Friday, February 9, 2024

ARC Review: Against All Odds by CW Farnsworth


Against All Odds is the second book in the Holt Hockey series by CW Farnsworth, but can be read as a standalone story. I couldn’t wait to get Aidan’s story after reading the first book of the series, and I highly recommend reading Famous Last Words if you haven’t already. This series is one I am loving and I think not only sports romance readers, but just romance readers in general will enjoy this series as much as I have!

This is Aidan and Rylan’s story and I couldn’t get enough of these two! These two first meet and have what they believe to be a one-night stand, but when Rylan shows up at Holt University where Aidan goes, they quickly realize that there is more between them. Things are further complicated by Aidan being on the Holt hockey team that Rylan’s dad coaches. Rylan is tasked with tutoring Aidan and soon they are both finding it harder to keep things platonic than they thought it would be. 

Aidan and Rylan had so much chemistry, right from the start! The heat and steam between them was clear, but it was the connection they were building that kept me flipping the pages and not wanting this one to end! I loved seeing them get to really know one another, and there were so many sweet moments between them as well as steamy ones! I loved seeing familiar faces here, and I am already anxious to get Hunter’s book next. This one was such a great read. Definitely recommend for sports romance fans, but even if sports aren’t your thing, there is something for all romance readers here!

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

ARC Review: Stay Present by Kaylee Ryan

Stay Present is a standalone story in Kaylee Ryan’s Kincaid Brothers series. This one is the sixth book, but can easily be read without having read the other books. I hadn’t previously read this series and had no issues starting here. That said, I enjoyed this one so much that I can’t wait to read the previous books!

Ryder and Jordyn were so good together, and I loved them each on their own and together as a couple! I really loved that during their time apart they were loyal to one another. They had so much love for one another, it was clear that their separation was due to circumstances and not feelings. They had so much chemistry between them, but it was their connection that made them special. These two were absolutely meant for one another, and it really showed throughout the entire book. 

I will say that while I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was on the sweet side. There were several moments that were a bit overly sweet and a tad cheesy. That didn’t stop me from enjoying this one though. It was honestly refreshing to see feelings being acknowledged so openly with characters willing to talk and work things out and not just assume the worst. I recommend this one and can’t wait to read more from Kaylee Ryan!

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