Saturday, February 4, 2012


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On winning the ARC copy of How To Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling

On winning an eBook copy of With This Kiss by Victoria Lynne

Both winners have been contacted via email. Thank you to everyone that entered. 

Sealed With a Kiss: Manda Collins and Giveaway

Manda Collins spent her teen years wishing she’d been born a couple of centuries earlier, preferably in the English countryside. Time travel being what it is, she resigned herself to life with electricity and indoor plumbing, and read lots of books. An affinity for books led to a graduate degree in English, followed by another in Librarianship. By day, she works as an academic librarian at a small liberal arts college, where she teaches college students how to navigate the tangled world of academic research. A native of coastal Alabama, Manda lives in the house her mother grew up in with three cats, sometimes a dog, sometimes her sister, and more books than strictly necessary.

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Friday, February 3, 2012


Congratulations to

Jennifer K
On winning her choice of any of the Charley Davidson books from Darynda Jones

On winning a copy of The Rake and The Recluse Redux by Jenn LeBlanc

All winners have been contacted via email. Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaways. 

Sealed With a Kiss: Kate Noble and Giveaway

Kate Noble love books. Romances especially. But, being born into a family of doctors, scientists, and mathematicians, she didn’t discover she was adept at writing until, oh, about junior year of high school. Which came as something of a relief, as she was hopeless at memorizing the Latin names for all the bones in the human body. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle eludes her to this day.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Darker After Midnight Prize Pack Winner

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Victoria S 
On winning the Darker After Midnight Prize Pack from Lara Adrian

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Sealed With a Kiss: Beverely Kendall and Giveaway

Beverley discovered her love of books while growing up in, the then, small city of Barrie, Ontario Canada. With her love of books and romance, she always wished that everyone would find their happily ever after. Add in her love of London, England set in a period when ladies strived to be genteel and dresses could barely fit through doors, and it was obvious she could write nothing but historical romances.

As the mother of one too bright and mischievous young boy, she pulls full-time duty on all fronts. When she's not working full-time, mothering, writing or reading, she's probably sleeping and dreaming of a time when she'll have time for her favorite hobbies: knitting, crocheting and sewing.

Beverley has lived on two continents, in three countries, two provinces, and four states. She stopped her nomadic existence and settled in the southeast. All things artistic feed her creative passion, but none more than writing.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How To Dance With a Duke Winner

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Chris B
On winning a copy of How To Dance With a Duke by Manda Collins

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Sealed With a Kiss: Lila DiPasqua and Giveaway

At age fourteen, Lila’s best friend sneaked a romance novel out of her grandmother’s house. After devouring it, Lila was hooked on romance novels for life. Today she lives with her real-life hero husband and three children and is a firm believer in the happily-ever-after. She loves history and enjoys traveling. She has been to four continents so far. Weaving in interesting historical facts she discovers during her travels, Lila writes stories about historical alpha-heroes and the heroines who make them lose their hearts.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wicked Blog Tour: Guest Post with Jenn LeBlanc and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to the blog the lovely and amazing Jenn LeBlanc. Jenn is the author of the super awesome book The Rake and The Recluse. Jenn has gone and done something super awesome, she has revamped her story and added a lot more story along with tons more pictures. Along with the revamping, she has broken it down into six serials that are to be released every two weeks. Today is the release of her fourth installment Ruination and Jenn's third visit to the blog for her Wicked Blog Tour. So everyone please give a very warm welcome to the super awesome Jenn LeBlanc.

Jenn is a novelist and photographer born, raised and living in the lee of the great Rocky Mountains. Her illustrated Novel THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE was originally released in February of 2011 to rave reviews and snarky comments. She recently revised the entire novel, turning it into a six-part serial with all new material and the never before released story of Perry, The Rake.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Interview with Author Karina Cooper and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to the blog author Karina Cooper. Karina is currently on tour promoting All Things Wicked, the newest book in her Dark Mission series and is so good. Check out my review for it here. Karina was nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me that I would love to share with you all. So without further ado, here's Karina everyone.

Thanks for having me here! I’m pleased to answer any other questions readers may have for me, so if I don’t overindulge you with my answers below, ask away!

First off, can you tell us a bit about you?
Oh, where to start? I was born in California, spent a few years there before hightailing it across the country. I made that trip a couple times, back and forth to visit between the coasts when I wasn’t skating up and down the eastern coastline. I’ve always been a bit of a wanderer and a dreamer, which might explain my grades in any class that strayed away from anything I find interesting.

I’ve always dabbled in writing, so it probably came as no real surprise to my family when I finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet–or is that pro-verbal bullet?–and write a book. Or, as the case may be, five. Six. Seven? All right, lots of books. It’s become my thing, you know; this is what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

When I’m not writing–okay, family and friends, settle down, no one needs to hear you laughing in disbelief–I’m a gamer of all stripes and a Steampunk fashionista. Which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: I play games and dress up in neo-Victorian couture, although not always together.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kiss of Death Blog Tour Winner

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Yadira A
On winning an eBook copy of Tastes of Love and Evil by Barbara Monajem 

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Coming Soon-Sealed With a Kiss: A Celebration of Love Event

It's almost Valentine's Day! Have you written a love letter for your Valentine yet? Did you...Seal it with a Kiss?

Get ready to dust off that sexy lingerie and gorge on chocolates from your sweetie!

Even if you're flying solo this year, it doesn't mean you can't be your own Valentine and love yourself real good by splurging on candies and hot & steamy romance books! And what better way for a book lover to celebrate Valentine's Day then by reading love letters from their favorite characters by their favorite authors!?

That's right! Dani and Rita are at it again! Every day in February leading up to Valentine's day, stop by Ramblings From This Chick and Not Another Romance Blog for the Sealed With A Kiss: A Celebration of Love event!

ARC Review: All Things Wicked by Karina Cooper

From the first page to the last, this book was just nonstop action. I found it so hard to put this book down.
The world Karina Cooper has created in this series is amazing. It's so realistic. She just has a way of describing things that make you feel as if you are right there with the characters. Her world and the characters that are apart of it were great. I found myself continuously turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. I wanted to know more about them and their story.

Though I enjoyed this book but I did have some issues with it. This book is not a stand alone book and going into this book I did not know that. I haven't read the previous books in this series so I found myself a little overwhelmed and confused at times. There are a lot of things happening in this book that are direct consequences from things that took place in the previous books. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down, I just wish I knew ahead of time that this book wasn't a stand alone.

I really liked Caleb. He's in your face and sort of a badass. He doesn't make apologies for his behavior, you either take it or leave it. Even with all the hardness comes off of him, I found that with Juliet he was tender. He cares about her and takes care of her even though he promised to stay away from her. I found myself completely intrigued by Caleb. I really enjoyed his character and I found that I enjoyed reading his p.o.v so much more than Juliet's.

With Juliet, I found that I enjoyed her much more in the beginning of the book. Don't get me wrong, I still liked her, but she just came across a lot more soft towards the end. I think everything began to take it's toll on her and she just seemed so helpless towards the end. My favorite part of this book actually takes place in the first chapter when Juliet sneaks into Caleb's room to kill him. But quickly all of the spunk that I sensed in her in the first few chapters seems to just dissipate. She became someone that needed to be saved and it just seemed as if everything was just too much for her to handle.

My biggest issue with the story is the ending. I just felt like it was a bit abrupt. I would have liked it to be a bit longer. It just ends.

Even though I didn't care for the ending and I did feel a bit lost, I will definitely go back and read all the books in this series. I loved Karina's world and her cast of characters. I would love to see how Caleb was in the previous books. I will also be on the lookout for the next book in this series. I really want to know what happens next.

**ARC copy provided by Goddess Fish Promotions**