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Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from the past week.

A Taste of You by Sorcha Grace

Heather B
One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton

Set of Rebecca's Lost Journals by Lisa Renee Jones

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ARC Review: The Elusive Wife by Callie Hutton

If you enjoy a funny book with a Regency flair and a clever plot twist then The Elusive Wife is the book for you. It is a cute, well written story with charming, flawed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Jason Cavendish, Earl of Coventry, knows that an arranged marriage is on the horizon, but when the word comes for him actually marry he does not take it well. He shows up totally drunk, marries the girl and leaves immediately after. Lady Jane Olivia Grant is not thrilled to be marrying a stranger, but she cooperates with her father’s wishes. She is, however, hugely annoyed when the groom appears in a fully drunken state, then leaves. She takes the bull by the horns by traveling to London to stay with her friend. She proceeds to take society by storm as the new beauty, Lady Olivia, and catches Jason’s rapt attention. Jason does not recognize her because he was too drunk to really see her and he married a girl named Jane. What follows is a fun, but predictable romp where Jason falls for his own wife while feeling guilty about it and Olivia gets her revenge.

The Elusive Wife is not a great book, but it certainly is a good one. It has that traditional Regency feeling with a more modern twist and enough steam to keep most readers happy. Jason was not a bad guy; he was just very far gone into rebellion against a marriage planned by his father. Olivia was resourceful and determined. The story moved along nicely to a very satisfying ending. Readers will definitely enjoy this one.

**ARC provided by the author**

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Feature and Giveaway: Runaway Groom by Sally Clements

Seven years ago, Matthew Logan ran out on his wedding to June Leigh.

Life is good for fledgling dress-designer April Leigh. She couldn’t be happier that her sister has found a new love, and is excited about her very first commission, June’s wedding dress.

When April discovers June has invited runaway groom Matthew Logan to the wedding, she has to intervene. Matthew’s presence will ruin everything – her father hates him, and just the sight of him in the church might give her mother a heart attack.

Matthew Logan has no intention of going to June’s wedding, but when intriguing April arrives on his doorstep, he can’t resist getting to know her better. When a disaster forces them together neither can deny the passion that combusts into a red-hot affair.

Discovering the truth about the past shifts April’s feelings from lust to love, but bitter experience has taught Matthew to guard his heart.

When it looks as though Matthew will lose her forever, will he fight or flee?

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Feature and Giveaway: Sweet Revenge by VIvi Dumas

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. What if that woman is a demon, in fact Lilith’s very own daughter? Isabella LaCoste vowed to get her revenge on her ex and his new human fiance. She didn’t commit fifty years of her life to be thrown out like last season’s runway fad. But taking vengeance on an upper level Shifter Demon and the newly crowned Voodoo Princess might not be a one demon job. She volunteers her services to Lucifer to deliver Angel and Jacque in exchange for his help. She never expected her new partner in crime would fill the void in her broken heart.

Not even death brought him peace. Xavier Toussant wanted out of his contract and the killing business. His last assignment was his own brother and he failed to deliver. Lucifer didn’t appreciate his valor in dealing with his brother, Jacque. In fact, it only created more problems. Xavier’s back on assignment to capture his brother and the Voodoo chick. Only this time, he’s shackled to the craziest female in the Underworld. Xavier finds Isabella LaCoste might be the one thing to put his soul at ease.

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Guest Post with Author Rebecca Zanetti and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome back to RFTC author Rebecca Zanetti. Rebecca is celebrating the recent release of her book Under the Covers and has stopped by to chat. Please give Rebecca a warm welcome.

USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides in the wild north with her husband, children, and extended family who inspire her every day--or at the very least give her plenty of characters to write about.

Places to find Rebecca:
| Site | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

ARC Review: Shadow Hunter by Kait Ballenger

Shadow Hunter is the prequel to Kait Ballenger's new paranormal romance series The Execution Underground. You can find it in the After Dark Anthology with a Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld story. In this story we meet Damon Brock, a vampire hunter for the elite secret organization known as the Execution Underground. Damon is sexy and built and an all around bad-ass. He is on a mission to take out as many vampires as possible, including the one who is responsible for the death of his best friend Mark. While on the hunt he runs into Mark's little sister Tiffany Solow, who is also out to get revenge for her brother's death. Tiffany has no idea that this sexy and infuriating man who claims he is trying to protect her, is the same hunter who wrote her letters until he betrayed her and her brother. As they are forced to work together, the passion between them gets to be too much for either of them to continue fighting.

In Shadow Hunter we see Damon begin to put together his team of hunters for the Rochester area. These are the men who will be featured in the rest of the series. I really liked how the author set up this world and was able to give us an understanding of what is to come. Each hunter has a specialty as far as paranormal creatures goes. With there being werewolves, shifters, vampires, poltergeists and ghosts, as well as witches there is a little bit of something for everyone in this series.

This book was filled with action and the scenes were done extremely well. The chemistry and passion between Tiffany and Damon was steamy and hot. I really felt their connection despite all that had happened and it was clear that the feelings they both felt for each other were real and deep. I honestly can't wait to see what happens for these two when they get their book. Unfortunately the wait to find out what happens will be awhile, as their story will be the last in the series. Shadow Hunter ends on a cliffhanger leaving the reader wanting more. Luckily for us Ballenger has said that Damon will be glimpsed throughout the series, so I can only hope that it will be enough to tide us over for the wait.

Overall I felt this was a promising start to the Execution Underground series. I did feel as though some of the pacing was a bit slow and sometimes it was a lot of set up to get through. I’m hoping that in the books to come, the same information won't be rehashed, as she has already given us so much ahead of time. I'm curious to see more of this world though and I will be reading the next book, Twilight Hunter which is expected to release at the end of August. Twilight Hunter will feature Jace McCannon, a werewolf hunter. If you are interested in action filled paranormal romances, I would recommend that you give this series a try.

**ARC provided by Author**

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ARC Review: Straddling The Edge by Julie Prestsater

In STRADDLING THE EDGE, book #3 of the Against the Wall series, Julie Prestsater has the formidable task of turning much-reviled, man-stealing/homewrecking ‘ho Summer McGallian into someone likeable and that readers feel deserves a HEA. I must admit that, despite the effort Ms. Prestsater put into making Summer unlikeable in the previous two books—‘stealing’ (and then putting up with) Shelly’s ex-fiancé Chase, strutting around the halls of Carver High looking like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue, and being particularly snooty to Melissa (who’s generally crass as hell, but hilarious)—I actually liked her and was looking forward to her story. I knew there was a reason for the clothes and the attitude and the presumed man-stealing, and in STRADDLING THE EDGE, we get to learn about all of her insecurities and how she’s been repeatedly made to feel like she needs to change and be someone else in order to be accepted.

After the realisation that Chase is an absolute wanker (which everyone else has known for ages) and the arrival of the summer holidays, we get to witness Summer take off the glamour-girl holier-than-thou façade and become her romance-reading, baseball-loving, beer-drinking, dressed-down true self. She’s really just a regular gal with body image insecurities who’s had bad experiences with men and finds herself with no true friends and the victim of several (untrue) rumours. I liked her before, and while I felt that the transition from her school persona to her real self happened instantaneously (it was seriously like “school’s over; time to stop being the (presumed) byatch!”), I really admired the courage it took to go to Shelly and Melissa—who’d done nothing but disparage her—to apologise and explain the truth behind how she and Chase got together. Watching Summer become part of the Shelly & Melissa comedy show is great fun and will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy because it personifies the “don’t judge a book by its cover” adage. With people.

I know I’ve said that Matt and Tyler are essentially perfect, but Dean Michaels would wipe the floor with both of them. The man is way too perfect for real life, but I’d absolutely make him my book boyfriend. From the moment he randomly meets Summer at her favourite bar (despite both of them teaching at Carver High), he’s protective of her without being overbearing, sees the real her, and knows just how to treat her to help her overcome her insecurities. He truly listens, plans all sorts of amazing surprises for her, apologises when he makes a snap error in judgement, AND is super hot and an amazing lover. Where do I sign up for a Dean of my own?? Their love story was a bit too sweet for my tastes—I was seriously tempted to check for cavities after reading—and decidedly devoid of drama, but it works beautifully if you like your romances of the adorably cute variety. The best part of Dean & Summer’s blossoming relationship: the meet-the-parents scenes. Both sets of parents are so hilariously inappropriate and adept at embarrassing their adult children that I seriously want to be like them when I grow up. Excellent comic relief to temper some of the sweetness.

As with the previous two books, the narrative is from the point of view of the heroine with chapters from Shelly’s and Melissa’s POVs sprinkled in, so we get to keep up with the happenings in the other couples’ lives and the burgeoning friendship between all of them. The writing has the same polish and mixture of heat and humour as BETWEEN THE SHEETS, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments but without the immaturity of AGAINST THE WALL. With the short length, the transition from strangers to forever after happens very quickly, but it works well enough for these two characters and makes it easy to read in one sitting.

Overall, STRADDLING THE EDGE is great addition to the Against the Wall series; nothing mindblowing, but another humorous, adorable, drama-free journey to a HEA. Definitely worth a read if you’ve enjoyed the other books in the series (especially if you found yourself disliking Summer), and if you like your romances super sweet. Ms. Prestsater’s next challenge is turning Chase from complete knob to hero in her next novel, and I’m intrigued to see how she manages that.

**ARC provided by Author's Taproom**

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Feature and Giveaway: Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

A dangerous, volatile rebel, hands stained bloodred.

A woman whose very existence has been erased.

A love story so dark, it may shatter the world itself.

A deadly price that must be paid.

The day of reckoning is here.

From “the alpha author of paranormal romance” (Booklist) comes the most highly anticipated novel of her career—one that blurs the line between madness and genius, between subjugation and liberation, between the living and the dead.

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ARC Review: Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Let me start by saying that I love reading books in series! I think that a series allows an author to truly write a great story. They can really show the depth and personality of the characters, and the readers get to be a part of the entire growth process. That being said, im always a bit apprehensive when I go to read the second book from a series...especially if its a series that started off to be one of my favorite reads. There are so many possibilities, not the least of which is that the next book will either keep up the momentum or it will fall flat. After I read If I Were You, it was hard for me to get into any other books. I just wasn't done with Sara and Chris! So as soon as I got Being Me, I knew I would devour it just to see what happens all the while hoping that it would live up to my extremely high expectations. It absolutely did not disappoint!

Being Me picks up right where If I Were You left off, which I was really grateful for since book one ended on a huge cliffhanger. Sara is still working for the gallery while searching for answers about Rebecca, as well as pursuing a romance with Chris. As the story progresses, we see more about Sara's past and what has led her to leave behind a life of wealth in order to be her own person. We also get a little more of Chris's story. The author does a great job of answering questions, while still leaving a ton left to discover. Throughout this book, Sara and Chris struggle with a commitment to each other and trust issues on both sides. They find themselves completely out of their comfort zone, as both of them become more dependent upon the other,though neither will admit it.The scenes between Chris and Sara continued to blow me away! They are hot and steamy and ooze chemistry.

I really enjoyed seeing how the characters have grown and how they are developing. Delving into Sara's past gives so much more understanding to the choices she has made and the person she is. While Chris's past is still mostly a mystery, we get to see how truly damaged he is and some of why he can go from romantic and sweet one minute to tortured and dark the next. I also really liked that Jones gave us more insight into Mark, Sara's boss at the gallery. Seeing Mark outside the work setting and getting glimpses into his life make me hope that he will get his own story told!

Overall this book was a great follow-up to If I Were You. I found that like the first book, I just couldn't put this one down. It was filled with romance and drama, as well as some action. I would recommend that if you haven't read If I Were You that you read that before reading Being Me, and if you haven't read it you definitely should pick it up! Lisa Renee Jones is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, and I am already counting the days to September and the release of book number 3, Revealing Us.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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Guest Post with Author Cassie Carver and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome author Cassi Carver to RFTC. Cassie is celebrating the recent release of her book Dark Flight and has stopped by to chat. Please give Cassie a warm welcome.

Cassi Carver lives in sunny Southern California with two dogs, four kids, five chickens, and one hubby who gives great massages. She gets to San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter for research (okay, happy hour) as often as possible. She’s never saved the world, but she keeps sexy boots on hand just in case the opportunity arises.

When Cassi isn’t busy plotting or writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, caring for pets, getting outdoors, and watching sappy movies that deliver reliably happy endings.

Places to find Cassi:

Guest Post with Author Kaylea Cross and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome back to RFTC author Kaylea Cross  Kaylea is celebrating the recent release of her book The Vacant Chair and has stopped by to chat. Please give Kaylea a warm welcome.

Kaylea Cross is an award winning author of edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense. A Registered Massage Therapist, Kaylea is an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dancer and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband.

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ARC Review: Opposing Forces by Adrienne Giordano

OPPOSING FORCES was my first Adrienne Giordano book. Though it is book #6 in her popular Private Protectors romantic suspense series, it can be read as a standalone: I never felt lost or confused despite not having read the previous five books, but I probably would have gotten a bigger kick from some of the secondary characters had I read their stories. It is a fast-paced, solid romantic suspense title that does a great job balancing the danger and suspense with a complex, emotionally layered romance.

Jackson (Jack) Lynx is an excellent male protagonist. Former Army, former aide to the Secretary of State, and current Vice President of the private security firm Taylor Security, he has plenty of alpha qualities, a desire to help those in need, and a protective streak a mile wide. But as a recovering prescription narcotics addict almost a year into a regimented recovery plan, he’s also incredibly vulnerable and has moments of weakness that make him very real and appealing. He’s committed to achieving a full year of sobriety before even considering a relationship and has a strict plan to reach that goal that is threatened by his overwhelming attraction to Jillian Murdoch. The countdown in his head until he can take her to bed is both a testament to his fortitude and ridiculously adorable, and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch him learn to let go and reach for what he wants. Addiction and all, he’s definitely swoon-worthy.

Jillian Murdoch is the perfect romantic counterpoint to Jack’s character. The daughter of an alcoholic who has never made a true commitment to get sober, she’s used to disappointment and has worked hard to be self-sufficient and keep people at arm’s length to avoid being let down by them—something she is convinced will invariably happen. She has sworn to not repeat her mother’s mistake of getting involved—and staying—with an addict, so she has a lot of hang-ups and doubts about getting involved with Jack despite her attraction to him and the fact that he’s committed to (and so far successful in) his recovery. Of the two of them, she’s the one with the bigger emotional issues and who grows more as a character as the novel progresses—Jack is incredibly self-aware and cognizant of the fact that his battle is a daily and ongoing one—and Ms. Giordano writes that growth and path to the HEA in a way that is realistic and believable.

The suspense plot stems from Jillian’s job coordinating drug shipments in a pharmaceutical company. One night she witnesses an undocumented late-night delivery and her home is broken into immediately afterward. She reaches out Jack for help, which triggers an investigation into the company and hijinks ensue. The action is fast-paced and tightly written and a great complement to the romance without detracting from or overshadowing it.

If you like your romance on the serious side (without being excessively angsty), with top-notch characters, great dialogue and tight pacing, and the right amount of edge-of-your-seat suspense, OPPOSING FORCES is definitely the read for you! I’m looking forward to reading the first five books in the series, and any subsequent ones.

**ARC provided by Author**

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ARC Review: Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

When it comes to paranormal and vampires, it seems as though we've pretty much seen it all at this point. This book was different though. McCallister has created a wonderful new world where vampires live in a dual caste system led by a king and queen. Vampires live side by side with humans, with the humans even being able to put in applications to be turned. Not only did the author do a great job of creating a fascinating world, but the characters were well developed and interesting! This could easily be a series that would be on my must read list.

At first glance, Kade is as bad as they come. With his cocky attitude and vicious tendencies, Valerie is immediately wary of him. Although not long after they meet Kade proves that there is more to him meets the eye. He is sexy and caring, despite his hatred of humans and the chemistry between the two of them is instant! Kade has had a tortured past and never expects that he could ever fall in love, especially with a human.

After her ex-husbands obsession with vampires, Valerie has developed a strong dislike of them. When a string of murders threatens to cause a war between the humans and vampires, Valerie and Kade must team up to get to the bottom of things. As they begin working together, there are a lot of twists and turns as characters are set up and neither of them know who they can trust.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this one and I hope that McCallister writes more books about this world. Some of my favorite parts of Bad Mouth were when Kade and his friends were interacting, so I would love to see more of them and their stories in the future. If you are looking for a hot paranormal book with action and tons of chemistry, I would highly recommend that you pick this one up!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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Interview with Author Adrienne Giordano and Giveaway

Today I am happy to welcome author Adrienne Giordano to RFTC. Adrienne is celebrating the release of her newest book Opposing Forces and has stopped by to answer a few questions. Please give Adrienne a very warm welcome.

Adrienne Giordano writes romantic suspense and mystery.  She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). She is a co-founder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane's Salon-Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction. For more information on Adrienne's books please visit

Places to find Adrienne:

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ARC Review: A Woman Entangled by Celia Grant

Sometimes it is difficult to explain what separates a good book from an exceptional book, but there is one aspect with which we can all agree – good writing. In A Woman Entangled, Cecilia Grant's third book about the Blackshear family, she starts with a rather simple story and develops it into an emotionally powerful book through the strength of outstanding writing. There is no heavy drama, no murdering villains, no crazy relatives, no mysterious treasure. It is a story of two people, locked in their misguided belief systems, coming to realize that solutions can be simpler than we think. Grant reminds us that the most significant dramas lie in good old­-fashioned character development.

Nick Blackshear is a talented, but poor barrister with political ambitions. Struggling to separate himself from the shame brought on by his brother's scandalous marriage to a courtesan (A Gentleman Undone), his goal is to buy enough required land so that he can run for Parliament. Nick spends a great deal of time with his mentor, Charles Westbrook, and his family. Charles' incredibly beautiful daughter Kate is dealing with their family scandal – when Charles married their mother (an actress) he was cut off from his aristocratic relatives. Kate's ambition is to connect with her father's family and marry a titled gentleman. Nick stifles his unrequited love for Kate while watching her attempts to find a husband. Kate feels an annoying and
increasing attraction to Nick.

I loved this book. Kate and Nick are each hopelessly locked into a chosen course of action to deal with the scandals in their families. The beauty of the story is that neither one can see the pitfalls in their own approach, but they can see the pitfalls in the other person's. They are both better seeing solutions to the other one's issues. Very clever, very ironic. It is also a tribute to Grant's writing that she can create an unlikable character (Kate), but make us love her by the end of the book. A number of delightful secondary characters add dimension the story. I have read the previous two Blackshear books and enjoyed them, but this one was clearly the best for me. I cared about Kate and Nick, I loved their relationship, I enjoyed their families. Grant has a somewhat nontraditional approach to storytelling, but it still lies in the context of Regency England. An excellent book.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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Feature and Giveaway: Wanted: Wife by Gwen Jones

Andy Devine is advertising for a wife on a utility pole, and interviewing him is the last thing TV reporter Julie Knott needs. Especially after her cheating fiancé just tweeted their disengagement. Now she has got to choose: get the story—or become it?

Wanted: Wife

Landed, Financially Secure 40-Yr-Old Male
* Handsome, but with old-school communication skills and a secret past *

Seeks Healthy, Athletic Female
* Preferably a pretty reporter with a messy love life who has never spent a day in the woods *

For Marriage and Family
* What could possibly go wrong? *

If you love the humor and romance of Rachel Gibson and Susan Elizabeth Phillips, don't miss the fabulous debut of Gwen Jones!

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Guest Post with Author Traci Douglass

Today I would like to welcome author Traci Douglass to RFTC. Traci is celebrating the release of her newest book, Seal of Surrender and has stopped by to chat. Please give Traci a warm welcome.

Traci is the author of paranormal/urban fantasy and contemporary romances featuring a sly, urban edge, including her current Seven Seals series. Her stories feature sizzling alpha-male heroes full of dark humor, quick wits and major attitudes; smart, independent heroines who always give as good as they get; and scrumptiously evil villains who are—more often than not—bent on world destruction. She enjoys weaving ancient curses and mythology, modern science and old religion, and great dialogue together to build red-hot, sizzling chemistry between her main characters.

Traci is an active member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Indiana Romance Writers of America (IRWA) and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Writers (FF&P) and is pursing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction through Seton Hill University. Her stories have made the final rounds in several RWA chapter contests, including the 2012 Duel on the Delta, the 2012 Molly Awards, and the 2012 Catherine Awards. An earlier draft of Seal of Destiny won the paranormal category of the 2012 Marlene Awards sponsored by the Washington Romance Writers.

Other current projects include upcoming books in the Seven Seals series and a new futuristic suspense series with hints of the paranormal and plenty of romance.

Places to find Traci:

Sunday, June 9, 2013

ARC Review: South of Surrender by Laura Kaye

South of Surrender is the third installment in Laura Kaye’s Hearts of Anemoi paranormal romance series and once I began reading I was thrilled to discover that I could easily follow this story without having read the previous two titles in the series. However, after finishing this book I will definitely be picking up the previous books as well as checking out more series written by this author. Yes, I enjoyed this book that much!

Much to my delight this story began with a wonderful magic-laced action packed scene that immediately grabbed my full attention and had me holding my breath for the hero of this tale, Chrysander Notos. As a member of the Anemoi, God of the South Wind and Summer, it’s his season and therefore the responsibility to hunt his brother Eurus has fallen on his shoulders. Trying to find a way to bring his wayward brother back to his family and return him back to the good graces of the Olympian Gods, Chrys discovers that the situation is far more dire than he’d previously suspected and that his brother may have moved far beyond the possibility of redemption.

In this first scene Chrys and Eurus face off, but Chry’s slight hesitation costs him dearly. Sending him falling from the sky, gravely injured, and as his mind darkens he’s only hoping that he will survive and get another chance to fix his mistake.

Laney Summerlyn is a young, strong-willed woman who does not let her disability hold her back. She has a degenerative eye condition that has taken away most of her sight. Rising to the challenge to live her life the ways she pleases and utilizing the skills her doctors and specialists have taught her, she moves through her home and ranch with confidence. Caring for her rescue horses and continuing her free-lance writing career. Seth, her closest friend and ranch hand, helps her most days in tasks she is unable to do herself and to generally keep an eye on her. Though thankful for his concern, and grateful for their friendship, Laney remains steadfast in her plans to remain independent. Fight her own battles. And stand on her own two feet. So even when an abnormally violent storm rages over her home in the middle of the night, she does not let her fear keep her from reaching the barn to comfort her frightened horses. What she hadn’t been expecting was finding a man that would end up changing her view of the world more than the loss of her sight did.

Chrys and Laney are taken on a journey of discovery in this story. Both within themselves, facing their own personal insecurities and fears, as well as learning their place in the ever changing world they call home. Their relationship beginning with an unshakeable trust in each other that has them questioning why they continue to fight so hard to remain not just independent, but alone. While Chrys struggles to keep Laney safe and out of harm’s he finds himself humbled and absolutely astounded as time after time this fragile human puts herself in the line of fire to protect him. These acts, among many other honorable traits, batter away at the wall he’s erected around his life and his heart and make it extremely difficult for this God to keep pushing her away. Even if he feels it’s her best option for survival.

Laney, always ready to stand up for those she cares about be them horses, friends, or a particular handsome God who’s rekindled a fire inside her she’d thought lost, takes the drastic changes to her life in stride. Being in the right place at the right time she stumbled into a world where her life is under seemingly constant threat from a mad God. Her disability leaving her more vulnerable than most, but she has already accepted her lot in life in that manner. She didn’t let losing her sight break her, and she wasn’t ready to give up on the chance of a future with a man that had her feeling more alive than she’d ever thought possible. A man who saw her instead of her disability, as well as rejoiced in her strength and character rather than drown her in pity.

Kaye has brought to life two characters that you fall in love with individually, but together truly become a force to be reckoned with. Both fiercely loyal and protective of each other. Each making the other face their own insecurities and drown them out with love and acceptance. The supporting characters in this story were also a treat to read about, many being from Kaye’s previous installments in this series. You get to witness them come together as a family to care for each other, grieve those lost, and fight for their future. As previously stated I will be reading the first two novels in this series so that I can experience their stories, as well as be waiting for the next book in this series to be released.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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Guest Post with Author Carmen Falcone and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome back to RFTC author, Carmen Falcone. Carmen is celebrating the recent release of her book Heating Up Hawaii and has stopped by to chat. Please give Carmen a warm welcome.

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters and places beat doing Math homework any day. She traveled the world, achieved a B.A. in Tourism in her hometown in Brazil and was soon invited to work in the USA, where she met her Swiss husband. She’d always dreamed of becoming a published writer, and after her daughter was born, she revisited that dream of writing – this time, unwilling to give it up. She lives in Austin and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and three high energy pugs.

Places to find Carmen:

Feature and Giveaway: Conquer Your Love by J.C. Reed

Meeting Jett was like bad luck. Dangerous. Unpredictable. And better avoided. In his game, the stakes are high. But are they worth the risk?

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, finds forgetting is hard, but forgiving is harder. When the man she trusted, betrayed her, the only way to forget is to move on. Brooke is determined to start a new life, until she meets him again: the green-eyed, sexy as sin, six foot two sex god. The man who played dirty. The man who played her.

Sexy, handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield knows he has made mistakes. He could have any other woman, and yet it’s Brooke he wants. When second chances collide with secrets and Brooke is threatened by the past, Jett is determined to protect her. She accepts his help unwillingly because she needs him but she wants to play his game on her own terms. And she has no intention to forgive or let him back into her bed.

When the man she is supposed to hate is the one she should trust, will he conquer her…or lose her forever?

A woman who can’t forgive.
A man who has made mistakes.
Two lives that are about to cross again and more secrets laid bare.

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