be done right! I loved this story so much and I honestly can’t wait to read more from Scarlett! 

Filthy Gods is a prequel standalone novella to her new American Gods series. We get to meet the characters of the future books here, but the focus of this story is Nathaniel and Juliette. They are classmates at Yale, but they come from very different backgrounds. He is from a rich and elite group of individuals while she grew up poor and was in and out of foster homes, a fact which none of her classmates know. They match each other intellectually though, and spend their time debating and arguing with one another. The passion they have also translates to the chemistry between them, and despite all their differences they both find themselves drawn to one another in a way that they know they shouldn’t be. When Juliette goes to work for the summer at Nathaniel’s mother’s resort, she soon realizes that her secret is at risk of being discovered all while the attraction between her and Nathaniel becomes more than either of them can fight. 

I absolutely loved Nathaniel and Juliette. These two were smart and passionate, and a match for each other on every level. I loved seeing them circle one another and it was really exciting as a reader to see the dynamics between them. They each had a lot of depth and emotion to them and that was so refreshing to see in a novella. I absolutely believed in the connection and natural progression of their story, and they were each genuine and felt real. I fell right along with them, and even though I wasn’t ready for their story to be over, it was very well done and felt fully complete. 

Overall, this was a great story. Sexy and emotional, full of ups and downs that kept me from being able to put my Kindle down. I loved Nathaniel and Juliette, and I loved Nathaniel’s mysterious friends! I can’t wait to continue this series and get to know the other American Gods better. They were very interesting here and I love this world that R. Scarlett has created. This was my first book from her, but I am a fan now and I can’t wait to read more from her. I highly recommend this one, and I think readers are going to love this series just like I already do!

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Blind Date with a Book Event Winners

There are many winners to announce but before we do so, we just wanted to take the time and say a SUPER BIG THANK YOU to each and every author that helped us celebrate RFTC's 7th bloggerversary. We loved having you all come by to share some of your favorite things. Thank you so, so much. =)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

ARC Review: Worth the Risk by K. Bromberg

Normally when I finish a book, I immediately write my review, that way everything is fresh including my feelings. But with Worth the Risk by K. Bromberg, I found myself having to sit and think on it. I have been a fan of Bromberg’s since I first read Colton’s book, so naturally I couldn’t wait for this one as with everything she has released since. There was something different here though that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I think for me it was a character thing. While I liked this book, I didn’t love it. 

After messing up at work, Sidney finds herself heading back to her hometown to prove herself. If she helps save a failing magazine, she will earn a position at her dream job. While the magazine she is tasked with saving is one that doesn’t interest her at all, she comes up with an idea to run a hot dad contest. When one of the front runners of the contest turns out to be someone that she knows from when she was younger, she never expects for him to have quite the reaction he does. Grayson remembers Sidney and his ex is the perfect example of why he doesn’t want anything to do with women, let alone a woman like Sidney since they are just alike. But as the contest progresses, both Sidney and Grayson realize that neither are the same person they used to be. Can Grayson let go of his past and can Sidney embrace a different future than she originally planned for herself and risk it all for a chance at a love together? 

As I said before, a big problem for me was that I struggled with the characters. Grayson had been hurt by his ex, and at first glance Sidney had a lot of similarities to her. There were even times that it appeared she was proving it to him. However, Sidney was also very different than his ex and very different than the girl she once was, and it seemed that no matter what she did, Grayson refused to believe it. He was so frustrating and the constant push and pull with him was more than I could take. It got to the point that I was just over it and him and no matter the good moments that he had, I felt like he was just too immature and blinded by his past and bitterness. Sidney had moments where I really liked her, and she also had moments that I struggled with her as well as Grayson. I thought that she was sweet and kind, but she frustrated me with her actions quite a bit as well. These two had chemistry and a connection that felt real, yet there were too many hang-ups for them to ever seem to really get it right and It got to the point that I stopped caring and didn’t believe that they would last long term because of the back and forth. 

Overall, there were a lot of things that I liked here and as much as I struggled with the characters, this book did have a lot of really good parts. Grayson’s son made the book and I loved him so much. He definitely seemed to be the mature one here a lot of the time, and I think that goes to show just how much I felt like the adult characters needed some help. Luke was the highlight and I wish that Grayson and Sidney had been able to live up to that as well. I am still a huge fan of Bromberg’s and I definitely recommend her books. This one just wasn’t my favorite of hers, but it won’t stop me from picking up her future releases.

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Feature and Giveaway: How to Tempt an Earl by Tina Gabrielle

London society is cruel for a young woman whose father is an avid gambler. Miss Grace Ashton is not one to stand idly by while her family becomes destitute. Donning a mask, she slips into the night and attends the infamous Raven Club to confront the proprietor. But nothing prepares her for the sinfully attractive and wealthy Ian Swift.

Ian is intrigued when Grace walks into his gambling club but refuses her offer of a few jewels to pay her father’s large debts. Unbeknownst to anyone, Ian has inherited the Earldom of Castleton, and he must reluctantly take his place in Society. But Ian’s manners as a gentleman have suffered. He needs a tutor, and he knows the exquisite lady standing before him is the answer.

But soon tutoring turns to flirting, which unfortunately lands both of them in...marriage?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

ARC Review: Bane by LJ Shen

I will admit that I wasn’t sure about Bane going into this book, but I should have known that LJ Shen would make me fall for him. Bane is a standalone story, but if you have read the Sinners of Saint series, you will recognize familiar faces here. It isn’t necessary to read those books, but I highly recommend it as they are great and will help you understand Bane a bit more as well as this amazing world that LJ Shen has created. 

I really don’t want to get into much of the story details here so as not to spoil anything. This is Bane and Jessie’s Story. Bane is a pothead and surfer that has made a habit of sleeping with anyone necessary to get what he wants. So when a deal requires him to befriend the loner Jessie, he views it as nothing more than a transaction. But Jessie has her reasons for not letting anyone in, and the more Bane spends time with her, the more he realizes that he can’t just be friends with her. 

I have to say that this book will definitely have some triggers for some, and that if you have any this might not be the book for you. It was tough to read parts of it without having any myself, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine going through what Jessie had gone through and being as okay as she was. Bane was absolutely perfect for her, and I loved him with her. He might have started off there for the wrong reasons, but it quickly became more than that. He was patient and kind, while also helping her out of the comfort zone that she had put herself in. They had a genuine and undeniable connection and the chemistry between them was easy to see right from the start. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I think that readers are going to love it just like I did. These two each had so much that they were trying to overcome, and with each other it was as it was always meant to be. They went through everything that they each did to get to where they were, and I couldn’t have imagined anyone more perfect for the the other. Bane and Jessie’s story is one that I couldn’t put down and I cannot wait for more from LJ Shen.

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Feature and Giveaway: No Cowboy Required by JoAnn Sky

Grace Harper is a pro at handling the unexpected—which comes in handy when she inherits the ranch she ran away from years ago…along with a young, autistic stepbrother she’s never met. And because nothing ever goes easy for her, Grace finds her frustrating, sexy ex-flame, Noah, taking care of JJ. But if she’s getting out of this nowhere town, she’ll have to find a way to keep from throttling Noah—without kissing him first.

Noah Taylor may be enemy number one to Grace, but she needs his help. He knows the girl he used to love is still there, beneath the heels and fancy clothes, so he’ll help her—and keep his distance like she says she wants. Only the more time they spend together, the closer he wants to get. Graci has no intention of staying, but she belongs in his arms—he just has to prove it to her.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

ARC Review: Her Last Word by Mary Burton

Her Last Word is a standalone romantic suspense and psychological thriller. Different from Burton’s other Romantic Suspense Her Last Word follows a slightly different formula. You have the main present day storyline interceded with short “Interview Files” that fills in the blanks further on what happened fourteen years ago. I loved how she did this, the interview files at times has a foreshadowing quality sometimes not as ominous just a clue as to who they will be talking to next and what their part was in the original case. This is more suspense/thriller than romance, it’s not until close to the end that the main characters get together, which I also liked because they spend most of the time focusing on the case and not their feelings for one another. The sexual chemistry does exist it’s quite amusing how many times someone else mentions the obvious attraction between them and when they finally do give in it’s pretty hot.

Gina Mason was a girl everyone liked until one night she disappeared. The only witness to the kidnapping was her younger cousin, Kaitlin Roe. Fourteen years later Gina still hasn’t been found and Kaitlin has returned to bring this cold case back to life. Kaitlin plans to do a podcast and bring focus back to Gina and see if maybe after all these years someone, somewhere has a clue to what happened. But soon after Kaitlin starts one of Gina’s best friends is murdered and Detective John Adler doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Kaitlin not going to stop digging into her cousin’s disappearance even if it puts her into the cross hairs of a killer. Adler is determined to solve both cases and keep Kaitlin safe.

Overall, it’s an outstanding story. The characters are well written, aside from Kaitlin and Adler who are fantastic characters, Logan and Quinn were a nice addition to the story. Quinn’s unfavorable look on Kaitlin was a nice contrast to Adler’s unwavering belief in Kaitlin. Kaitlin and Adler are similar in their tenacity and while Adler may want to protect her he doesn’t treat Kaitlin like she’s inept. Kaitlin is no damsel in distress she is perfectly capable to handle herself and she doesn’t run off doing stupid things without thinking it through, after what happened to Gina she’s paranoid. All in all I loved this book.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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