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Monday, May 4, 2015

ARC Review: Still Into You by Ryleigh Andrews

Still Into You is the second book in the Never Over You series by Ryleigh Andrews. These books have to be read in order, so if you haven't already read Bring Me You then you should start there and beware of possible spoilers in this review. I will warn you that these books do contain cliffhangers since Ethan and Mia's story continues from one book to the next. Though I hate waiting for more, Ryleigh Andrews is a great writer and her books are worth waiting for because they are so good!

Mia knew that she needed to work on herself and take care of her past before she could ever hope to have a future with Ethan. Though she knew she wanted to be with him, she knew it was unfair for him to stay with her while she worked on what she needed to. When she walked away from him, she broke not only his heart but also her own. But just because she knows what she needs to do, doesn't mean that she won't hit rock bottom before getting there. Mia has been running from her demons for years, and now that she has finally seen how low she can get she starts to begin the long and painful process of taking back her life. But after everything is dealt with and all the time apart, will Ethan still be around or will he have moved on?

I love these two together so much! There has never been a question in my mind of whether or not Ethan and Mia belonged together. They have had such an undeniable connection since they first met, and the chemistry and passion between them was never an issue. These two are beyond hot together, but they also have such strong feelings for one another that it makes them even more compatible. They work well together and they understand one another. Though they don't always agree on the best approach to things, their unwavering love and support for one another is unlike anything I have ever seen before. These two might have taken time apart and there might have been both physical and emotional distance between them, but they always knew what the end game was. They knew that they wanted to be together, and that unfortunately that sometimes means being apart for awhile to figure things out. I will say that it definitely wasn't easy for either of them, or for me as a reader to get through some parts of this book. My heart literally broke for them so many times, and I honestly was unsure of what would happen with this two. Their story is still far from over, but I am really glad that they are finally starting to get to where they need to be.

Mia and Ethan have been through so much and while I love them for one another, they have also put one another through a lot. I really hated how far apart they were for so much of this story, and it was especially hard to see them with other people knowing how perfect they are together. But I also know that these two have to end up together because there is no way that they have such a special relationship and don't wind up together. Ryleigh Andrews has written such beautiful yet flawed characters, and I love that they are so real. They struggle with things and make mistakes, and that makes their story so believable to me. Life is messy and things get complicated, and Ryleigh Andrews has done a great job of showing that sometimes just because you love someone doesn't mean that the timing is right. We as humans are constantly growing and evolving, and that is definitely the case with Mia and Ethan. I saw a lot of growth and change in Mia in this book, and I was so glad that she was finally starting to open up to those that she loved and to move forward with her life. This story is emotional and captivating, and I honestly cannot wait to get more of all these characters. I love Ethan and Mia, but I also really love the secondary characters and Mia's best friend Luke is one of my favorites. I am really enjoying seeing him start to move forward with his life also, and I can't wait to see what happens next for him as well. I highly recommend this series, and I really think that there is something that everyone can relate to with these characters. I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, and hope that we don't have to wait too long to get more of these fantastic characters.

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