Friday, March 30, 2018

ARC Review: Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Kennedy Ryan has done it again! She is definitely one of my top favorite authors, and each time I think that she has written my absolute favorite book she goes and proves me wrong. I honestly thought that Grip would be my favorite hero of hers ever, and August has seriously made me question that. I am still undecided because I just don't know that it is possible to pick just one favorite. 

Long Shot is the story of August and Iris. Iris thought that she had met her prince and that they were on the path for a great life together, but along the way she discovered that he wasn't anything like she thought. But when she met August, she knew that he was exactly what he seemed at first and the future that they could have together would be one worth having. Her fake prince wasn't about to let her go though, and life wasn't as easy as simply doing what she wanted to do more than anything. 

I will be honest and say that this story was far from easy and definitely deals with some issues that will be triggers for some. I won't get into much of the story because I don't want to spoil anything and I am sure that if you are looking to find out more you can easily find that somewhere else. What I will say is that Kennedy Ryan handled things with care here, while telling a story that I believe is worth reading even when it was hard. This might be fiction, yet it was also very real and for a lot of people out there is their reality. This story hopefully gets people to think of things in a new light and reconsider what they believe and say without knowing the full story. Kennedy Ryan has a way of doing that with each book she writes, shedding light on situations that are easily judged from the outside without having all the facts. She always makes me think about things in a completely new way, and for that she not only has my gratitude, but also a fan for life. 

August and Iris though were everything you could hope for in a great romance. They were unique and special, and easy to relate to. I was invested in their story from the very first page, and really felt like I was connected to them in a way that doesn't happen often. Days later I am still thinking about them, and I honestly love them even more than I did when I first finished the book which is saying something. They are impossible not to fall in love with and I think that their story is one that will touch everyone that reads it. 

Overall, this might just be my favorite book of Kennedy's, though I say that with each new release. I will never grow tired of reading her books and I honestly hope she never quits writing because she has a unique way of bringing characters to life and telling stories that need to be heard. If you are not reading Kennedy's books, you definitely need to be. I truly believe that her books have something for everyone. I cannot wait to read more in this series as I loved the characters here and I am not ready to leave this world behind. As always, I will be anxiously awaiting Kennedy's next release.

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Feature and Giveaway: The Determined Duchess by Erica Monroe


Meet the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author Erica Monroe writes dark, suspenseful historical romance. Her current series include Gothic Brides (Gothic Regency romances), The Rookery Rogues (pre-Victorian gritty working class romance), and Covert Heiresses (Regency spies who are the children of a duke). She was a finalist in the published historical category for the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Romantic Suspense, and her books have been recommended reads at Fresh Fiction, Smexy Books, Smart Bitches Trashy Books, and All About Romance. Her favorite things include coffee, profanity, comic books, and television. She lives in the suburbs of North Carolina with her husband, two dogs, two cats.

Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:

Death is just the beginning in this dark, emotional Gothic Regency Romance...

After the death of her beloved guardian, Miss Felicity Fields is left adrift, her future uncertain. Grief-stricken, she launches a plan to use the ancient art of alchemy to bring back to life the woman who was like a mother to her. The last thing this blunt bluestocking needs is the return of Nicholas Harding, the Duke of Wycliffe and rightful owner of her home on the wild coast of Cornwall. He stirs an unexpected passion within her, and Felicity has had enough change in her life.

When they were children, Nicholas never understood his aunt's brilliant but unemotional ward, or her many strange scientific studies. He ought to take her back to London, so she can make a proper society match--except he can't stop thinking about her. But with the line between life and death blurred by Felicity's experiments, can he convince her that she's no longer alone, and her proper place is by his side?

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Felicity closed the distance between them. She now knew the perfect way to distract him, and get him to leave her laboratory. “Never mind that. There’s a different experiment I’d like your help with.”

“What’s that?” Nicholas’s eyes widened as she put her hand on his shoulder.

She did not blame him for his surprise—she’d never initiated such contact with him before. Not like this. That’d been a mistake, because his muscles nearly rippled under her touch. She cataloged the firmness of his body and the way her heart sped up as she touched him, reminding herself to add it to her notes later.

But now she had to proceed to the experiment. She drew a breath to steady herself. Considered closing her eyes, and then decided that was illogical, because what if she missed his lips? Eyes wide open, Felicity rose up on the balls of her feet, and let her lips brush against Nicholas’s.

There! She had kissed him.

A second later, she pulled from him, weight going back down on the balls of her feet, studying him for a reaction. Now what? When did the distraction happen? He didn’t seem very affected—he kept staring at her, slack-jawed, eyes wide.

Experiment failed.

Fine then. She’d inform him he had to leave, and if he didn’t agree, she’d…she’d chase him out with the burner. Or something.

Except, as she watched him, contemplating this, a sea change occurred over his features. She was not good at reading expressions, but even she could tell this was different. She could practically feel the tension crackling in the air.

Then he tugged her to him, holding her so near she fell against his hard, muscular chest. She ought to protest, because she had not begun this contact. Yet the words wouldn’t leave her mouth. Her breath came faster, and there was a rising heat within her.

She liked him being this close.

That was unusual, indeed.

She had no time to examine that sensation. Because in the next instant, Nicholas’s fingers slid underneath her chin to tilt her head up, and then his lips smashed down upon hers.

It was nothing like the kiss she’d given him. She had obviously not received proper instructions from Tressa. Because this, this must be a kiss. Even she, who remained resolutely determined to never feel passion, could recognize the danger of this.


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Thursday, March 29, 2018

ARC Review: Over Us, Over You by Whitney G.

I have read and loved books by Whitney G and I honestly couldn't wait for Over Us Over You after reading the blurb. Unfortunately this book was not at all like I was expecting or hoping it would be. I usually write my reviews right after I finish the story, but with this one I really wanted to give it time before getting my thoughts together. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like this book just wasn't what I have come to know and love from Whitney G and that left me a bit disappointed if I am honest. 

Hayley and her brother were abandoned by their drug addict mother but he always vowed to make something of himself and take care of her. Now years later she has a coffee shop with her best friend that he has no idea about, though he has been giving her money for school which she has been using for her business without his knowledge, but when she loses the business and needs his help, she has to come clean. Corey is his best friend and business partner, looking to strike out on his own. But what he never expects is for Hayley to arrive in town and for her brother to suggest that she stay with him. She is no longer the girl he remembers and soon the attraction between them is more than they can fight. 

I liked Hayley at the start of this story. She was at first glance a strong and independent woman determined to make it on her own. But not only had she lied to her brother, telling him that she was using it for school and not, but then she immediately turns to him and proceeds to take advantage of him yet again. He gives her a home, car and job and how does she repay him? She starts slacking off at the job he gave her, half the time not even showing up and if so she shows up late, completely messing everything up and not caring about anything or anyone but herself. Then there is Corey, and he treats Hayley terribly at first. He is rude and awful for no reason that I could see other than the fact that he wants her but thinks its wrong. He then flips personalities like flipping on a switch and suddenly he is all about being with her. Hayley throws herself at him at the beginning of this story and he immediately calls a girl he hooks up with but then when it turns out that Hayley shows up first he starts to fool around with her until he realizes who she is. He was so awful to her that it made it really hard to come back from that for me. 

Overall, I just had a really hard time with this one. I wanted to like the book and the characters, but it just didn't work for me. The characters were immature and did things that I couldn't get over. As much as I had hoped they would come around, it was too little too late and too much had happened that I wasn't able to get over. I had a hard time with not only the characters and their personalities, but also with believing the romance between them. This one had so much promise, and yet I just felt it didn't live up to the expectations at all. I know that Whitney G can write a great story, yet I haven't seen that from her with her last few releases. I think that there will be readers that enjoy this story and can get past the stuff I couldn't here, but for me this one just wasn't one that I could recommend.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Feature and Giveaway: The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth by Callie Hutton

From USA Today Bestselling Author Callie Hutton is a new captivating and suspenseful historical romance...

Recently widowed, Charlotte Pennyworth is relishing her independence and it rankles to have to rely on a man to help her with an increasingly sinister stalker. Former Yardman, Elliot Baker, is reluctant to take on Charlotte’s case but despite himself and his history with another woman, he is drawn to the bright, attractive widow.

Sparks smolder between the PI and his client but neither is looking to form an attachment. Elliot thinks Charlotte is hiding something. Charlotte has no desire to marry again, especially to a private investigator, no matter how handsome, brave and kind he is. The risk to his life and her heart is too great. But more dangerous than a menacing stalker is secrets and when Charlotte’s come to light, even the passion between them might not douse the flames of Elliot’s distrust.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

ARC Review: Escort by Skye Warren

I have read a few books by Skye Warren now because her covers and blurbs usually draw me in. Unfortunately, I usually have a hard time connecting with the characters and story and that was the case here with Escort. While the premise of the story was interesting and had a lot of promise, I just couldn't get into this one and ended up finishing just to see what happened. 

Escort is Bea and Hugo's story. Hugo is an escort that doesn't get attached and is all alpha. Bea is a shy virgin that you would never expect to hire an escort. While these two first seem like complete opposites though, you quickly learn that they have a lot more they can connect to with each other than originally meets the eye. 

I think the biggest problem for me is just the way in which Skye's books are written. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, there is just something about it that doesn't work for me personally. I have noticed this in everything I have read from her, and again I think it is just something that doesn't click for me. Often I find the wording to be a bit off or unusual, with the dialogue coming off as a bit stiff and clunky. It just doesn't flow for me, and that really takes me out of the story. So while I wanted to like Bea and Hugo, I just couldn't really get into their story or feel invested in their relationship. 

I did make it through this one. But unfortunately that was about all I can say. It didn't leave a lasting impression and I won't remember it in the long run. It wasn't a bad book, but to me it wasn't anything that I would really recommend either. I do think that there are readers that might enjoy this one. So if it sounds like one you might like, give it a shot.

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Feature: Unlocking Secrets by Kennedy Layne

A grim discovery in Lance Kendall’s home proved one thing—the residents of Blyth Lake had a serial killer in their midst. Now Lance had unintentionally put a target on his back. Worst yet, he’s made the only woman he ever loved known to a murderer.

A trip down memory lane with the man who’d broken Brynn Mercer’s heart wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done in her life, but their reunion was a slow burn of temptation that she couldn’t ignore.

Together, they will only have one chance to correct the past. Will the hidden secrets he uncovered threaten their love or solidify it for a future that has always been out of their reach?

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Review: Intent by A.D. Justice

I had never read a book by A.D. Justice before reading Intent, so I didn't really know what to expect. I saw some reviews for this one though and people were loving it so I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, I really struggled to even finish this book and didn't love it like others seemed to. 

When Layne catches her boyfriend and best friend together, her boss and mentor loans her her cabin away from town to take some time away. When she meets local Ace Sharp, things get off to a rough start, though Ace's daughter instantly takes to Layne. But soon Ace and Layne find themselves warming up to one another. Just as things are turning around for them, the past returns and threatens to destroy everything.

I liked Ace and Layne together. After Ace got over himself pretty quickly, I felt like these two were good for one another. Their connection was strong and easy to see. I loved his daughter and how she took to Layne. They had chemistry and were really sweet together. I will say though that when it came to some of the characters in this story, I though that this one was a mess! Without spoiling anything, there were some things that were unbelievable and were just over the top crazy. I couldn't believe that a specific character allowed things to happen that could have changed so much and I found her excuse for allowing them to be ridiculous. I don't know anyone that would have allowed them to happen without doing something to try and stop them, and at that point I was pretty much over the story altogether.

Besides the crazy mess that this one was and the drama that happened surrounding a few of the characters, this story just didn't hold my interest the way I would have liked. I kept putting it down and wasn't in any hurry to get back to the story. At times it felt like I was just finishing to see what would happen and because I had bought the book. This one just wasn't for me, and honestly I don't know that I would read anything else from this author. Besides the story, the writing style felt a bit off at times, seeming to be forced and awkward. Intent is not one I would recommend, though I seem to be in the minority here.

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Indulge Yourself Event Winners

There are many winners to announce but before we do so, we wanted to take the time and say a SUPER BIG THANK YOU to each and every author that participated in the Indulge Yourself event and donated items for giveaway. And a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT of THANKS to the Entangled Publishing and the Indulgence line. You all rock our socks!

Now, on to the winners!