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Thursday, May 7, 2015

ARC Review: Breaking Noah by Missy Johnson & Ashley Suzanne

Breaking Noah is the first book that I have read that was co-authored by Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne. Though I have read Missy Johnson before, I was unfamiliar with Ashley Suzanne. I wondered how these two would write together, and I have to say that the writing was good in my opinion. It flowed well and I thought that the book was cohesive and didn't seem to have two separate voices as can sometimes be the case with more than one author. While we did get both Noah and Zara's POVs in this story, I thought that they worked really well together. I did have some mixed feelings when it came to the story itself though. 

Zara Hamilton thought that she had life all planned out, but then her cousin died and everything changed. When she finds out more about Karly's death, Zara sets out to right the wrong that took her best friend from her. She plans to seduce and destroy the man responsible. As she sets out to break Noah Bain, she quickly finds out that the college professor isn't who she had thought she was though and things begin to change. Will Zara continue with her plan to make Noah pay, or will she give in to the attraction and connection she feels to the one man she knows she shouldn't want? 

I liked Noah. He was sexy and sweet. He came from a well off family and decided to pursue his passion rather than give in and do what they expected of him, and I really admired that about him. He was a great guy, and you could tell that he struggled with being in the position he was. He never expected to be caught between his profession and someone he could see a future with. Zara on the other hand I had issues with. If I am honest, she is the biggest thing I disliked about this story. I understood that she was trying to deal with the loss of her cousin/best friend, but the things she did were unacceptable to me at times. She was immature and annoying and I just really couldn't stand her. I felt like there was real chemistry between Zara and Noah though, and that was part of the problem I had with her actions. I wanted her to stop doing what she was and see what had been clear to me from pretty early on. The other thing that bothered me about these two was the fact that they were cheating. Each of them had a significant other that they were cheating on, and yet neither one of them was committed to the relationships they were in. They weren't happy and didn't seem to have any reason for continuing to be with them, so I really didn't like the fact that they didn't just end those relationships. Zara and Noah together almost didn't seem to be cheating to me because of the way things were, but then it would be brought up again and I would be reminded of the situations they were in. 

I did like the fact that this one was so steamy though, and like I said before Noah and Zara had great chemistry. The authors did a great job of showing the passion and desire between these two. This story was fast paced and started off right away. I liked that there wasn't a ton of slow build-up, but rather that we pretty much hit the ground running. It kept me interested and turning the pages to find out what would happen next, even if Zara was getting on my nerves the whole way through. While I had things figured out early on and I knew what would happen for the most part, I was interested and engaged and wanted to keep reading to see if I was correct. I think that was due to the fact that I really liked Missy and Ashley's writing, and also that I loved the dual POV. If it had been easier to like or relate to Zara, I really think this one would have been a home run for me. If you are looking for something sexy and fast paced, I think you might like this one. I would read more from these authors in the future, and I think that they make a great writing team. I will look for more from them and I am curious to see what they do next.

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