Thursday, October 26, 2023

ARC Review: One Dirty Night by Pepper Winters


I am a sucker for all things circus, so when I saw that Pepper Winters was releasing a new book centered around a sexy circus, I couldn’t wait to read it! It was everything I was hoping for! One Dirty Night centers around the Spectacle of Secrets and a sexy set of roommates, looking to spend one night fulfilling fantasies they’ve kept under wraps. When the circus sets up in their town for one night, the last thing they expect is to run into each other. But what starts out as a night to scratch an itch for each of them, soon turns to more when a sexy stranger helps them uncover secret desires neither of them had ever embraced.

If you are a fan of Pepper Winters, you know that she writes in several genres. This one is on the super sexy side, and what I would classify on the erotica edge. This book features high spice, with BDSM scenes, and a MFM scene (MF after). If that isn’t your thing, this one might not be for you. I absolutely loved seeing this from Pepper and couldn’t put this book down! This one started with the heat right away, and I loved seeing how Ella and Nick explored their sexuality and the connection between them. I also really loved Hunter and his role in helping these two out. 

This book was exactly what I was looking for. It contained so much heat and chemistry and was one of the spicier books I have read in quite some time! It also had a genuine connection between the characters that I loved seeing grow and change as truths and desires were discovered and embraced. I truly hope that Pepper Winters continues to write books in this world as I would love to get stories for some of the characters we met here! Giselle and Hunter would be amazing to get more of, but I also believe that this world holds so much potential and who wouldn’t fall in love with a traveling sex circus? If you like your books on the dirtier side and aren’t afraid of a little kink and heat, I highly recommend this one!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

ARC Review: Pine River by Tijan

Pine River is a standalone story featuring Ramsay and Scout, high school students that have both been dealt some bad hands when it comes to life. This one deals with some serious topics, so make sure you check trigger warnings before diving into this one. I honestly love Tijan’s books, and with each new story I read from her, I remember all over again why I love them so much.

Tijan is a master at creating unique and relatable worlds, full of a rich cast of characters that seem genuine and one of a kind each and every time. Pine River captivated me from the very first page until the last, and I never wanted to leave! Ramsay and Scout’s chemistry was so clear to see from their very first interaction. But what made this one special was the connection and bond that built over time for them. They didn’t start out on the best terms, but due to Ramsay’s cousins and their shared friends, these two were constantly thrust into each other’s presence and that got to be more than either one of them could fight. 

I loved seeing how things developed and honestly couldn’t get enough of not only Ramsay and Scout, but also the rest of their group. This world is one that I hope we get more of. I’d love to see more of the triplets (Ramsay’s cousins) but also, there is so much possibility with their friends and even the adults! Pine River was a great story and I felt so connected to the characters. This one had me feeling all the emotions and I can’t recommend it enough. Tijan is a must read author, and this book was great!

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