Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guest Post with Author Vicky Dreiling and ARC Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome author Vicky Dreiling to the blog. Vicky has stopped by today with for a quick post and giveaway, so please give Vicky a warm welcome.

Do you ever forget stuff? Do you ever duplicate efforts because you have so much going on that you forget you already did it? Take the supermarket, for example. I make a list, but invariably I’ll buy something I already have, because I saw it on the shelf and couldn’t recall if I have the item or not.

Recently, I somehow managed to send This Rambling Chick (AKA Danielle) two Advance Reader Copies (ARC) of my upcoming third historical HOW TO RAVISH A RAKE. (By the way an ARC is an uncorrected proof of the book.) So now Dani has two copies and is giving one away to one lucky reader who comments (US & CA only please). Yay!!!!

So, are you forgetful sometimes? What’s the funniest thing you ever forgot or duplicated?

Book Spotlight: With This Kiss by Victoria Lynne and Giveaway

Beauty and the beast: they were the scandal of the ton. All eyes feasted on the beautiful flame-haired gambler in London’s most infamous club. But Julia Prentisse was interested only in the rake-turned-recluse whom they now called “The Beast.” She lured him out of the crowded club to a deserted warehouse, where she made her scandalous offer: If he married her and protected her from her uncle, she would help him capture the arsonist who had ruined his life.

An act of heroism had left Morgan St. James burned, scarred for life, but Julia’s bold gaze lit other fires he had long suppressed. And now this glorious stranger was his bride. But when he tried to claim his husbandly rights, she demanded three months grace—three months to know a stranger’s mind, to touch a stranger’s soul, to go where no woman had ever gone before. Into his heart…

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Guest Post with Author Darynda Jones and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome back to the blog the awesome Darynda Jones. I absolutely love her Charley Davidson series and the newest book Third Grave Dead Ahead is set to be released on January 31st and I definitely can't wait to read it. Darynda is here today to talk about her new book, so everyone please give Darynda a warm welcome.

Hey everyone! First, I want to thank Dani for letting me be a guest on her blog. It’s quite generous of her. Since she interviewed me not too long ago, she bravely decided to turn the reins over to me. Dangerous that, as I’ve got some ramblings of my own I’d like to do. Dani, you are a brave girl. :)

Third Grave Dead Ahead, the third in the Charley Davidson series, will be released on January 31, 2012. I’m super excited about this book and can’t wait to share it with Charley’s readers. I think her fans are in for a lot of surprises while reading Third Grave, and I hope you like her newest set of adventures. Just remember, don’t blame me. Blame adventure girl, Charley.

Charley’s third story is a hairy one. She’s prone to finding herself in some bizarre and dangerous predicaments as it is, but this book ups the ante. While that’s good for the reader, it’s not always so good for Charley. In fact, she even had ME worried there for a while.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest Post with Lara Adrian and Giveaway

Today I am super excited to welcome one of my most favorite authors to the blog Lara Adrian. Lara is the author of the kickass Midnight Breed series. Lara is here to help celebrate the release of her tenth book in the series, Darker After Midnight. Darker After Midnight is a definite must read and you can check out my review for it here. So guys, please give a super warm welcome to the lovely and amazing Lara Adrian.

I love redemption stories. There are few themes more compelling than those involving someone coming back from a position of dishonor or disgrace (deserved or undeserved) to prove himself worthy once again to his family, his friends, and his community.

Sometimes the core of the story is rooted in the character’s fall from grace--how did he lose his status within his world, and was that loss due to his own actions, or the machinations of someone else? Other times, the story’s heart is found in the character’s journey back to his place within his people and his world--will he come back to the same social status he held before? Will he be forced to accept a lesser standing because of his past failings? Or will he return to his place in his community a better person, one with an even greater role to play after he redeems himself?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Post with Author Manda Collins and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome debut author Manda Collins. Manda's book How To Dance With a Duke is set to be released next Tuesday and let me tell you it's great. You can see my review for it here. Manda is here to today to talk about her release. So everyone please give Manda a very warm welcome.

When I was still in the planning stages of How to Dance with a Duke, I knew that presenting yet another Regency Romance to the reading masses was going to be met with a groan from some quarters.

Over the last ten years or so, it does seem as if the number of Regencies has increased as quickly as the number of any other historical setting has decreased. And I’ve seen more than one reader complain on various online forums about the glut of Regencies on the romance market. But simply because something is popular, that doesn’t mean it should be avoided all together. And, darn it, I’ve loved the Regency period since long before it became the hottest game in town. I have earned my Regency cred and I intend to use it!

So, with apologies to Julia Quinn, I give you: FIVE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THE REGENCY PERIOD.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Interview with Author Billi Jean

Today I would like to welcome to the blog author Billi Jean. Billi is currently on tour promoting her books and took the time to answer some questions for me. So here's Billi everyone.

First off, can you tell us a bit about you? Did you always want to be a writer?
Well, I've been writing for as long as I can remember reading, just not writing for other people to read…..if that makes sense. I've always dreamed up stories, but when I 'grew up' I decided to ignore that part of myself and concentrate on living – and for a few too many years, simply surviving. So, when I had a moment to catch my breath, I did. And I picked up a story that had been running around my head for years. After that, I simply started to write, and write, and write. J

What kind of writer are you? Panster or Plotter?
I'm a bit of both. For me, writing is intense and full of characters usually filling me in on their story. I'm a half pantser/half plotter. So when I get a clear picture of all the different sides to my character for a new story, I set everything I'm working on aside for a bit. I try to at least plot out whatever light bulb hit me before I force myself to return to whatever I got interrupted from. It can be confusing, but most of the time it works for me.

Where do your ideas come from?
Oh wow, well. My stories can come from almost anything. It's funny. I read some back cover for a book and an idea might come to me. Or standing in line at a store, I might get an idea for a story simply from watching someone at the store. Or seeing a tattoo or listening to music, or hearing a radio show, or watching the news….you get the idea? The ideas I have come from a lot of different ideas!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Guest Post with Author J.B. Lynn and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to the blog author J. B. Lynn. JB is currently on tour promoting her new release Confessions Of A Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman. So without further ado, here's JB

Thanks so much for having me!

Today I’m going to talk about what inspired me to write CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN, my book about an ordinary woman in training to become a hitwoman.

A few years ago the following sentence popped into my head: You just know it’s going to be a bad day when you’re stuck at a red light and Death pulls up behind you in a station wagon.

I absolutely loved it, but I had no idea what it meant. I wrote the sentence down in my idea notebook and revisited it a few times, but the story didn’t magically materialize in my mind.

A year later, when a dangerous and inconsiderate driver cut me off in traffic, I indulged in a brief moment of vindictive daydreaming about how I’d like to follow him home and kill him in the manner he deserved.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kiss of Death Blog Tour: Guest Post with Barbara Monajem and Giveaway

Nothing’s Better Than Romantic Suspense

Almost immediately after I agreed to do this blog, I realized I’d made a big mistake. I’m supposed to pimp romantic suspense, but the truth is, I’m the biggest suspense wimp ever. I can’t handle suspense at all. After I read the first several chapters of a book, I skim the rest so I’ll know what happens. Then I read the rest of it properly, and if I know I’m coming up to a really tense scene, I set the book aside and wait until I’m ready to handle the strong emotions.

It’s the same with TV and movies – when the suspense builds up too much, I leave the room and hover just outside the door and ask everyone else what’s going on (driving them nuts), because I want to know what happens, but I can’t stand watching it. I can’t even watch close football games. Sure, one team’s going to win – but the other will lose, and that hurts! The only reason I can write romantic suspense is because – bwahaha! – I have control over what happens. I can handle writing the suspense part because I can also make sure there’s a happy ending, and that both teams – hero and heroine – win!

Thinking about it, though, I’ve just shown why romantic suspense is so great. There’s both plot suspense (the danger that’s stalking the heroine, and maybe the hero too) and the emotional suspense (will the hero and heroine get together?). Romantic suspense is heart-stoppingly exciting, un-put-down-able (by anybody except me), and the happy outcome is guaranteed. What could possibly be better than that? Gotta love romantic suspense!