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Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from last week.

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Reckless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell

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ARC Review: The Rule Maker by Jennifer Blackwood

I really enjoyed the first book in the Rule Breakers series by Jennifer Blackwood and I was looking forward to reading the next in the series, The Rule Maker. Each book is a standalone story that is easily read on its own. While I did enjoy this one at times, I liked The Rule Book better than The Rule Maker. This story was a light and easy read, if a bit predictable. 

Zoey is thrilled to get another project doing work for Jason Covington. But when she finds out that instead of working with Jason directly she will be working with his brother Ryder, she is anything but thrilled. Zoey and Ryder had a one night stand, with him leaving the next day without so much as a backwards glance. But after a horrible snowboarding accident, he has agreed to help his brother out. While things don't start of the best, Zoey and Ryder quickly find themselves drawn to each other once again. 

I have to say that part of what kept me from really loving this book was Zoey and Ryder. Both had moments of immaturity that had me questioning their ages. They would do, say or think childish things and that had me struggling here. Maybe this is an age thing myself, but the older I get the less tolerance I have for it. These characters are out of college and should be acting as adults, and yet at times they didn't appear that way at all. I felt like Zoey was too hung up on her rules at times, and having read the first book she seemed a bit too like Lainey. I also wish things had been different in regard to their one night stand. That kind of soured me on the relationship from the start, especially since some is left unclear and Ryder's intentions make it hard to get behind him as a hero. These two had obvious chemistry and a growing connection, but I just found it hard to relate to them or feel fully invested with everything we were given.

I think that this one was a good read, but it wasn't one that I would remember long term. Zoey and Ryder had chemistry, but I felt like their relationship took quite a bit of time to happen and started on a sour note with the way Ryder never intended to see her again. He knew her and the type of girl she was, and he had never planned on pursuing her at all. By the time he came around I wasn't fully able to believe it and then things were wrapped up a bit to easy and cheesy for me. While I appreciate a sweet ending, this one was a bit too much for me. I think that a lot of readers will really enjoy this one, but for me it was just okay and wasn't my favorite of what I have read from Jennifer Blackwood.

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Guest Post with Author Jane Ashford and Giveaway

Jane Ashford, a beloved author of historical romances, has been published in Sweden, Italy, England, Denmark, France, Russia, Latvia, and Spain, as well as the United States. Jane has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews.

ARC Review: Dirty Money by Jessica Clare

I like Jessica Clare. She is good at giving us non-traditional characters who are the sort of underdogs that you root for. So, I'm used to seeing offbeat characters from her and I was expecting it. Boone is that character in this book but Boone is also what goes really wrong for me in this one.

Boone is a billionaire oil guy in the tradition of the Beverly Hillbillies. He basically unexpectedly hit oil on his land and became richer than rich overnight. The problem is that Boone has not adopted any of the ways of wealth so despite the fact that he has access to all the rich people stuff, the rich people still treat him like something they stepped in. Boone comes up with a "solution" to his problem being accepted by "classy" people. All Boone needs is a classy woman by his side and he'll be totally in with the rich people. To that end, Boone chooses a woman who looks real upscale from her photo in a real estate advertisement, that woman is Ivy. What Boone does not know is that Ivy grew up in and still lives in a trailer park just like him (because despite being a billionaire, Boone still lives in a friggin trailer).

And things keep going downhill. When Boone meets Ivy, he approaches her about being his real estate agent because he wants to purchase a house that will make him look rich and classy. He's ready to get out of the trailer, apparently. Ivy is a great agent but she works for these jerks who steal any good listings from her so she basically can't make a living at all. Enter my problem with Ivy. Ivy is working her butt off but accepting living in poverty because she doesn't either stand up for herself or just find another flipping job. Ivy is a good person, I liked her but her being a doormat just worked on my nerves.

When Boone meets Ivy, yeah, it takes instalove to a whole new level. I think he asked her to marry him the first time he met her. He also tells her that he wants to be classy and that's why he wants a real big expensive house (although he doesn't shave or like wash the dirt off his hands before going in public). He also tells Ivy that he wants her because he needs a classy lady. Of course Ivy likes Boone and doesn't want to tell him that she's from the trailer park like he is trying to get away from. She means to tell him but keeps putting it off and blah blah until he finds out and blah blah blah, drama followed by HEA.

Boone's quest to be classy in the stupidest possible imaginable ways was a total turn off. I absolutely hated the way he wanted to be accepted and then did dumb stuff to get that acceptance. To make matters worse, when Boone wasn't accepted, he did even dumber stuff. Hint, he buys a golf course to get back at the people from the country club who treat him bad.  And what happens next is even worse. But wait, here is the absolute stupidest part, he doesn't buy the golf course from IVY who desperately needs the commission. Like WTF just happened? I was so fixated on these issues that I honestly couldn't enjoy the book. I read the whole thing but both Ivy and Boone stand out in my mind as being sort of immature. This is not my favorite Jessica Clare book but I know I will read more by her and maybe even more in this series.

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ARC Review: Real Good Love by Meghan March

I couldn't wait to start Real Good Love as soon as I had finished Real Good Man by Meghan March. This is the second book in the Real Duet, and these need to be read in order as this story picks up right after where we left off in Real Good Man. I love Logan and Banner so much, and this book was a really great finish to their story! 

After dating a bunch of losers and bad boys, Banner has finally seen what a good man looks like with Logan. What started out as a fling, quickly became more. But Logan and Banner have more than just their differences threatening to keep them apart. Do Logan and Banner have a chance at a future together, or will there be too many obstacles ready to destroy everything between them? 

I absolutely love these two. Banner is feisty and fun, and I absolutely love how she stands up for herself and refuses to let others get to her. She has a vulnerable side, and yet she fights for what she wants. Logan is beyond sweet and sexy, and his love for Banner is so strong. I loved that he is alpha and protective, yet he is patient and kind with her. The chemistry between these two is off the charts, smoking hot and I can never get enough of them. 

There was more suspense this time around, and if I am honest that both worked and didn't work at times here for me. While I did like some aspects of it, there were some things about it that felt a bit too far fetched and out of nowhere for me. I enjoyed this story a lot though, and Banner and Logan are some of my favorite characters that Meghan March has ever written. Fans of hers and Real Good Man will love this one, and I highly recommend this duet to anyone that loves steamy and sweet romance stories. Meghan March is a great writer and she never disappoints. I am looking forward to seeing what she has in store for readers next!

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Feature and Giveaway: Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher

In this all-new contemporary romance series, the five Elias sisters of Calypso Falls, New York, discover that love sometimes arrives in surprising ways...

Jenna Elias was always the life of the party, coasting on her charm and beauty, hiding the shame of the scandal surrounding her absentee father, a corrupt politician. But the party ended all too soon with an injury that left her partially paralyzed and a husband who simply left her. Now, at age thirty, she’s back in Calypso Falls. She leads a simple existence working in her sister’s coffee shop, but Jenna misses the joy she once had in her life. Then Cole Dekker walks into the coffee shop.

As idealistic as he is sexy, the local lawyer is running for mayor of Calypso Falls. Drawn to Jenna’s quick wit and radiance, he asks her to volunteer for his campaign. As the two start working together, there’s no denying the powerful attraction they feel for each other. A desktop makeout session leads to much more. But when Jenna’s dad returns to Calypso Falls and wants to be a part of her life again, the association could spell political suicide for Cole—and the end of a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love.

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ARC Review: Home Run by Heidi McLaughlin

Home Run is the second book in the Boys of Summer series by Heidi McLaughlin. Each book is a standalone, though they are interconnected. This series centers around the members of the MLB team, the Boston Renegades with this being Cooper and Ainsley's story. Cooper is a rookie center-fielder and Ainsley is a zoo attendant. While I did struggle with this one at times, I have to say that I liked it better than the first in the series. 

Finally having a shot at the majors, Cooper Bailey knows that he needs to focus on his game and getting through spring training. Though he can't afford to have any distractions, he finds himself drawn to Ainsley Burke. Soon they are spending all their time together, and his game begins to suffer. But can he make the choice between the game he loves and the girl that he can't get out of his mind? 

I had some problems connecting with these two, and while I liked them at times I never felt fully invested in them. Not that they weren't likable, there was just something about them that held me back. The attraction between them was instant, yet Ainsley pushed Cooper away constantly. I think that is part of what really kept me from loving these two. She seemed immature at times and it just never really got there for me. They were hot together, but I felt like their connection wasn't entirely genuine. Things felt rushed at times, yet would drag at others. 

Speaking of pacing, the story itself felt just like their relationship with some parts dragging and others seeming to move far too quickly. There was so much back and forth, and they spent so much time apart. But then they jump right back in and things were serious and strong and it just didn't feel quite right. While I really enjoyed the beginning and was hopeful, the middle and end of the story kept this one from being one I loved and made it just okay for me. While I have liked Heidi's books in the past and love sports romance stories like no other, this series so far has been one that just hasn't quite clicked for me. If you like sports romance or this one sounds like something you might like, I recommend giving it a shot. There are a lot of people who seem to really love this series, so it could just be a case of this one being me.

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ARC Review: Big Shot by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

I'm a Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde fan so I was excited to see these two authors team up. I wasn't sure about this specific book because it had a very contemporary romance feel and I like something with a little more grit but I should've known not to play these two authors short. This is total contemporary romance but I love the couple, I love the frienemy edge and I just enjoyed this story.

Wes and Natalie are real estate brokers and are constantly in competition with one another. Natalie has been getting the best of Wes so they decide to make things interesting with a bet. If Natalie loses the bet, she has to spend two weeks at Wes' beck and call. And of course Natalie loses the bet which is good for all of us. Once Natalie has to start spending time with Wes, neither of them can deny that underneath their rivalry has been a constant attraction. Natalie thinks Wes is just not into her. But in reality Wes has been repressing his feelings for Natalie because she is the little sister of his best friend. Natalie quickly finds out how wrong she is about Wes but she's not sure that he wants her for anything more than a fling. For Wes' part, he's convinced that Natalie doesn't think he could be the long term commitment family man that she is looking for. For the first time, Wes feels unsure of himself with a woman.

I always think romance stories are more interesting when the characters have realistic issues. I was fascinated by the way that Natalie's attempts to protect herself from getting hurt sent all the wrong messages to Wes. I also liked that for as cocky as Wes was, Natalie was able to get the best of him in business and in love. I was thoroughly entertained by this book. I recommend this one for a quick fun read.

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Feature: Home Run by Heidi McLaughlin

Meet Heidi McLaughlin author of Home Run.

Heidi is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.

Originally from Portland, Oregon and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell, Buttercup and a Highland Westie/Mini Schnauzer, JiLL and her brother, Racicot.

When she isn’t writing one of the many stories planned for release, you’ll find her sitting courtside during either daughter’s basketball games.

Heidi’s first novel, Forever My Girl, is currently in production for a major motion picture.

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Naughty New Year Event Winners

There are many winners to announce but before we do so, we just wanted to take the time and say a SUPER BIG THANK YOU to all of the authors that participated. We loved sharing your special smexy scenes with everyone. Thank you so very much. =)

Now, on to the winners!

ARC Review: Rescued by Love by Melissa Foster

Rescued by Love is the fourth Ryders book in the much larger Love in Bloom series by Melissa Foster. Each book is a standalone story, so though the characters are connected you won't have any problems jumping in at any time. If you follow my reviews at all, you will know of my love for Melissa's books! I highly recommend absolutely anything with her name on it, and her newest, Rescued by Love is no exception.

Returning to Elpitha Island for her friend's wedding, Addison is looking for some fun before she heads out to rough it in the wilderness on her latest adventure. She keeps things casual when it comes to men, but lately she finds herself thinking way too much about her friend Jake Ryder who also happens to be the brother-in-law of her friend getting married. Jake has done casual, but he is ready for more and he wants it with Addy. He is sure that one night together is all he needs to show her they should be so much more, and what better time to have a sexy night together than the wedding that they will both be attending? But can Jake turn the weekend into more, or will Addy be tougher to convince than he thought? 

I have been waiting for these two and I absolutely loved them! I had really hoped that Jake and Addy's story would be everything I had hoped for, and it was all that and more. Jake had all the qualities that I have come to love and expect from Melissa's heroes, he was sexy, loyal and a great guy to his core. A family man at heart, Jake definitely won me over and had me swooning. Addy was sassy and fun, and independent in a way that I can easily relate to. I loved that she was her own person and was so determined to do everything her way and live the life she chose. These two were super hot together, and I loved their chemistry. Watching them flirt and circle around each other was great, but I really loved seeing them grow closer and really get to know one another. They fit together perfectly, and I had such a great time reading their story! 

Overall, this book was everything I have come to expect from Melissa Foster while giving us a fresh new story that fit perfectly in this series. I've said it before and will continue to say it, if you are a fan of contemporary romance you cannot go wrong with Melissa Foster! This series is one of my favorites, and I enjoy each new book as much as the last. The stories are always sexy, emotional, while being fun and sweet as well. They are so well rounded and written so well that you can't help but get lost and want to keep flipping the pages. I probably sound like a broken record, but I am a fan of Melissa's for life, and I can't wait for more!

**ARC Provided by Tasty Book Tours**

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Feature and Giveaway: Rescued by Love by Melissa Foster

Addison Dahl is excited to return to Elpitha Island for her best friend Gabriella’s wedding. A weekend of sun and fun is just what she needs before setting out on her newest adventure—roughing it in the wilderness. Addison is tough, she’s independent, and she doesn’t “do” feelings toward men. But lately her friend—and Gabriella’s brother-in-law—sinfully sexy and ornery-as-hell Jake Ryder has been the star of her late-night fantasies, and she can’t get him out of her mind. It doesn’t help that the chemistry between them is scorching hot. With any luck, a few days in the wilderness will snap that craziness out of her head.

As a top search and rescue professional, Jake Ryder spends his days saving those in need and his nights in the arms of willing women who offer nothing more than a few hours of sexual enjoyment. But there’s only one woman he wants, and he’s spent the last several months trying to get beautiful, smart, and sassy Addison to give him one sinful night. He’s sure one night will lead to more.

The night of the wedding the heat between Jake and Addy ignites, and they’re powerless to resist their explosive passion. Wild kisses, sensual touches, and heartfelt conversations brings them closer together, and when the weekend ends, Jake is determined to keep Addy close and make her his. But Addy has other plans...

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The spicy scent of Jake’s cologne overrode the aroma of grilled meats and casseroles Gabriella’s relatives had spent all day preparing. Jake rested his elbow on the bar beside her, brushing his muscular forearm against hers and sending ripples of awareness to her core.

Who was she kidding? There was no distracting herself from the biggest distraction of them all.

“I think there are still a few guys you haven’t danced with yet.”

Of course Jake would go straight to pushing her buttons.

“I’ll have to take care of that, won’t I? Gab’s brother, Niko, is looking awfully hot tonight.” Niko was the epitome of a Greek heartthrob. Tall, dark, handsome, and as touchy-feely as the rest of Gabriella’s warm and loving family. He was also a shameless flirt.

Jake ground his teeth together, nearly paralyzing her with a blistering stare.

“I haven’t seen you dance all night. What’s the matter? Not into sexy island girls? Because I’m pretty sure that guy over there by the tree bats for the other team.” She enjoyed taunting the lion, even if she didn’t want to get too close. Her pulse beat wildly, and her fingers ached to grab him by the collar of his dress shirt and yank him down for what she knew would be an incredibly hot kiss. She tried to keep from dropping her eyes lower, but she was no match for the enticing ever-present bulge beneath his zipper. The one that became even more prominent when they were near. And damn, she liked knowing she had that effect on him.

He leaned in close, his warm breath coasting over her cheek. “I’m not into dancing, but if you keep looking at me like that you might find yourself getting up close and personal with more than you can handle.”

She lifted her eyes to his, which had gone coal black, and she swallowed hard against the lust threatening to pour out her mouth. Addy was used to controlling every interaction and reveled in holding her own and taking what she wanted where men were concerned. Or at least she always had, until the King of Hotness standing next to her came into the picture. Jake definitely threw her off her game. Lately, when they were together, she caught herself wondering if what she was experiencing were actual emotions rather than impulses. That was one thing that had kept her from taking their flirting to the next level. His relationship to her best friend was the other. But boy did she want to cross that line. It had been way too long since she had been with a man, thanks to Jake. Every time she came close to satisfying the urge to feel the weight of a man pressing down on her and get lost in the throes of passion, goddamn Jake swam into her mind, stealing her focus and killing the moment. Her fantasy had become her own personal cockblocker.

In an effort to reclaim the upper hand and prove he did not rattle her, she dragged her eyes over his chest again and said, “I have yet to meet a man who comes close to being what I can handle, much less more.”

The edge of his lips twitched as if they might quirk up, but he clenched his jaw, making the muscles beneath his dark scruff jump. He shifted his eyes away just as Niko headed toward them with a warm and inviting smile, making those jaw muscles work double time.

Niko nodded at Jake and offered his hand to Addy. “What kind of brother would I be if I didn’t dance with my sister’s beautiful best friend? Care to join me?”

“I’d love to.” Addy reached for his hand, taking pleasure in the tension rolling off of the man who had yet to ask her for a single dance but had no trouble inviting her into his bed.

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance, and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic, perfect beach reads, and always family oriented.

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