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ARC Review: Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

Tessa Ever After is the standalone sequel to Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh. Though this book is a standalone, the characters are interconnected and I would recommend reading in order if possible. I have really enjoyed both books in the series, and I think that they are both definitely worth the read. If you are a New Adult fan, I would suggest giving these a shot. 

Tessa has had to grow up quickly after losing her parents and becoming a mom as a teenager. When her brother moves away, she begins to realize just how much she was relying on him to help her with her daughter. She knows that she needs to find someone steady and stable for herself and Haley, but she finds herself bored with everyone she has met. While she might be bored with her dates, she finds herself increasingly drawn to her brother's best friend Jason. Jason is the last type of guy she should be thinking of though, as he is the typical playboy never looking for more than a single night. But Jason is also starting to see Tessa in a completely new way and he finds himself wanting to spend more and more time with Tessa and Haley. But is Jason ready for what it would mean to not only be in a relationship with Tessa, but to also have Haley as well. 

I really liked these two together. They were really sweet with one another, and I loved that they had known each other for years. Jason was so great with Haley as well as Tessa, and I could not get over how adorable he was with Haley. He never had a problem with her and it was so cute how he would just jump right in with whatever she asked for. I liked that he was so upfront with Tessa, and it was really refreshing how he could just talk to her about everything going on in his life and between them. Tessa was great also, and I really enjoyed seeing her grow and change over the course of this book. She hadn't had it easy, and yet she was determined to make the best of her situation. Haley was always her priority and she was a great mom. She started off as thinking that she needed to be with someone older and more steady, but I was glad that she was able to see that she shouldn't settle for someone she wasn't happy with. Tessa and Jason had such a great connection, and it just continued to get stronger the more they got to know one another. They also had great chemistry and were pretty hot together. I loved seeing the three of them interact though, and it was really great to see them all having such a great time together. 

Overall, this was a great sequel to Caged in Winter. I loved the characters and thought that the story was really good. This one was interesting, and I thought that Tessa and Jason were perfect for one another. Brighton's writing style is one that I really enjoy, and she draws you right into the story. If you are looking for a great romance story, this is definitely one you will want to check out. It was sweet and fun, and kept me turning the pages. I can't wait to read more from Brighton Walsh in the future.

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ARC Review: Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader

“Flirting with Fire” by Kate Meader was the first story I have read by this author. At first the story was ok and I was lukewarm about it (no pun intended). But the more I read the more interested I became in the story and finally I could not put it down.

So not only was it my first time reading Kate Meader but it was my first time reading a M/M story, although only a subplot in the story. Also it was the first time I read about such diverse characters, it was very refreshing. Also, the hero and the heroine were not the main focus for me but I did enjoy them.

As I mentioned before at first I was not really loving the story. When the story starts Kinsey Taylor is at the Chicago Fire Department at Engine 6 with the specific purpose of reimaging in Luke Almeida. Kinsey is originally from California but after her fiancĂ© leaves her. So, I really enjoyed both Luke and Taylor, BUT and this is a huge BUT. My ultra-pet-peeve when I read a romance is when the authors don’t stink to their characters personalities. It drives me crazy. I almost stopped reading this story because of it. Taylor is great. She is tough as nails, has her insecurities, just like any normal person, but the minute she is around Luke she loses herself. She goes from hot to cold so often and the same for Luke. They have this “I like you and am attracted to you and I’m going crazy but I don’t want you, until I see you again and I want you.” Ok, now that my rant is over. Once I was able to put this aside the secondary characters made this story for me. So Taylor works for the City of Chicago and it’s her job to change the “bad boy image” of the firehouse. The Mayor, Elli, has asked her to reform the image of Luke and his Engine house because they have developed a very wild image, this is thanks to the bar fights, etc. Needless to say Luke is a little resistant. His family is the Dempsey’s.

The Dempsey’s took in Luke and his foster siblings. They are all different and from different ethnicities and backgrounds. The secondary characters really made me interested in the story. I really enjoyed reading about Gage, Luke’s foster brother and fellow firefighter. I thought his romance with Brady was very good. The author has a novella out in August about these two characters and I can’t wait to see how she unravels their story. Cage was a great character and I’m looking forward to seeing him get his happily-ever-after with the very complex Brady.

The other secondary character that I loved was Alexandra Dempsey. Unlike Luke and Gage the Dempsey’s legally adopted her. She is fantastic. She is the only female at the firehouse and she can definitely hold her own. Her love interest is Eli Cooper. Eli was such a difficult character to like. I could not believe some of the things that he said and came out of his mouth! Alex and Elli had incredible chemistry, I’m hooked on what the author plans to do to them!

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this book and if the hero and heroine had been more sturdy it would have been a five star read. I highly recommend this story, really enjoyed it and am counting down the days until August so we can see what Gage and Brady go through. Never looked forward to a novella before but I definitely am now. Plus, I’m sure Alex and Elli will be an incredible read.

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Guest Post with Author Paige Tyler and Giveaway

Meet Paige Tyler author of Her Wild Hero.

Paige Tyler is a USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic fiction. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt heroines who fall in love with them.

Feature and Giveaway: Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

In this grippingly emotional New Adult novel from the author of Caged in Winter, what you want isn’t always what you need…

Jason’s been living (and loving) the rich playboy lifestyle for five years, but now his parents are pressuring him to get involved in the family business. The last thing he wants is another obligation, but when his best friend moves out of state and asks Jason to look after his sister, he can’t just say no.
Tessa had to grow up way too soon. After dealing with the aftermath of her parents’ deaths, then becoming a teenage mom, she knows the meaning of responsibility. Which is why, at twenty-two, she’s looking for so much more than a party boy. She’s looking for someone who can stand by her and her daughter…forever.

A relationship between them is doomed from the start, but who says they can’t have a little fun? But as Jason gets closer to Tessa—and her daughter—fun starts to turn into something else… Something Jason’s not sure he’s ready for.

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ARC Review: What the Lightning Sees: Part Two by Louise Bay

Part Two of What the Lightning Sees picks up right where Louise Bay left us at the end of Part One. If you haven't read part one, make sure that you read that before starting this one as the story continues from one installment to the next. Haven and Jake had been growing closer until Haven heard a conversation between Jake and her boss. Though Jake does his best to explain the situation to Haven, she realizes that he she can't let him continue to get under her skin. She decides to keep things strictly business between them from that point on. But when they get another assignment together, the subject brings forth anger and jealousy and forces them to face the feelings between them. Will Jake fight to get Haven back, or will they continue to try and ignore the connection between them?

I loved Jake and Haven so much in the first book, and for the most part that continued here. I did think that Jake gave up a bit too easily when it came to the trying to get Haven back. I wanted him to fight for her, and I felt like it took him far too long to get to the point that he should have been. He just accepted what Haven told him and allowed her to push him away without really allowing him to explain what had happened or what was going on between them. I wanted him to force the issue a bit more than he did. I also felt like he should have talked to her more about the situation with one of her dates, and why he wanted her to stay away from him. I understood his reasoning and that he had made a promise to his sister, but if he felt like she was in that much of a bad situation around this guy I felt like he should have been able to tell her because that was more important. I did like that Haven didn't change who she was after what she had heard. She remained true to herself and I really felt like that was important. I loved that she was independent and thought for herself, and she didn't allow others to tell her who she should be or what she should do. 

Overall, this was a good installment and I am really needing the next installment. As with the first there is a cliffhanger and we are left wondering what will happen next for these two. I did think that there was a lot of angst and push and pull in this one, but I am enjoying the journey for these two. I like them together and I really think that they are good for one another. I am curious what Louise Bay has in store for these two next, and I am really looking forward to seeing how things play out. I really enjoy Louise Bay's writing style, and I think that her stories are well written and entertaining. I am looking forward to not only the next installment, but also to more from her in the future.

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ARC Review: Deadly Lover by Charlee Allden

10 days ago: Here is the situation. New book. New author to me. The blurb sounds intriguing, but I've been fooled before. There is nothing to do but jump in and start reading Deadly Lover!

5 days ago: Finished Deadly Lover. It's over? All ready? Will there be more?

This morning: Time to finish this review...

Sci-Fi. The Ormney. They came to earth from another dimension, looking for a new home. In exchange for technology, they were allowed to stay on earth. So, they found it their new home, but they are relegated to a ghetto, walled off from the rest of human society. During the day, they mix freely with humans, but only until curfew. Why? The Ormney are humanoid, but different. Typical human fear of something different has segregated them. Oh yes, the Ormney do have these nasty claws at the end of their fingers. And they have a scary mode of transportation they call slipping. So, they are a bit off-putting. But many have jobs working with humans and have formed inter-species friendships. I like these aliens. They are peace-loving, hardworking, eco-conscious, and family-oriented.

Suspense. Everything was going so smoothly until the murders started. It is Ormney men killing human women. One of the murders happens when Lily Rowan is close enough to hear the screams. As a Deepwater Securty agent, she cannot ignore the cry for help and gets involved. Also involved is Jolaj, the Ormney Law Keeper. The Ormney are not violent by nature and those that are not predisposed to judge them are convinced there is something else going on. Lily and Jolaj end up working together to get the bottom of they mystery. The mystery was a little predictable. I did figure out the culprit before the reveal. Okay, I was a little iffy on my conclusion, but my confidence level was high. That did not keep me from enjoying all the action getting to the reveal though. There are lot of twists and turns to follow.

Romance. Well, yes there is some considerable attraction between Lily and Jolaj. So there are a few obstacles to overcome in this relationship. Like the fact that Lily's history gives her a valid reason to fear them. There is something about Jolaj though. If I were Lily, I'd work on my issues to be with Jolaj. Sensitive, strong, protective. Swoonworthy. Another obstacle - Jolaj's people are forbidden to take human lovers. This is a sensitive issue for the Ormney and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in any future book in this series.

Deadly Lover is a first-rate example of Sci Fi/Suspense/Romance. Packed with aliens and humans, mystery, and some fierce inter-species attraction, this book has everything you need to ignore the TV and feed your mind.

Right now: I am not happy. I found a new author with talent. Why am I not happy? Have you seen my TBR list? Like I need to anything else to it. But I will, when Ms. Allden adds to the Forbidden Lovers series. And, actually, I have already added her Stealing Mercury to my list. I'm never going to get to the end of my list.

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ARC Review: Holding You by Kelly Elliott

Holding You is the third book in the Love Wanted in Texas Series by Kelly Elliott, which is a spin-off of her Wanted Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but the characters are interconnected. I couldn't wait to read this book, because I really liked Colt and Lauren and wanted to know more about them. This book was super sweet and romantic, and I enjoyed it a lot. 

For as long as she can remember, Lauren Reynolds wanted to run her father's business and she wanted to be with Colt Matthews. But when her father brought Colt in to help run the business, Lauren tried to push him away. The more hurt she felt, the more they fought and argued. But when Lauren and Colt find themselves at their friend's wedding, everything between them changes and they decide to give things between them a chance. Colt and Lauren quickly realize that they are even better together than they never imagined. But when something happens that they never expected, will their life together be over before it really got started? 

I really liked Colt and Lauren. These two were meant to be together, and were made for each other. I loved that they had been so close as kids, and that they had always wanted each other. They might have dated others, but they knew who they wanted to end up with and planned on being with forever. These two were beyond sweet, and I loved how easy they made the transition to more. They decided to be together, and they were. There was no extra drama or cheating, they just made it work. Colt was such a great guy, and he definitely brought the swoon. When he was talking to Lauren, it was always so adorable. (unless they were having sex, and then he was dirty in the best way!) Lauren was great also. She was strong and independent, and I liked her drive. She wanted to run her father's business, and she was determined to make it happen. These two brought out the best in each other, and their connection was undeniable. They were also smoking hot together, with a chemistry between them that is rare. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Kelly Elliott delivered a solid romance story with Holding You, that was sweet and sexy. This one was really just a great read that I found myself lost in. I enjoyed the fact that there wasn't a ton of angst or drama here. There was something that happened that changed things for these two and threatened everything that they were building together, but I was glad that it wasn't the typical conflict you see in romance stories. I will say that this one is so sweet it does border on the side of cheesy at times, so if that isn't something you care for this might not be for you. But I found it refreshing when so often you either get dark and twisted or angsty with romance anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love those books too. But sometimes I just want something light and fluffy where I can get lost in the sweetness. I highly recommend this series, and this one was one of my favorites. I honestly can't wait for Grace and Noah's story next, which is scheduled to release in September of 2015.

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Guest Post with Author Gina Gordon and Giveaway

Meet Gina Gordon author of Rush.

When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream: becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back. A self-proclaimed happily-ever-after junkie and cupcake connoisseur, Gordon loves spinning contemporary tales of knee-bending first kisses, unconditional love, and super-hot sex. She lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband and their lovable dog.

The Way of the Warrior Blog Tour with Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

EIGHT PASSIONATE LOVE STORIES ABOUT AMAZING MILITARY HEROES BY AUTHORS Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, Catherine Mann, Tina Wainscott, Anne Elizabeth, M.L. Buchman, Kate SeRine, Lea Griffith

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The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2002 and provides a wide range of programs and services to veterans and service members who have survived physical or mental injury during their brave service to our nation. Get involved or register for programs and benefits for yourself and your family online at

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ARC Review: Who Am I with You by Melody Anne

Melody Anne has won me over. So far all the books I have read of hers I have very thoroughly enjoyed. This is 1.5 of Melody Anne’s new series Unexpected Heroes, a spinoff of her Billionaire Bachelors series. It’s a light and deliciously lovely story, short and dirty. Sure fires win for fans, and new readers alike.

In this short novella Taylor Winchester a well known Motocross racers suffers an injury and is forced to take time off. For Taylor that is worse than the actual injury, racing and her motorcycle is her life. Staying with her parents is driving her crazy so her mom suggests her brother Hawk’s cabin. Unbeknownst to her Hawk already told his best friend Travis he could use it. Travis and Taylor have a history, a brief history, but still Taylor is still sore about it. Taylor always thought she was in love with Travis and when she was finally is old enough Travis took her virginity. Travis has been in love with Taylor and feels like it is finally the right time to act on it he just has to convince her that it is. The forced time off isn’t the only thing that is driving Taylor crazy it is the thought that she may have to give up her motocross career because this last head injury. Travis feels like he has to show Taylor her other options. But Taylor is stubborn and after having to everyone telling her what she should do she wants to do what she wants to do. Taylor and Travis must figure out a way to compromise or else fail to get their HEA.

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ARC Review: The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

I could not wait to read The Friend Zone after reading The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan. I absolutely loved that book and the characters, but I have to admit that I have always been drawn to Gray. Even when it was Drew's story, I found myself absolutely loving Gray because every scene he was in he had a tendency to steal. So it was no surprise that I absolutely devoured this book, and ended up loving it even more than the first book in this series. This series is shaping up to be one of my all time favorites, and if you are a sports romance or new adult fan you will definitely want to check these books out! 

Gray Grayson is on his way to a successful career as a star tight-end. He has worked for it his entire life, and he takes advantage of everything that comes along with being a hot football player. But when his best friend gets injured and he lends him his truck, he has to borrow his agent's daughter's pink fiat. When Ivy Mackenzie finds out that her dad let a football player borrow her car, she texts him to warn him of how he should treat her vehicle. What starts out as a warning text quickly turns into a friendship that they both find different from anything they have ever had before. Ivy and Gray get one another in ways no one else ever has, though they have never met in person. When Ivy returns home, her and Gray grow even closer and soon they are both starting to feel more than friendship. But with Gray's reputation as a playboy that never commits as well as him being her father's client, can they find a way to get out of the friend zone? 

Gray is one of those characters that you just can't help but love. He is the comic relief in almost every situation and you can't help but love his quick wit and charming personality. But what you find out when you get to know him better is that he has this vulnerable side underneath. He had a tough childhood and had been struggling even though he never let others really see it. Ivy instantly connected with that and was able to give him something he had never had before. They understood one another and the loneliness that they felt because of how they each grew up. Ivy had also had a tough time growing up, but at least she had her sister Fiona. But seeing her get to know Gray and watching them as they got closer you could tell that what they shared was so unique. I loved Ivy's strength and she was a really easy to like heroine. She was able to keep up with Gray and his personality, and I think that Kristen Callihan did a great job showing exactly why these two were the perfect match for one another. They had great chemistry and you could really feel the heat and passion between them, but it was their feelings behind it that made them truly special. 

Overall, I honestly cannot even say all the things I loved about this book because there are so many. This book was definitely my favorite of the series so far, and I loved Gray and Ivy's story. It was nice to see Drew and Anna again, as well as to get to know a few others a little better. I am really hoping that the next book in the series is Ivy's sister Fi and Dex. They seemed to have a little something going on in this book, and I liked Fiona a lot! She was so much fun, and I think her and Dex would work well together from what I have seen of them so far. Regardless of who Kristen Callihan writes about next, I know one thing for certain, and that is that I will be reading it. This series is definitely one that I would recommend, and I think that there is a little bit of something for everyone in these stories. If you are looking for something fun and unique with great characters, you should give The Friend Zone a shot. Though I would recommend reading The Hook Up first if possible for maximum enjoyment, it is not necessary as each book is a standalone.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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ARC Review: Breaking Noah by Missy Johnson & Ashley Suzanne

Breaking Noah is the first book that I have read that was co-authored by Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne. Though I have read Missy Johnson before, I was unfamiliar with Ashley Suzanne. I wondered how these two would write together, and I have to say that the writing was good in my opinion. It flowed well and I thought that the book was cohesive and didn't seem to have two separate voices as can sometimes be the case with more than one author. While we did get both Noah and Zara's POVs in this story, I thought that they worked really well together. I did have some mixed feelings when it came to the story itself though. 

Zara Hamilton thought that she had life all planned out, but then her cousin died and everything changed. When she finds out more about Karly's death, Zara sets out to right the wrong that took her best friend from her. She plans to seduce and destroy the man responsible. As she sets out to break Noah Bain, she quickly finds out that the college professor isn't who she had thought she was though and things begin to change. Will Zara continue with her plan to make Noah pay, or will she give in to the attraction and connection she feels to the one man she knows she shouldn't want? 

I liked Noah. He was sexy and sweet. He came from a well off family and decided to pursue his passion rather than give in and do what they expected of him, and I really admired that about him. He was a great guy, and you could tell that he struggled with being in the position he was. He never expected to be caught between his profession and someone he could see a future with. Zara on the other hand I had issues with. If I am honest, she is the biggest thing I disliked about this story. I understood that she was trying to deal with the loss of her cousin/best friend, but the things she did were unacceptable to me at times. She was immature and annoying and I just really couldn't stand her. I felt like there was real chemistry between Zara and Noah though, and that was part of the problem I had with her actions. I wanted her to stop doing what she was and see what had been clear to me from pretty early on. The other thing that bothered me about these two was the fact that they were cheating. Each of them had a significant other that they were cheating on, and yet neither one of them was committed to the relationships they were in. They weren't happy and didn't seem to have any reason for continuing to be with them, so I really didn't like the fact that they didn't just end those relationships. Zara and Noah together almost didn't seem to be cheating to me because of the way things were, but then it would be brought up again and I would be reminded of the situations they were in. 

I did like the fact that this one was so steamy though, and like I said before Noah and Zara had great chemistry. The authors did a great job of showing the passion and desire between these two. This story was fast paced and started off right away. I liked that there wasn't a ton of slow build-up, but rather that we pretty much hit the ground running. It kept me interested and turning the pages to find out what would happen next, even if Zara was getting on my nerves the whole way through. While I had things figured out early on and I knew what would happen for the most part, I was interested and engaged and wanted to keep reading to see if I was correct. I think that was due to the fact that I really liked Missy and Ashley's writing, and also that I loved the dual POV. If it had been easier to like or relate to Zara, I really think this one would have been a home run for me. If you are looking for something sexy and fast paced, I think you might like this one. I would read more from these authors in the future, and I think that they make a great writing team. I will look for more from them and I am curious to see what they do next.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Guest Post with Author Missy Johnson & Ashley Suzanne and Giveaway

Meet Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne, authors of Breaking Noah.

Missy Johnson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in a small town in Victoria, Australia, with her husband and her confused pets (a dog who thinks that she is a cat, a cat who thinks he is a dog . . . you get the picture). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

ARC Review: The Unlikely Lady by Valerie Bowman

Although I love Historical Romance I’m still relatively a new comer to Valerie Bowman. The first book I read by her was “The Unexpected Duchess (Playful Brides, #1).” I loved this story so much and was instantly hooked on the Playful Brides series. I read the second book in the series “The Accidental Countess” but didn’t “love” it as much as the first. In retrospective I think this has to do with the fact that I love tension between the main characters and I love strong, funny and witty heroines. Although Cassandra is a sweet character I found her to be very flat. When I saw “The Unlikely Lady” ,which is the third in the series and also about the bluestocking Jane, I jumped at the chance to read it! I loved Jane in the previous books and I loved her witty comments to Lord Garrett Upton. Sometimes when we anticipate a book so much I feel a little let down because in my mind I have built it up to be so fantastic. Well, I can happily say “The Unlikely Lady” exceeded my expectations. First, Valerie Bowman is such a fantastic writer. Really. She just knows how to weave beautiful sentences and express such deep emotions that I not only loved the plot but I loved the characters and the beautiful sentimentality behind every aspect of this story. Once I started to read Jane Lowndes and Garrett’s story I could not put it down. I was 50% through the first night and finished it the next night. This is a-dark-circles-under-the –eyes book.

As I mentioned before, I love Jane. She is her own person and is considered a bluestocking spinster. A title she happily carries. Her only problem is that her mother refuses to let her only daughter remain a spinster. When Jane is invited to her dear friend Cassandra’s house party, which is right before her wedding she has to invent an imaginary chaperon to accompany her. Jane just wants to spend some time with her friends before Cassandra gets married and read her books. When she arrives at the house party she is reunited with her best friends Cassandra and Lucy. It should be obvious by now that any time Lucy is involved some mishaps will happen. Another house guest in attendance is Garrett. Jane and Garrett are always sniping at each other and trading barbs. Garrett is Lucy’s cousin and he is often around Jane.

Jane sees Garrett as a dumb womanizer and a gambler. Garrett is far from that. He was actually a complete gentleman and a great human being. But because he thinks Jane is a little know it all he never corrects her misconceptions about him. Bowman adds another character to the mix. Isabella Langford. Isabella’s husband, Harold, and Garrett were soldiers together. When Harold saved Garrett’s life and lost his own Garrett took it up himself to care for Isabella and her children. As can be expected Isabella’s presence at the house party causes a few problems but it also helps Jane to realize that she is not comfortable with Garrett and Isabella and the “nature” of their relationship.

Really I just loved this book. I enjoyed every single page. I loved seeing Jane, Cassandra and Lucy together again and up to new schemes. I do have to say some things in the book were a little farfetched and I would love for Bowman to stop placing characters in the dark where after spending years in each other’s company suddenly they don’t recognize the other person, but I have to forgive her for this because it’s so fun to read. There were funny moments and witty dialogue and I cannot wait to read Daphne’s story next! Bowman ended the story on a great cliffhanger! Loved Jane and Garrett.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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