Monday, August 15, 2022

ARC Review: In Chaos We Reign by Amo Jones

In Chaos We Reign is the fourth and final book in the Midnight Mayhem series by Amo Jones, and I am honestly sad to see it come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed each book and seeing how things have gone from the start to how they ended here. I also really loved seeing the Kings over the course of this series as well and I love how all the pieces fit together. While this book could technically be considered a standalone since it is about a different couple, I would not recommend reading out of order. Trust me, these books are best read starting at the beginning and going in blind for full enjoyment.

Cartier and Keaton’s story is one I have been waiting for, and one of my personal favorite tropes (brother’s best friend). I loved the connection and chemistry between these two and the forbidden element. These two didn’t have an easy journey, as anyone familiar with Amo’s work would come to expect. I do wish that we had a bit more of these two and their relationship though, as I feel they got a bit lost here at times and their story was a bit of a sub-plot rather than being the focus of this book. 

I also think that for me personally, the organization and flow of this book suffered a bit. This is something I’ve come to expect a bit with Amo’s stories. While I love all the twists and turns, at times it can be hard to keep everything straight and the timeline is hard to distinguish. There was a lot of that here, and I’ll admit there were a few times I was a bit confused. I think that in the end I had a better understanding of some of the story looking back and why certain things happened, but I felt lost quite a bit of the time in the second half of the book and would have liked to have had things a bit more clear at times. Maybe if we had known a bit more about Cartier at times that would have helped, but overall I still really enjoyed the story and the conclusion to this series. 

While this one wasn’t my favorite of the series, I have come to love this world and these characters and I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t read it yet. If you’ve read the previous books in the series, this one is a must read. I am looking forward to going back and reading all of the books from start to finish now that the series is finished and I can’t wait to experience Midnight Mayhem all over again.

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