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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

ARC Review: Escort by Skye Warren

I have read a few books by Skye Warren now because her covers and blurbs usually draw me in. Unfortunately, I usually have a hard time connecting with the characters and story and that was the case here with Escort. While the premise of the story was interesting and had a lot of promise, I just couldn't get into this one and ended up finishing just to see what happened. 

Escort is Bea and Hugo's story. Hugo is an escort that doesn't get attached and is all alpha. Bea is a shy virgin that you would never expect to hire an escort. While these two first seem like complete opposites though, you quickly learn that they have a lot more they can connect to with each other than originally meets the eye. 

I think the biggest problem for me is just the way in which Skye's books are written. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, there is just something about it that doesn't work for me personally. I have noticed this in everything I have read from her, and again I think it is just something that doesn't click for me. Often I find the wording to be a bit off or unusual, with the dialogue coming off as a bit stiff and clunky. It just doesn't flow for me, and that really takes me out of the story. So while I wanted to like Bea and Hugo, I just couldn't really get into their story or feel invested in their relationship. 

I did make it through this one. But unfortunately that was about all I can say. It didn't leave a lasting impression and I won't remember it in the long run. It wasn't a bad book, but to me it wasn't anything that I would really recommend either. I do think that there are readers that might enjoy this one. So if it sounds like one you might like, give it a shot.

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