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Sunday, January 15, 2017

ARC Review: Full Package by Lauren Blakely

When Chase Summers becomes desperate after numerous available rentals slip through his fingers, thereby leaving him on the brink of being homeless, an intriguing opportunity arises. His best friend Josie Hammer happens to be in need of a roommate. Not only does she live close to Mercy Hospital where he works as an ER Surgeon, but she happens to be one of his favorite people. They get along very well. They see each other often already. Plus, Josie bakes him delectable treats all the time. So, how could this roommate situation become a problem?

Well, because his Josie is sexy as hell. Oh, and like I mentioned above, she can bake. We all know men love food. Plus, she’s sweet and funny. What’s not to love? Oh wait, love? Did I say love? You see, that’s what happens when two people who are already best friends are in close confines and have hot-as-sin chemistry. These two are so damn delicious and cute that I now have a sweet tooth of epic proportions. One page just wasn’t enough. One chapter wasn’t enough. You get the idea. I freaking loved this book!

Chase is hilarious and everything I love in a man. He is intelligent, capable, humorous, and sexy with off-the-charts charisma. Josie is just perfection as a female lead and I loved her dirty mouth and blunt honesty. Add in the pink highlights with a sweet as sugar attitude and I’d like to be her best friend. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two falling head over heels for one another as stubborn lovers until they finally took a full dose of common sense and acceptance as they came together. I smiled so much throughout this book and laughed out loud in wonder.

Lauren Blakely can turn a phrase and create magic with good feelings as you devour every funny and sexy moment throughout this book. I can’t say enough about what an enjoyable experience reading this story has been. Not to mention that I harbor a new love for Swedish Fish that before would have been considered unhealthy (because honestly, I could eat a whole bag at once), but now I think of them in a whole new way which may be indecent, and yet so much more fun (no, I am not kidding). See? Now you have to read it just to understand what I’m referring to *laughs*

Seriously though, you need this book. It is chock full of funny, sexy, sweet, and happily-ever-after. I loved every minute! Also, did I mention that there are recipes in this book? No? Well, there are! They are so cute! I just love the little insights into Josie’s mind, and I’m also very interested in baking her Seven Layers Bars now. Just a thought! Talk about a morsel of literary heaven. Don’t miss out y’all!

**ARC provided by Author**

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  1. Great review! Honestly, I would have bought this based on the cover alone! ;) I also love a good friends to lovers story.

  2. Thank you! I really just adored this story! I even got all mushy crybaby happy at the end there! Lol