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Friday, May 8, 2015

ARC Review: Deadly Lover by Charlee Allden

10 days ago: Here is the situation. New book. New author to me. The blurb sounds intriguing, but I've been fooled before. There is nothing to do but jump in and start reading Deadly Lover!

5 days ago: Finished Deadly Lover. It's over? All ready? Will there be more?

This morning: Time to finish this review...

Sci-Fi. The Ormney. They came to earth from another dimension, looking for a new home. In exchange for technology, they were allowed to stay on earth. So, they found it their new home, but they are relegated to a ghetto, walled off from the rest of human society. During the day, they mix freely with humans, but only until curfew. Why? The Ormney are humanoid, but different. Typical human fear of something different has segregated them. Oh yes, the Ormney do have these nasty claws at the end of their fingers. And they have a scary mode of transportation they call slipping. So, they are a bit off-putting. But many have jobs working with humans and have formed inter-species friendships. I like these aliens. They are peace-loving, hardworking, eco-conscious, and family-oriented.

Suspense. Everything was going so smoothly until the murders started. It is Ormney men killing human women. One of the murders happens when Lily Rowan is close enough to hear the screams. As a Deepwater Securty agent, she cannot ignore the cry for help and gets involved. Also involved is Jolaj, the Ormney Law Keeper. The Ormney are not violent by nature and those that are not predisposed to judge them are convinced there is something else going on. Lily and Jolaj end up working together to get the bottom of they mystery. The mystery was a little predictable. I did figure out the culprit before the reveal. Okay, I was a little iffy on my conclusion, but my confidence level was high. That did not keep me from enjoying all the action getting to the reveal though. There are lot of twists and turns to follow.

Romance. Well, yes there is some considerable attraction between Lily and Jolaj. So there are a few obstacles to overcome in this relationship. Like the fact that Lily's history gives her a valid reason to fear them. There is something about Jolaj though. If I were Lily, I'd work on my issues to be with Jolaj. Sensitive, strong, protective. Swoonworthy. Another obstacle - Jolaj's people are forbidden to take human lovers. This is a sensitive issue for the Ormney and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in any future book in this series.

Deadly Lover is a first-rate example of Sci Fi/Suspense/Romance. Packed with aliens and humans, mystery, and some fierce inter-species attraction, this book has everything you need to ignore the TV and feed your mind.

Right now: I am not happy. I found a new author with talent. Why am I not happy? Have you seen my TBR list? Like I need to anything else to it. But I will, when Ms. Allden adds to the Forbidden Lovers series. And, actually, I have already added her Stealing Mercury to my list. I'm never going to get to the end of my list.

**ARC provided by Author**

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