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Thursday, September 25, 2014

ARC Review: Dark Redemption by Angie Sandro

Oh My Gravy!! It all comes together and falls apart and comes together again in this last book of Angie Sandro’s Dark Paradise trilogy/series. Angie Sandro is amazing when it comes to weaving an intricate story tying up things from the last two books neatly into this one for one dynamic climatic ending. I loved every second of this series, every twist and turn and scary hoodoo spell this series has been great reading.

Mala and Landry are stuck between a rock and a hard place. With the death of their father and Dena in a coma, Mala and Landry are left to take care of her cousins; cousins that enjoy making Mala’s life hell but secretly love her and don’t want to be separated, no matter what Social Services say. Landry’s Father left homeless after the last book is staying with them helping out, and keeping Landry and Mala apart until the wedding bells ring not that that is stopping them. Meanwhile Landry’s getting worse with that thing in his head takes over when he sleeps and sleepwalks, it really freaks Mala out when she finds him naked in her chicken coop covered in blood and feather.

Auntie Magnolia has sent Sophia and Ferdinand to help train Mala and Landry with their abilities but human remains found out on a preserve has George asking Mala for help pulling her away from training. The heinous actions of this killer has endangered Mala the only way to help is Landry makes a deal with the demon in his head. The demon that turns out isn’t really a demon and despite a twisted sense of humor is trying to help. The child murder is still on the loose and George uses Mala’s need to help other to lure her in to help with the case. To top it all off Mala and Landry get a couple of surprises that can change everything. One being the sudden reappearance of Poppy, the mother of her cousins who ran off and vanished years before and wants to take back her boys and pull Dena off life support.

The shit all hits the fan at the same time. Mala and Laundry fight for their sanity and dark entities both physical and mystical that are out to ruin everything. No one is who you think they are good guys end up being bad and the people you think are bad end up saving the day. This series really is best when all three are read but it is so worth it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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