Wednesday, June 2, 2021

ARC Review: Mr. Garcia by TL Swan


I have become a huge fan of TL Swan’s this year! After binge reading her entire backlist, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Seb’s story. Mr. Garcia definitely didn’t disappoint and I honestly think Seb is right up there with Cameron & Nathan for my favorite heroes of hers now! (although don’t ask me to pick, because they are all honestly amazing!)

Seb and April’s story grabbed my attention right away and I couldn’t put their book down. I loved Seb and April’s connection and attraction, and the chemistry between them was beyond smoking! These two were so perfect for one another, but their journey was anything but easy. These two each had their own issues and insecurities, and I really felt for both of them. Seeing their vulnerabilities and struggles made them relatable, and it was easy to see how they each reacted the way they did at times even while frustrating each other. 

I honestly cannot recommend TL Swan’s books enough, and Mr. Garcia is at the top of that list! While this book is connected to Mr. Masters and Mr. Spencer, (both of which were fantastic!) this is easily read as a standalone. I highly recommend checking out Tee’s books if you haven’t read anything by her yet, trust me you won’t be disappointed! If you are already a fan, Mr. Garcia is everything you know and love from her while on a whole new level! I can’t wait for more from her and will be rereading this one and all her other’s while I wait for her next release, The Casanova!

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