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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

ARC Review: Bane by LJ Shen

I will admit that I wasn’t sure about Bane going into this book, but I should have known that LJ Shen would make me fall for him. Bane is a standalone story, but if you have read the Sinners of Saint series, you will recognize familiar faces here. It isn’t necessary to read those books, but I highly recommend it as they are great and will help you understand Bane a bit more as well as this amazing world that LJ Shen has created. 

I really don’t want to get into much of the story details here so as not to spoil anything. This is Bane and Jessie’s Story. Bane is a pothead and surfer that has made a habit of sleeping with anyone necessary to get what he wants. So when a deal requires him to befriend the loner Jessie, he views it as nothing more than a transaction. But Jessie has her reasons for not letting anyone in, and the more Bane spends time with her, the more he realizes that he can’t just be friends with her. 

I have to say that this book will definitely have some triggers for some, and that if you have any this might not be the book for you. It was tough to read parts of it without having any myself, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine going through what Jessie had gone through and being as okay as she was. Bane was absolutely perfect for her, and I loved him with her. He might have started off there for the wrong reasons, but it quickly became more than that. He was patient and kind, while also helping her out of the comfort zone that she had put herself in. They had a genuine and undeniable connection and the chemistry between them was easy to see right from the start. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I think that readers are going to love it just like I did. These two each had so much that they were trying to overcome, and with each other it was as it was always meant to be. They went through everything that they each did to get to where they were, and I couldn’t have imagined anyone more perfect for the the other. Bane and Jessie’s story is one that I couldn’t put down and I cannot wait for more from LJ Shen.

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