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Friday, February 27, 2015

ARC Review: The Perfect Homecoming by Julia London

This is part of a series is it essential that you read the other two, no; do I recommend it, YES! Julia London ties her Thrillseekers Anonymous series and Pine River series with Emma Tyler and Cooper Jessup. The series as a whole is great with difficult and realistic characters that are at times hard to like, but so worth it. This was a hard book for me to read not because it was bad but because it was so emotionally tolling it took a lot out of me. Emma is by her own admission is a bitch and I knew in the first book I would love her. She is in her own words “hard and flinty”; she has no filter and always speaks the truth, even when it is hurtful. If you don’t want the truth don’t ask Emma. Sometimes she doesn’t even realize just how hurtful she can be. Emma also suffers from Daddy issues, always seeking the attention from older men even if it makes her feel dirty and ashamed.

Cooper is co-owner of the extreme event planner and is feeling left out and hates the changes that have happened since all his other partners got married and had kids. When an old client asks him to retrieve a stolen item that his soon to be ex-wife is demanding to have back Cooper is hesitant but the other partners say hey money is money. So Cooper tracks down Emma, the clients a one-night stand who swiped a small trinket on her way out and is adamant that she did not take it. Cooper knows Emma he has met her before and what he knows about her doesn’t match up with what other people say about her. The antagonistic teasing between the two gets old it goes on way to long but when they finally gives in it is intense.

As Cooper spends time with her he realizes why she does what she does and even thought he doesn’t like it he accepts her as she is but Emma is a tough person to love and even tougher when it comes to letting people love her. Other stuff happens like the three sisters finally bond and finally come to understand Emma. The lode stone of the series, Leo Kendrick, who has played a pivotal part in all the books has words of wisdom for Emma that helps her come to touch with what she needs. There is so much I could write about this book and this series instead I will say if you do read it read the whole series and keep a box a tissue close by one more thing Emma is a hard pill to swallow and not everyone is going to like her but for me it was everyone else’s reactions to her that pissed me off, yes even Cooper. I loved the series as much as I hate to crying this series is truly good.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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  1. I have been meaning to get read this series. Thanks for the review!