Thursday, December 28, 2023

ARC Review: The Playboy by Marni Mann

The Playboy is the first book in the Spade Hotel series by Marni Mann, and this one is a standalone despite being connected to other books she has written. Fans of the Dalton Brothers series will recognize familiar faces here, but you don’t need to have read those books to understand anything in The Playboy. I highly recommend reading those books if you haven’t though as they are some of my absolute favorite books!

Marni always brings the heat and spice, and the chemistry here between Macon and Brooklyn was off the charts! These two meet when Macon spots her across a club and decides that he has to meet her. I loved how instant his attraction and need to know her was, but seeing his pursuit for her was honestly so refreshing! I love when a hero is so gone for the heroine that he has to make it happen and thinks of little else, and that was absolutely the case here. Brooklyn was super smart and hard working and honestly just a great heroine that I felt like I could relate to. Both characters were likable and it felt like you were falling along with them throughout the whole book!

I loved every bit of this book and I think that fans of Marni’s will love this one too! If you are new to Marni Mann, you can’t go wrong with anything she writes, but this one was one of her best! Romance and spice lovers will love Marni’s unique way of captivating her audience with stories full of heart, emotion, and enough heat to keep you turning pages from start to finish. I love all her books I’ve read, but there is just something about Macon in The Playboy that makes him one of her best heroes yet! The Playboy is not to be missed!

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